Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2

2006 video game

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 is a videogame based off the Anime series Dragon Ball Z.



  • I'm not this Kaka-whatever guy! (VS: Bardock, Broly)
  • Grandpa! Here I come! (VS: Grandpa Gohan)
  • There sure are some crazy looking folks out there in the world, huh? (VS: Frieza)
  • You're pretty strong. Fight me again sometime!
  • Let's fight, Krillin! (VS: Krillin)
  • You seem pretty strong. This is exciting!
  • Huh? Hey, it's Yamcha! (VS: Yamcha)
  • You gotta take me on!
  • What're you talking about? I'm still a kid! (VS: Pan)
  • Come on! Stop babbling and let's fight!
  • You seem sorta mean... (VS: Vegeta)
  • Don't you go doing anymore bad stuff. (Victory: Piccolo)
  • Huh? You have a tail, too! (VS: Saiyans)
  • You haven't changed much. Have you really been training enough?? (Victory: Yamcha)
  • Come on, Tien! Let's fight! (VS: Tien)
  • I know I haven't gotten that much older, but... (Victory: Pan)
  • Now, I wonder what he meant by all that Kaka-whatever business... (Victory: Bardock, Broly)
  • You're Piccolo, aren't you? I'm gonna let you have it again! (VS: Piccolo)
  • You look just like me. Are you some kinda weird ghost or somethin'? (VS: Goten)
  • How come you have an outfit that looks exactly like mine? (VS: Goku)
  • My name is Goku! (VS: Kid Trunks)
  • Ahuh! When comes eating stuff, I like everything. (VS: Fat Buu)
  • Wow...you sure are strong! (Defeat)


  • You look... just like I did when I was little! (VS: Kid Goku)
  • If you don't mind, I will. (VS: Perfect Cell)
  • Even a reject can surpass an elite, if he trains hard enough! (VS: Scouter Vegeta)
  • Let's do this!
  • Don't count me out yet. (VS: Movie villains)
  • You'll pay for what you've done!
  • I'm a Saiyan, from Earth. (VS: Burter)
  • Grandpa! It's been a long time! I've gotten really strong, by the way. (VS: Grandpa Gohan)
  • Krillin! How bout we go a round, for old times sake? (VS: Krillin)
  • You're really something, Gohan! I'm so proud of you! (Victory: Gohan)
  • You guys really need to train more seriously. (Victory: Gotenks)
  • Pan! Come and practice anytime! (Victory: Pan)
  • Okay, what's this about? (VS: Gotenks)
  • Alright! Let's finish this! (VS: Captain Ginyu)
  • Heh, guess your old man's pretty strong, huh? (Victory: Kid Gohan, Teen Gohan)
  • You did pretty good!
  • My name is Goku, and I'm from Earth! (VS: Saiyans)
  • Promise to give up your evil ways! (Victory: Frieza)
  • Wow, Vegeta. This might take longer than I thought. (VS: Majin Vegeta)
  • Haha! This is exciting!
  • Come at me and don't hold back! (VS: Uub)
  • You sure talk tough, but you could use more training.
  • Ok, time for some practice. (VS: Kid Gohan, Teen Gohan, Goten)
  • It's been a long time since we fought seriously, huh? (VS: Vegeta)
  • You keep getting stronger! That was GREAT! (Victory: Uub)
  • It's not too late to give up your evil ways, Frieza! (Victory: Mecha Frieza)
  • You've improved a lot, but it looks like I won this one. (Victory: Vegeta, Pikkon)
  • Me too, Pikkon! (VS: Pikkon)
  • Sorry, Grandpa. Looks like I overdid it there. (Victory: Grandpa Gohan)
  • Gohan! Show me what you've got! (VS: Gohan)

