Dragon Hunters

French animated television series

Dragon Hunters is a 2006 animated series created by Arthur Qwak and produced by the French company Futurikon. It follows the adventures of two hunters for hire through a medieval world of floating land masses that is terrorized by a widely varying menace of monsters known collectively as dragons.

Series 1


The Name is Dragon [1.1]

Gwizdo: [talking in his sleep] Your honor... all expenses paid... in advance...

Gwizdo Come on, hop to it! Adventure and big bucks won't sit around to wait for us! [a shadow forms over him] How about that? It's clouded over.

Gwizdo: What the heck does he think, we get paid for goofin' off?
Zaza: Gwizdo, there's something I have to tell you. You and Lian-Chu were orphans, right?
Gwizdo: Yeah, and?
Zaza: Well, don't you think that your tragedy thing there, plus suddenly having a mother, would be a real shock to his mind?

Jennyline: You sure are lucky I like you. And you're lucky I can't read.

Zaza: Is that what a tragedy is?
Gwizdo: Tragedy, my young lady, is a noble art form offering a symbolic vision of the world, based on the intersection of the written text and the actor's identity.

It's a Dragon's Life [1.2]

Gwizdo: Here's to the greatest huntin' duo of all time. To Gwizdo and Lian-Chu!
[He takes a big gulp of his drink]
Jeanneline: If they helped to pay the rent, it would be even better.
Zaza: What about Hector? Doesn't he count?
[Gwizdo does a spit take]
Gwizdo: Hector?!
[He bursts out laughing]
Gwizdo: Oh, Zaza. Don't make me laugh like that when my mouth's full.
[He continues to laugh]

Gwizdo: 7AM on the button... I'm tellin' ya, punctuality is goin' to the dogs!

Gwizdo: [trying to pull the St. George out of a swamp] Whaddaya mean, this never woulda happened with Hector?! If he'd actually tuned up the St. George before goin' off to play Tarzan, we wouldn't have taken off with a propellor full of gunk! You just wait and see if I don't dock his next paycheck!
Lian-Chu: He's never had a paycheck, Gwizdo.

Lian-Chu: [to Hector] I didn't know your species was afraid of dogs.
Gwizdo: [to Hector] And to think we've been tryin' to convince everyone that you were a dog!

Desperately Seeking Zoria [1.3]

[Gwizdo is strapped to a wooden frame covered in maces and axes]
Gwizdo: Oh boy... I don't like the looks of this... Whatever you're doin', uh, could you possibly, uh, tell me, uh, what's goin' on here?
Lord of Kellmoth Island: The girl didn't want to share her secret with us. So I thought, since you seem to be friends...
Gwizdo: Let's not get carried away, we're not that good friends.
[a torturer steps over to Gwizdo]
Gwizdo: Heh heh, is this all that necessary?
Lord of Kellmoth Island: Give me the Number 2 Dead Man's Doodlewinger.
[the torturer laughs gleefully and walks away]
Gwizdo: Zoria, sweetie, you're gonna have to tell him your secret. The little game is over.
Zoria: But Gwizdo, I already told you, I don't have a secret.
Gwizdo: [glaring angrily at Zoria] Well then, figure somethin' out! Invent, imagine, envision a secret!
[the torturer brings out a sinister looking black box with a red insignia on it. The Lord of Kellmoth Island opens the box and laughs sadistically]
Gwizdo: Nooo, don't hurt meee!... What in the heck?
[Gwizdo begins to laugh uncontrollably. Pan to reveal the Lord of Kellmoth island tickling the dragon hunter's bare feet with a feather]
Gwizdo: No! S-stop! No, no, please stop! I can't take it!
[Lian-Chu and Zoria put their hands to their faces in horror]
Lord of Kellmoth Island: So?
Zoria: Oh, but I already told you!
Lord of Kellmoth Island: Bring me the Number Three!
[the torturer brings a large box containing a feather duster]
Gwizdo: No!
[the Lord tickles Gwizdo's right foot with the feather duster]
Gwizdo: Please, have pity! Not that! I've got a- I've got a- I've got a secret for you!
[the Lord stops tickling]
Gwizdo: Here's the score. We're dragon hunters. Actually, we're the best dragon hunters around. And we're gettin' rid of your pigots for ya!
Lord of Kellmoth Island: Baloney. The girl gave us the same spiel.
Gwizdo: It's-it's-it's not baloney! W-we can prove it by mincing up those nasty beasts! Wait! You got nothin' to lose in this deal!
[the Lord starts tickling Gwizdo's left foot]
Gwizdo: Hey! W-we'll even gut the monsters for free!

