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Dreamfall: The Longest Journey is a 2006 action-adventure game written by Ragnar Tørnquist and developed by Funcom. It is the sequel to The Longest Journey.

Brian WesthouseEdit

  • [First lines] I am at the crossroads between waking and dream. One path leads back to the world I left behind. The other path … the other path leads to a place of shadows. Between the familiar and the unknown, between certainty and doubt, my choice would seem obvious. Any sane man would turn around, return to the world he knows, forget what he has learned, and live his life in blissful ignorance. But in truth, it is too late. My choice was made many years ago, when I first embarked on this journey. I cannot turn back. I am at a crossroads, but for me there is only one path. I leave behind these words in the hope that, someday, they will serve as a map for someone else. To whomever reads this, Godspeed on your journey. If you ever decide to follow in my footsteps, look me up.

Zoë CastilloEdit

  • I don't usually look this pale, but that's what you get for being in a coma.
  • They say that every story has a beginning and an end, but sometimes the two are one and the same.
  • [When looking at the bed] So I have a thing for pillows.
  • [When arriving in Venice] Okay. Shit.
  • I'm getting pretty good at getting into impenetrable fortresses.
  • I don't want to be adrift anymore. I want to be where I'm needed the most.
  • Sometimes we just have to trust that things will be okay.
  • [Last lines] So there it is, my story. It sounds pretty unbelievable, I know. Parts of it still feel like a dream to me. But it did happen, all of it. I helped send Faith on her way, the Static is gone, things are back to normal – all should be well with the world. Except it's not. At all. The bad guys got away with it. The Dreamer could still be released. If that happens …

    I'm not sure how long I've been here, or how long I'm going to stay, but there's nothing more I can do now. My story's been told. The future is out of my hands … and in yours. You need to do something. You need to tell my story until the word is out, until everyone knows what's going on. If you don't …

    I'm leaving soon, but I'm not afraid. If death is the end, I know that our dreams remain behind. So whoever you are, whatever you plan to do – good luck. I'm sure you'll need it.

April RyanEdit

  • [To Gordon the Guardian] That's easy for you to say. There's meaning to your existence. Me? I wasn't who I thought I was. I honestly have no idea who I am anymore. Everyone kept telling me I was important, that I was needed. Then, one day, I … wasn't. I was just lost. So don't tell me I'm free. Don't tell me to live my life. You don't know. You have a purpose.

" I am the Scorpion. Do you honestly think I fear death? I've faced it countless times, and I've never blinked."

Kian AlvaneEdit

  • Blessed be the Goddess, blessed be the path, blessed be the word, blessed be the mission.
  • How can we be enemies when we have just met?


  • So we get help from someone wiser and more clued in than us. Beards are a good indication. It signifies age and wisdom, and also, sometimes, poor hygiene. I think those things are actually connected.
  • My beak is a finely tuned instrument of love. When I speak, girls tremble … and also guys. Guys tremble too, but not in the same way.
  • [On finding oneself] It's brilliant! You desert everybody, abandon your responsibilities and relationships, and focus completely on your own personal misery. It's a douche for the soul.
  • So if we hit her on the head with a frying pan, she'll snap out of it, right? Yes, yes, it's called therapy. I read about it somewhere. Well, not read, more like heard. In a seedy tavern near the docks. After eleven thimbles of Merry Minstrum's yellow fire. Just before dawn on a Monday. But I remember the fellow who told me! Big lad. Arms as thick as oak trees. A stunning collection of scars. Nice eye patch. A real therapist, he was. Or wait – maybe it was "rapist" …
  • You just have to start buying into stuff like destiny and precognition, or you'll go nuts.
  • I've never met a human girl who hasn't been special. For all I know, they've all got strange powers and important destinies.

The White of the KinEdit

  • [To April] You want to know if you're free from responsibility, free to live your life. It's what all humans crave, isn't it? Freedom?
  • [To April] As I said, you can't lose your talents, but you can forget them.
  • [To Zoë] You're stuck in life, like driftwood in a river. You lack direction. You lack faith.
  • [To Zoë] Faith will bring you where you are needed the most.
  • [To Zoë] You're unlike anyone I've ever met. You belong to the storytime.
  • [To Zoë] You must find her, Zoë. You must help her. Wherever she is, that's where you're needed the most.
  • [To Zoë] If you dream the right dream, it becomes reality.


