Dragon Knights

manga series

Dragon Knights (ドラゴン騎士団, Doragon Kishi-dan?, "Dragon Knight-Group") is a manga series drawn by Mineko Ohkami and shown in the monthly Japanese magazine Wings.

Quotes edit

  • Alchemist Kharl: You don't know me? All little boys should know their mother. Wait... I can word that better...
  • Kharl: He murdered Left bird... Do you really hate me that much?
  • Kharl: Actually, I was just going to ask you to make me a sandwich. You know how I hate to cook.
  • Rune: WHAT IS THIS!? Pick on the Elf day!?
  • Rath: Did I, or did I not just cut off my head in front of you!?
  • Rath: I had the Light Dragon Sword to my own neck...
  • Rath: Is it supposed to be crunchy?
    • Referencing his first attempts at cooking
  • Rath: Why didn't you tell me you knew I was a guy BEFORE I rolled down the stairs in a skirt?!

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