The Return of Roger [1.4]

Gwizdo: Maybe this Roger guy just wants free room and board, to sleep in our beds, and eat your cooking.
Jennyline: Kind of like you guys.

Gwizdo: Guess what's in my pocket?
Jennyline: My rent?
Gwizdo: Noo, better.
Jennyline: An engagement ring?
[Gwizdo presents an advertisement to her]
Gwizdo: Look at this masterpiece. I put 'em up all over the place! "Got a dragon pestering you? Gwizdo and Lian-Chu get rid of your trash for a big wad of cash!" [He chuckles to himself] Happy now?
[Jennyline's eyes narrow]
Gwizdo: Look closer. You see what I see? Hordes of desperate customers bangin' down our door!
Jennyline: [grabbing the advertisement] Let me see that. Say, these posters must have cost a bundle to print. The paper, the ink. How would you like to explain where you got the money to have these all made?
Gwizdo: [nervously] Eh, well, eh, the money came from, uh...
Jennyline: Listen here. I just hope for your sake it's got nothing to do with the sudden disappearance of my silverware!

Gwizdo: You know the old saying: A dragon hunter in time saves nine? Or ten, or, or... whatever?

Gwizdo: My colleague's right. We only do dragons. But we do dragons well, I mean, top of the line quality work, delivery in forty-eight hours, free installation, two year guarantee and all the extras. So here's the contract, don't worry about the price, I'll fill that in later. Just put an X here, here and here.

Gwizdo: Please let him have five toes like everyone else! Five, not not four...

Little Rumble on the Prairie [1.5]

[Gwizdo wakes with a start and Lian-Chu tumbles out of the top bunk]
Gwizdo: Ooh.
[As Jennyline blows a bugle call, the two men hurry downstairs. Jennyline is standing, arms akimbo]
Jennyline: I hope you're proud of yourselves now, wise guys!
Gwizdo: [stretching] Oh, yeah. We forgot to do the dishes yesterday. Eh, that's it, right?
[Jennyline grabs Gwizdo by the front of his shirt]
Jennyline: Zaza has disappeared!

Gwizdo: Zaza, sweetheart, we've been really good sports. We even let you play co-pilot. But pretty please, let us handle the rest. UNDERSTAND?!? Or else it's back to the inn.

Gwizdo: [talking in his sleep] Fifty percent? No, no, no, it should be eighty. I gotta rewrite clause eighteen...

The Isle of Mist [1.6]

Gwizdo: Lordy, not exactly spring chickens, are they? Looks like rutabagas aren't quite the elixir of life.

Lian-Chu: I like this Spartan lifestyle. No frills. It's ideal for concentration.
[Gwizdo tosses and turns on his bed of straw]
Gwizdo: [sarcastically] You don't say.
Lian-Chu: I feel sorry for those old men. It's weird. Maybe it's just the candlelight, but I got the feeling Albagore has aged since we got here. Say, Gwizdo, can you explain your plan to me?
Gwizdo: Hmm.
Lian-Chu: Since it's complicated and all?
Gwizdo: Lian-Chu, there is no complicated plan. I just said that to impress the clients, so they think they're gettin' their money's worth. You get it?
Lian-Chu: But what about the plan you drew?
[Gwizdo sits up]
Gwizdo: Total bluff. Tomorrow we cross the bridge, wait for the monster and slay it with a slingshot. Wham bam, thank you ma'am, fork over the money, we hope to see you again someday.
[Lian-Chu looks at Gwizdo incredulously]

[Hector regurgitates a hairball]

[Gwizdo pulls himself up onto the deck of the St. George; he has aged down into a child]
Gwizdo: Leapin' lizards. Thought I was a goner there.
[Lian-Chu starts in surprise. Hector stares]
Gwizdo: What's the matter? What's eatin' you? Is there a problem?

A Fistful of Veggies [1.7]

Gwizdo: Lian-Chu, remind me to never make fun of you or your knitting again.

Gwizdo: Lian-Chu, I just thought of something. Today's the seventh day of the harvest month in the Year of the Bull.
Lian-Chu: Yes, and?
[Gwizdo gets out an elaborate calendar. He presses a button and a number of arrows and symbols pop out]
Gwizdo: Well, we have a little problem, because today in Zimbrenelle and surrounding areas, the calendar calls for an eclipse... [The cave suddenly goes dark] ... of the sun.