Super Saiyan

  • You're finished!
  • I can never forgive you… for the harm you've caused! (VS: Cooler)
  • Grandpa! I'm a Super Saiyan! Isn't it amazing? (VS: Grandpa Gohan)
  • Sorry, but I couldn't afford to hold back.
  • You'll have to work hard to beat me!
  • Let's finish this. (VS: Frieza [100% Final Form])
  • If you don't give up your evil ways, I'll be here to stop you.
  • I'm going to make you pay! (VS: Broly [Legendary Super Saiyan])
  • Now I'm mad… Frieza! (VS: Frieza [Final Form])
  • You won't get away! (VS: Bojack, Turles)
  • Haven't you learned your lesson yet? (VS: Mecha Frieza, Meta-Cooler)
  • Give up your evil ways, Frieza...and for your sake...I hope we never meet again. (Victory: Frieza, Mecha Frieza)
  • Sorry Grandpa looks like I over did it there. (Victory: Grandpa Gohan)

Super Saiyan 2

  • Time to put my training to the test.
  • Whew! Maybe I still need to train some more…
  • I'd like to fight you again sometime. See ya!
  • Alright! Let's finish this!
  • Okay, let's go!

Super Saiyan 3

  • Okay, let's end this quick.
  • You're only the second person who's pushed me this far. (VS: Janemba)
  • Let's do this, now.
  • Sorry. But I don't have much time to waste on you.
  • How 'bout we skip the introductions and get right to it, okay?
  • *phew* I had to hurry through that...

Super Saiyan 4

  • It seems you've got a bit of a handicap… but I'm still not holding back. (VS: Vegeta)
  • Whew… I was holding back, but… that was still pretty tough.
  • Sorry. I meant to finish you off quicker than that. (Victory: Syn Shenron)
  • That was really fun, you guys. (Victory: Gotenks)
  • Right now, there's nothing I can't do.
  • Okay… no holding back.
  • I've grown a little bit stronger since last time.
  • Today's training might be a little rough. (VS: Uub)
  • I don't ever wanna see you here again, Seventeen. (Victory: Super 17)
  • Sorry. I win this one. (Victory: Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta)
  • Syn Shenron! You're fighting me now! (VS: Syn Shenron)
  • I told you. You can't beat me.
  • You're still too naive, Uub. (Victory: Uub)
  • You can't beat me.
  • Well, seeing as how we both powered up and all… let's go, Vegeta. (VS: Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta)
  • No… I can't let you get away with this!
  • Hmph...you sure talk a lot. (VS: Gotenks, Pan)
  • Man, there are some pretty strong fighters out there, huh? (Defeat)



  • Right, Mr. Piccolo! (VS: Piccolo)
  • I'm going to beat you!
  • You leave my dad alone! (VS: Raditz)
  • H-Hey! Go easy on me, ok dad? (VS: Goku)
  • You're not my dad. (VS: Turles)
  • Is this because of Mr. Piccolo's training?
  • All right! I'm not losing to you!
  • Huh? I Won!
  • A-Are you ok, dad? (Victory: Goku)
  • I'll fight you.
  • That's what happens when you pick on my dad! (Victory: Raditz)
  • You don't scare me, you bully!
  • Thank you Mr. Piccolo! (Victory: Piccolo)

Teen/Super Saiyan

  • Hello, Trunks. (VS: Trunks)
  • All right!
  • Thanks, Dad. (Victory: Goku)
  • I'm going to defeat you, once and for all!
  • Ready when you are! (VS: Perfect Cell)
  • If I don't study, Mom's gonna be mad at me.
  • I'm going to beat you!
  • You're finished!
  • Are you ok, Piccolo? (Victory: Piccolo)
  • Heh heh, looks like I've gotten strong, too, huh, Krillin? (Victory: Krillin)
  • Ugh...I have to get home and study.