  • Charlie: Sometimes giving up on your dreams isn't such a bad thing.
  • Damian: I'll be right here when you come back.
  • Dark Person: The greater the purpose, the harder it is to understand and to accept.
  • Faith: Find her. Save her.
  • Helena Chang: Who knows, maybe there is something as banal as an immortal "soul" …
  • Helena Chang: [to Zoë, who is asleep] You really are a very beautiful girl, so like your father. I never thought I'd see you again. And I wish it didn't have to end like this.
  • Roper Klacks: Potions! Herbs! Curiously shaped cookies! Everything a wizard, witch or warlock may require! Using only the finest organic ingredients: elgwan bladders, rat tails, dung!
  • Roper Klacks: [after giving April the last copy of his memoirs in existence] There you go. Treat it with care. Don't let it get wet, don't feed it red meat, and, for the love of the Balance, do not hold it upside down when there's a full moon. Never again shall I glance upon "The Top Ten Reasons You Should Not Build a Flying Castle" on page 42 and smile knowingly …


Zoë: Don't you get bored, just sitting here in my room? I know I do.
Wonkers: I don't get bored. I think a lot.
Zoë: You do? About what?
Wonkers: About the fun times we've had together, Zoë. The memories make me happy.
Zoë: Wonkers, that's … sad.

Gabriel Castillo: So, do you have any plans this morning? I mean, what's left of it.
Zoë: Um, I'm going to the gym.
Gabriel Castillo: See? You still have passion for something.
Zoë: It's either that or scan the wanted ads and get depressed about all the jobs I don't qualify for.

Interrogator: State your name and CID number for the record.
Zoë: What is this place? Who are you?
Interrogator: State your name and CID number for the record.
Zoë: I want a lawyer.
Interrogator: Name and CID number, now!
Zoë: I was scanned when I was brought in. You know who I am.
Interrogator: You are being held under the Syndicate Anti-Corporate Activities statute in connection with murder and possession of contraband software. I would strongly suggest that you cooperate in every way possible, or face the consequences.
Zoë: You guys shot me! Isn't that a violation of my rights as a citizen?
Interrogator: As of this moment, Ms Castillo, you have no rights. What were you doing in Mr Temiz' apartment?
Zoë: I just came by to say hello, and noticed that the door was open. I walked in, saw the body – next thing I know, the cops boom me.
Interrogator: So where did you get the datacube?
Zoë: What datacube?
Interrogator: I will remind you that your freedom is in the balance, Ms Castillo. We have enough to convict you on several counts. You could be facing up to thirty years in a corporate prison, or you could choose to cooperate.

Chinese Salesman: Hello! Lady, come, please.
Zoë: Are you talking to me?
Chinese Salesman: Yes, yes, you. You see anybody else around? Didn't think so, no! Welcome to best shop in Venice. Anything you looking for, I provide. Except drugs. Competition too strong.
Zoë: I don't want any drugs. Look, I'm new to this place, and I'm wondering if you –
Chinese Salesman: No shit. You fit right in. Now, what can I get you?
Zoë: I'm not looking to buy anything right now.
Chinese Salesman: Well, this is shop, place of business. No loitering!
Zoë: I'm not loitering. You called me over here.
Chinese Salesman: Details, details! So, you need any help?
Zoë: What did you mean about drugs and competition?
Chinese Salesman: Drug market's very dangerous in Venice. Venice very dangerous. Not a good place for young lady. Especially not pretty young lady.
Zoë: I haven't seen any gangs around.
Chinese Salesman: Oh, they're here. The biggest one, they are the Shakespeareans. Stupid names, stupid clothes … very, very big guns.

Marcus: Wait, what was your name again?
Zoë: Zoë. What's yours?
Marcus: Marcus. You don't have a last name?
Zoë: No. Do you?
Marcus: [laughs] You're a player, Zoë. I'll give you that.

Blind Bob: Alms fer a poor, old, blind bastard with na' home na' hearth?
Zoë: I'm so sorry, I don't have any money.
Blind Bob: Ah, well. I'll let ye in on a secret, rose petal. Blind Bob's happy he don't have na' home na' hearth. Had those, hated 'em, left to begin a career in beggaring. Now, a pauper's life is a king's life! Freedom, fresh air! No strings, no stress; no bleedin' taxes.
Zoë: Aren't you cold?
Blind Bob: Ye'd think, but no! Had a bit of an accident with a fyre charm when I was a wee lad. Left me permanently temperate. It's actually quite pleasant.
Zoë: But what about that whole being blind thing? That can't be good.
Blind Bob: Oh, that? It's theoretical.
Zoë: Theoretical?
Blind Bob: I could've been blind. Had an accident with a chymical spell when I was a wee lad. Near burned me eyes out.
Zoë: But – it didn't.
Blind Bob: No, no, not at all. Missed Blind Bob's face by a mile. Could have burned me eyes out, mind you. Could very well have. So I'm theoretically blind. Of course, "Theoretically Blind Bob" is no proper name for a beggar, so I just use "Blind Bob" nowadays.