Dead Dragon Walking [1.8]


The Deep North Dragon [1.9]

Lian-Chu: Gwizdo, I'm not sure, but you know our promised land? I think this might be it.
Gwizdo: Huh? Do you have frostbite on the brain?
Lian-Chu: You know, where people accept us for who we are, and welcome us. Our real place in the world. Well, I think it's here.
Gwizdo: What sort of gobbledygook are you comin' up with?
Lian-Chu: You're the one who brought it up when we left the inn.
[Gwizdo looks surprised]
Gwizdo: First of all, I doubt I ever said any such thing. And secondly, even if I did, it was just to reassure ya. I know how hard it was for you to leave the inn.
Lian-Chu: So you lied to me?
Gwizdo: Of course not. I didn't lie to ya. I was just improvisin' a bit.
[Lian-Chu sags a bit. Gwizdo sees Lian-Chu's expression and looks worried. He goes to the wall Lian-Chu is leaning on and sits on it]
Gwizdo: Don't you think I was terrified too, with the idea of leavin' it all behind? All I wanted was to run right back to the inn to my big soft bed, the toasty fireplace and Jennyline's delicious cookin'. If I said that, it was just to reassure me, too.
Lian-Chu: So you want to go back to the inn, too.
Gwizdo: More than ever, Lian-Chu. More than ever before.
Lian-Chu: But what about the pride of dragon hunters?
Gwizdo: When yer cold and hungry, dragon pride can take a hike.

Billy Toughnut [1.10]

[as he listens to Billy's story, Lian-Chu sees tears streaming from Gwizdo's eyes]
Lian-Chu: Are you crying, Gwizdo?
[Gwizdo dries his eyes]
Gwizdo: [voice choked and quavering] Course not, you big oaf. I just got some dust in my eye.

There's No Place Like Home [1.11]

Gwizdo: I haven't been that good in months! They were eatin' right outta my hand! Ready to empty their pockets in gold.
Jennyline: Don't worry. You can finish your story later.
Gwizdo: Fat chance. Later they'll be stuffed and half-asleep. And once they've paid for their meal, they won't have a sliver of gold left.

The Strange Taste of Cocomak [1.12]

Gwizdo: My miserable life has come full circle now. I'll never find them. I came into the world alone and that's how I'll be till the end.

[Gwizdo is sitting on the ground cross-legged, clutching the contract and trying in vain not to cry]
Lian-Chu: What's wrong, Gwizdo? Is the contract that bad?
Gwizdo: [voice choked] On the contrary. It's the most beautiful contract I've ever seen and it's gonna make us rich.
Lian-Chu: So, you're feeling better, then?
[Gwizdo's face morphs into an ugly gurn, his eyes brimming with tears]
Gwizdo: On the contrary. I've never felt so awful in my life. You can even negotiate better contracts that I can.
[He bursts out sobbing]
Gwizdo: I'm such a loser!

The Conjunction of Three Moons [1.13]

Zaza: I never understood why Lian-Chu never told me his village was destroyed by a dragon.
Gwizdo: Lian-Chu and I are hunters, Zaza, and we hunters never whine about our misfortune.
Zaza: I don't get it. It seems to me you whine pretty much all the time, Gwizdo.
Gwizdo: Zaza, let me make things clear. You're here because your mother wanted you out of her hair. It wasn't my idea, I certainly don't need your help to find Lian-Chu!
Zaza: Maybe, but you need me to talk to him.
Gwizdo: Ha! Now that's a good one. If anybody here can talk to my friend Lian-Chu, it's me.
Zaza: Okay, so why didn't he say anything to you, then? Why didn't he say it was the anniversary of the destruction of his village?
Gwizdo: [raging] Hector, hold me back or I'm gonna do something I'll regret!

Don't Look Now [1.14]

Hector: Lian-Chu! Feather! [He goes to where Gwizdo is sitting on a log and dozing and tickles his nose. The dragon hunter wakes up, annoyed]
Gwizdo: Stop it, Hector, I was tryin' to take a nap. You want me to SHOVE THAT STUPID FEATHER DOWN YOUR THROAT?!

Lian-Chu: I fear the worst.
Gwizdo: [sarcastically] It's so nice when you try to cheer me up.