Super Saiyan 2

  • I won't let you get away with it!
  • I will defend the Earth...like my dad would've done!! (VS: Bojack)
  • All the fighting's finally over.
  • I'm done dealing with your insanity, Cell! (VS: Perfect Cell)
  • *phew*...it's over.
  • I'm going to destroy you, Cell. I'm sorry, but I can't allow you to live! (VS: Cell [Perfect])
  • I will defend the Earth!! (Victory: Bojack)


  • Alright, I'm going all out!
  • Wow, you're totally into this! (VS: Great Saiyawoman)
  • Wha… wha'd I do here? (VS: Videl)
  • (panting) Guess I'm finally hitting my stride…
  • Wonder if Eighteen's gonna get mad at me for this. (Victory: Krillin)
  • W… wait, it's not like that! (VS: Hercule)
  • Oh, I won't be losing!
  • Goten, feel like sparring? (VS: Goten)
  • There's still something not quite right...
  • Let's have a match, Trunks! (VS: Trunks)
  • Okay, let's see if I've still got it...
  • I'm going all out, Krillin! (VS: Krillin)
  • You wanna fight AGAIN?? (VS: Pan)
  • Guess we'll see about that. (VS: Frieza [Final Form])
  • Okay, let's go, Dad! (VS: Goku)
  • Broly! You're still alive?? (VS: Broly)
  • Heh, I'm pretty strong, too, you know!
  • *phew* I think I'm starting to get the hang of this again.
  • Yep, your old man still got it, huh? (Victory: Pan)
  • Right, let's do it, Piccolo! (VS: Piccolo)
  • Oh no...maybe I overdid it a little... (Victory: Videl, Great Saiyawoman)


  • No... I'm going to kill you. (VS: Super Buu)
  • Oh, I won't be losing.
  • You think you're ready to face me?!
  • You can't win.
  • I knew that was the best you could manage.
  • Heh...maybe I used too much power, ya think?
  • I...I can still fight! (Defeat)

Great Saiyaman

  • Never underestimate the power of justice!
  • *sputter* Videl! Don't give away my secret identity! (VS: Videl)
  • Hahaha! Yes I am. (VS: Goten)
  • The Great Saiyaman has arrived!
  • Aw c'mon Piccolo!? Don't you think this looks cool? (VS: Piccolo)
  • The Forces of Evil shall not prevail!
  • Like I said, it's cool, right?
  • Well? C'mon!
  • As long as there is evil, Great Saiyaman will not give up the fight!!
  • ...I'm not really sure how to take that... (VS: Guldo, Recoome)
  • Sorry, but I generally don't work well with evildoers. (VS: Burter, Jeice, Captain Ginyu)
  • Ohh...I'm a disgrace to the uniform... (Defeat)


  • I'm going to give you the training of your life, COME ON! (VS: Kid Gohan)
  • Hmph. You'll understand once you've gone up against me!
  • I sure hope you're ready.
  • Hmph...wimp.
  • Looks like it's time I taught you some respect! (VS: Gotenks)
  • What's wrong? You won't last long with that attitude. (Victory: Kid Gohan)
  • Gohan, why are you wearing that stupid outfit!? (VS: Great Saiyaman)
  • Hmph. I won't go down as easily as last time. (VS: Android 17)
  • How 'bout I give you some training, for old times sake? (VS: Gohan)
  • I'm gonna make you pay for all the Namekians you've killed! (VS: Frieza)
  • I don't remember training you to be this weak! Stand up!
  • You should know better than to mess with me.
  • Why do I always have to deal with these little brats? (Victory: Gotenks)
  • You're a disgrace to all Namekians! (VS: Slug)
  • Who are you...? (VS: Imperfect Cell)
  • Now then, how bout I wipe that ugly smirk off that face?
  • To think that little cry-baby has come this far. (Victory: Ultimate Gohan)


  • Whoa! I-Is that you, Goku? (VS: Kid Goku)
  • Man...if #18 saw me right now, she'd kill me! (Victory: Zangya)
  • Try not to kill me, baby... (VS: Android 18)
  • Sorry, buddy, but you don't have a choice. (VS: Chiaotzu)
  • Heheheh, No problem.
  • Whoah! What a babe! (VS: Zangya)
  • Time to see if my training's paid off.
  • It's been a while. Wanna spar? (VS: Kid Gohan, Teen Gohan)
  • *gasp* This might be it...
  • Erm...I won?
  • You've gotta be kidding! (VS: Master Roshi)
  • What? You porkrind! (VS: Yajirobe)
  • Alright. Come on, Goku! (VS: Goku)
  • Hehehe, what's the matter, Goku? You're getting soft there, buddy! (Victory: Goku)
  • Huh? I'm still standing?
  • Heh...are you, uh, ok, dear? (Victory: Android 18)