[Zoë is taking the elevator with an employee at WATIcorp]
Zoë: So …
WATI employee: Hm?
Zoë: No. Nothing. Sorry.
[Zoë clears her throat]
WATI employee: What?
Zoë: Sorry. Just clearing my throat. Dry air. Sorry.
WATI employee: Oh.
[Zoë clears her throat again, the employee sighes]
Zoë: Sorry. The air –
WATI employee: Dry. Mm-hm.
Zoë: Almost there …
[The employee sighes again]

Zoë: Tell me what you know about Reza!
Alvin Peats: Reza? The reporter? The one who call himself "Jericho", the pompous shit? If you seek to destroy what I've spent my life creating, you'd better come prepared. Your friend, he was not prepared. When he hooked himself up to the Dreamer, I saw him – all of him. And I fed on him. You were in there, in his head, in his dreams. All of you. Naked, writhing, alive. Sweating. Moaning. I enjoyed that. It made me ha–
Zoë: Where is he? What have you done to him, you monster?
Alvin Peats: He's in a very dark place. His dreams are gone. I took them. But why can't I take yours, hm? What makes you so … special?
Zoë: "Special"? What do you mean?
Alvin Peats: My pets put you into dreamland, but I couldn't enter you. Your dreams were closed to me. That's never happened before. And that makes you very, very special. Your friend, on the other hand … the one who loved you, the one who made love to you … he wasn't so special. He was like the others.
Zoë: What did you do to him? Tell me!
Alvin Peats: I ate his dreams. He's dead. You can't save him now.

Roper Klacks: What have you been up to?
April: This and … that.
Roper Klacks: How lovely. Me, I'm rehabilitated.
April: Rehabilitated? How so?
Roper Klacks: Being soundly walloped by you was the best thing that's ever happened to me!
April: Really.
Roper Klacks: Oh yes. It gave me perspective, time to think. When I finally escaped that confounding device, I joined WWWA.
April: Uh …
Roper Klacks: Wicked Witches & Warlocks Anonymous. It's a marvellous support group for wizarding professionals.
April: Oh.
Roper Klacks: It helped tremendously to find others who shared my … affliction.
April: Affliction?
Roper Klacks: A desire for evil deeds and world domination: your basic EDWD syndrome.
April: I see. And now…?
Roper Klacks: Cured! I'm free of my desire to conquer and control, and I'm happy to be a simple merchant – and published author.
April: You said something about being an author?
Roper Klacks: A published one! I wrote my memoirs a few years ago. Farewell to My Wizardin' Days, by Roper F. Klacks.
April: What's the "F" stand for?
Roper Klacks: Nothing. It just looked better on the cover.

April: Crow? Is that really you?
Crow: Hello, April. How nice to see you again. Thanks ever so much for leaving me hanging dry on that mountain path … eight – bloody – years – ago!
April: How have you been?
Crow: You mean for the past, oh, I dunno … eight – years?
April: I know, I'm sorry. Let's try and get past that, okay? At least for the time being.
Crow: And that time just happens to be … eight – years!

[When rescuing Zoë from Friar's Keep]
April: Her name's Zoë. She's got long, dark hair, and she probably looks completely lost.
Crow: Sounds like someone I once knew.

Zoë: Hey! Hello! Open up!
Prison Guard: What's the bloody racket? You're giving me a bloody headache!
Zoë: It's do dark in here, and I'm, uh, feeling a bit claustrophobic.
Prison Guard: Classa-what?
Zoë: I don't like enclosed spaces. Would you mind leaving the hatch open? It'll make me feel better.
Prison Guard: Oh yeah, is that right? Dearie me, we can't have you feeling bad, can we? After all, this ain't jail, it's a bloody holiday resort, innit? … No!
Zoë: Please, I'll be … very grateful!
Prison Guard: How grateful?
Zoë: I-I'm not sure. How grateful do you –
Prison Guard: Will you sing me a song?
Zoë: A … song?
Prison Guard: Yeah. A jingle. A ditty. A rhythmic series of musical notes. Like me Mum used to.
Zoë: I … guess.

Zoë: I've never had a sidekick before.
Crow: It's easy. I provide the banter and commentary, and you do the stuff.
Zoë: What stuff?
Crow: The talking and the running and the saving of the world. If a helpful hint – or, you know, an inappropriate joke – is needed, bam! I'm right there.

Zoë: What powers did April lose?
Crow: Her special thingy, being a Shifter. First, she didn't want to go back to Stark, and then, one day, she couldn't. Her powers went poof! And no one knows why. Oooo
Zoë: What?
Crow: What?
Zoë: Why did you go "oooo"?
Crow: Because it's spoooky! Also, I like saying it. It makes my beak vibrate.

Faith: I'm getting sleepy, Zoë.
Zoë: It's okay, sweetie. You can go to sleep.
Faith: I'm getting cold, too.
Zoë: Come here. Better?
Faith: Yes. Will you stay with me?
Zoë: As long as you need me to, Faith.
Faith: Even when I'm sleeping?
Zoë: Even when you're sleeping. I promise.
Faith: Okay. Good night, Zoë. Good night, big sister.
Zoë: Good night, little sister.

[While Zoë is in a coma]
Wonkers: Is she asleep?
Helena Chang: She is.
Wonkers: I'll stay here and watch over her.
Helena Chang: You should.
Wonkers: Maybe when she wakes up, she'll want to play a game with me.
Helena Chang: Maybe.
Wonkers: I would like that very much.

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