Unwelcome Guests [1.15]

[Gwizdo goes tumbling into the main hall]
Gwizdo: Oh boy! You gotta help me! Oh my gosh. In the kitchen... I-I could be wrong. But I-I think that she thinks that the- Oh my goodness! No! I gotta be mistaken. Please... Ohboyohboyohboyohboy... Now, don't get me wrong, I like livin' here. That's not the issue. The rent's okay, if I ever pay it, and let's face it, I'll never pay it... And sure, Jennyline's a woman of charm. Well, Jennyline's a woman. Okay, she's Jennyline. What I mean is, I-I like her, but, uh-h-h... SHE WANTS TO MARRY ME!

Jennyline: [to Zaza] He is the nicest, loveliest, kindest, handsomest, richest man I have ever met. And he's going to be just like a father to you.
Gwizdo: He's only after your money, you know.
Jennyline: No, he's not!
Gwizdo: [scoffing] He is an ugly brute. If I was that ugly, I wouldn't come out during the day! No looks, no charm, the guy's a pig.
[Leopold grunts]
Gwizdo: Sorry about that, Leopold. He's got far less appeal than a pig. Of course, you saw right through him, Jennyline. You're not gonna marry that two bit lose-
[Jennyline punches Gwizdo in the face and sends him flying into a wall]
Jennyline: How dare you speak of the man I love like that!
Gwizdo: [dazed] I'll get us outta this... I'll think of somethin'...

The Kiwajel Thrust [1.16]

Lian-Chu: [looking at Gwizdo's poster] That face says something to me.
'[Gwizdo snatches the poster]
Gwizdo: Oh, yeah? You wanna know what this guy says?
[He holds the poster up in front of his face to speak as the person on the poster]
Gwizdo: "Hello, Lian-Chu. It's me, your competition. Let me tell you: Your dragon hunting days are OVER! Your successful career: OVER! Life as you know it in that cozy little inn where you like to hang your hat: OVER! Nyahahahahahahahaha! Easy come, easy go. Nyehehe. See you. Buh-bye. Sayonara. Have fun in the poor house. Nyahahahahaha! Ruin. Ee-hee. Ee-hee-hee-hee-hee-hee."
[He looks up at the interior of the Snoring Dragon]
Gwizdo: I gotta admit, Jennyline, it is a cozy little inn.

Gland of the Mimikar [1.17]

[the Mimikar inspects our heroes, who are chained to a wooden frame]
Gwizdo: Lian-Chu, the reason you can't feel your body anymore is not because you're clean. It's because you were poisoned.
Lian-Chu: You mean to say you took all those risks just to save me? Oh, Gwizdo, I don't know what to say.
Gwizdo: Well, given the present circumstances, "Farewell" might be a good start.
[the Mimikar spits fire onto its hands and rubs them together]
Lian-Chu: It's not farewell. You wanted to save me, now I'll save you.
[Lian-Chu tears the chains off of his hands and lands on his back with a crash. With all his might he starts pushing on both sides of the wooden frame from the middle. The Mimikar prepares to breathe more fire]
Gwizdo: Lian-Chu, you wanna save me? How about now...?!
[Lian-Chu shatters the frame to pieces, breaking the handcuffs on Hector and Gwizdo at the same time just as the Mimikar breathes out the fire. The Mimikar starts bawling]
Gwizdo: [ecstatically] Lian-Chu, buddy, I'll say it for the millionth time: You are simply the best.
[Lian-Chu gives Gwizdo a feeble smile and collapses]
Gwizdo: Hmm? Lian-Chu?
[Distraught, Gwizdo runs over to Lian-Chu]
Gwizdo: No!
[He shakes Lian-Chu's arm desperately]
Gwizdo: Wake up, buddy! Wake up, my friend! Don't you worry, Lian-Chu, we're gonna save you!
[He looks up with a look of grim determination on his face]
Gwizdo: The gland. Hector?
Hector: Yes, sir!
Gwizdo: [picking up a piece of the wooden frame] Get ready. Get ready!
[Gwizdo springs forward with the piece of wood in his hands and charges towards the Mimikar. He swings the piece of wood back, aiming it at the gland]
Gwizdo: Hold Lian-Chu's mouth open!
[the Mimikar breathes out a gale of fire. Gwizdo hurls it forward, stumbles and lands on his face. The piece of wood is sharpened into a stake by the flames and it lands straight in the Mimikar's gland]

For a Few Veggies More [1.18]

[Gwizdo, Lian-Chu, Hector and Chief Big Beard are flying through the sky in the St. George]
Chief Big Beard: Hey, am I paranoid or do you guys not like me too much?
Gwizdo: [sarcastically] Us? Not like you? Get serious. On the contrary, we think you are the greatest. Why, just this morning I was saying... Oh, wow, look at that beautiful little island!
[the dwarf goes to the edge of the St. George and takes a look]
Gwizdo: [under his breath] Lean over more. You'll get a better view.
[With a look of vicious rage in his eyes, he reaches a trembling hand out to Chief Big Beard to push him off]
Lian-Chu: [under his breath] Gwizdo!
[He raps Gwizdo's hand with a cane. Gwizdo clutches his hand, seething with pain, and looks up at Lian-Chu angrily. Lian-Chu waves the cane in an "uh-uh" motion. Gwizdo grudgingly continues steering. After a while they land on the island where the dragon is located and get off]
Gwizdo: [discreetly, to Lian-Chu] We'll try the discreet approach some other time.

The Orphan Farm [1.19]


Child's Play [1.20]

Gwizdo: Flippin' fleetin' fortunes, my gold! Whatever happened to my gold?!
Lian-Chu: Dragons to dragons, dust to dust.

Collywoble Water [1.21]

Gwizdo: I don't believe this. We've got the wrong island here. They're even dirt poorer than we are!

Gwizdo: Lord Aldo! It's a catastrophe! A terrifying, horrible, abominable dragon is in the midst of pillaging the inhabitants, and slaughtering the village! Uh, I mean pillaging the village and slaughtering the inhabitants.
Lord Aldo: So I hear.
[Gwizdo looks a little stunned]
Gwizdo: Eh... you gotta do something, old man! Here's an idea. I'm gonna do you a favor. I'm gonna sandwich you in between two contracts. Ten thousand klurks and we'll turn your dragon into a distant memory. That is an incredible price. Hunters like us usually cost twice this much. Just sign your name here, here and here.
Lord Aldo: No. We love our money too much.
Gwizdo: Huh? Come on. Hector-
[He hastily covers his mouth]
Gwizdo: Mh-mh
[He takes his hand away from his mouth]
Gwizdo: I mean, the monster's gonna eat your town.
Lord Aldo: That's too bad.
Gwizdo: [shocked] No? You can't say that, it's, it- that's... immoral.

Who's Lost Their Head Now? [1.22]

[Lian-Chu wakes up screaming, waking Gwizdo as well. Gwizdo peers down at him from the top bunk]
Gwizdo: What's up with you now? You scared the pajamas off of me.
Lian-Chu: The dragon, Gwizdo. He spoke to me again.
Gwizdo: I already told you, Lian-Chu, dragons don't talk. You were dreamin'.
[He lifts himself back up onto his bunk again]
Gwizdo: Goodnight.
[as Gwizdo tries going back to sleep, Lian-Chu thinks for a moment about the Sizzler's words "A real reason to hunt me"]
Lian-Chu: Say, Gwizdo, why exactly do we hunt dragons?
[Gwizdo peers back over again]
Gwizdo: What a question. Cause we're dragon hunters, that's why. If we were dung beetle hunters, we'd hunt dung beetles.
[He gives Lian-Chu a huge grin]
Gwizdo: It's that simple.
[He lifts himself up onto his bunk again]
Lian-Chu: Yes, but why are we dragon hunters?
[Once again Gwizdo peers back over the bed, annoyed]
Gwizdo: Because it's all we know how to do. Well, you, at least.
Lian-Chu: Hmm.
Gwizdo: Look, Lian-Chu, you gotta hunt dragons. They're mean and nasty! They destroy entire villages, devour everybody in sight. Their feet stink to high heaven and they've got big time BO. [Once more he pulls himself onto his bunk] And what's more, they always talk with their mouths full.
Lian-Chu: Gwizdo?
[Gwizdo once more peers over to talk to Lian-Chu]
Gwizdo: Oh, what now?!
Lian-Chu: You just said dragons talk!
Gwizdo: I said that? Never. Not in a million years.
[He pulls himself back up onto his bed]
Gwizdo: I know what I say, don't I? Look, listen, Lian-Chu, knock off the dumb questions and have a glass of water. You'll feel much better in the morning.

Baby Love, oh, Baby-Love? [1.23]


Can I See your License, Please? [1.24]

Gwizdo: You gotta learn to trust people more, old boy. People like me, for instance.
[He clasps his hands together coyly]
Gwizdo: I never lie.

Prince Charming [1.25]


The Family Fortune [1.26]

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