  • Looking good, Tien! (VS: Tien)
  • Sure, if you think you can beat me.
  • Dude, what kinda car you drive?
  • Against this Goku, I might actually have a chance! (VS: Kid Goku)
  • Ok c'mon!
  • Now it's time for my revenge! (VS: Saibaman)
  • I've had just about enough of you, put em' up!
  • Yeah, that's one Goku I can beat! (Victory: Kid Goku)
  • Don't worry about me, little man, I'm tougher than I look! (VS: Goten)
  • Hey, that's none o' your business, kid! (VS: Kid Trunks)
  • You got owned!


  • Looking good, Yamcha! (VS: Yamcha)
  • Okay, come on Chiaotzu. (VS: Chiaotzu)
  • This is for you, Chiaotzu! (VS: Nappa)
  • Now, come at me with all you've got!
  • Just give it up. Maybe you should stick to baseball. (Victory: Yamcha)
  • I think your training's starting to pay off, Chiaotzu. (Victory: Chiaotzu)
  • Goku? What happened to you? (VS: Kid Goku)
  • I'll show you what a true martial artist can do.
  • Now to continue my training! Hahah!


  • Hey Tien! Let's fight! (VS: Tien)
  • Don't worry, Tien! I can do it!
  • I won't let you beat me this time! (VS: Krillin, Nappa)
  • You smell and you're weak! Just go away! (Victory: Guldo)
  • Aahh! Tien, help!! (VS: General Tao)
  • Ha, loser, loser! (Victory: Krillin)
  • My full power didn't work! (Defeat)
  • You Again?! You stink so stay away! (VS: Guldo)



  • I'm going to finish you off. Goodbye, Frieza! (Victory: Frieza)
  • Oh really? Well, I'll give you something to TALK ABOUT! (VS: Yajirobe)
  • I'd hoped my son would be stronger than this. (Victory: Trunks)
  • Come at me with everything you've got, understand? (VS: Kid Trunks)
  • In that case, come fight me! I won't hold back! (VS: Raditz, Nappa)
  • I don't know why I bother even trying to teach them. (Victory: Gotenks)
  • Kakarot won't need a turn.
  • Kakarot's mine! Don't lay a finger on him. (Victory: Android 19)
  • Your face is utterly disgusting. (VS: Turles)
  • Sorry. But I'm not quite… nice, like Kakarot.
  • Yes… yes, at last! I HAVE FINALLY DEFEATED KAKAROT! (Victory: Goku)
  • Tch! (VS: Recoome)
  • I'll show you the Saiyan power that even your Lord Frieza fears! (VS: Zarbon)
  • Let's settle this, Kakarot. (VS: Goku)
  • I won't let a worthless puppet like you take Kakarot! (VS: Android 13)
  • I will prove once and for all, I'm better than Kakarot!
  • Hmph! Stupid brats. (VS: Gotenks)
  • It seems you're ready to die.
  • Hmph! As though it actually mattered. (VS: Trunks)
  • Tch, what are you so cheerful about!? (VS: Super Saiyan 4 Goku)
  • It's been a long time since I've been at full power, you freak. (VS: Janemba)
  • Now to finish taking out the trash.
  • Well, now you can forget about going to the amusement park. (Victory: Kid Trunks)
  • Irritating little squirt! (VS: Kid Goku)
  • Rivals? If that's what you think, then I've got something to show you! (VS: Cui)
  • Oh, just looking at him makes me mad! (Victory: Turles)
  • STOP wasting your FOUL breath! (VS: Guldo)
  • Ugh, get out of here and stop embarrassing yourself. (Victory: Raditz, Nappa)
  • I'm going to defeat you!

Second form

  • This could be fun.
  • That again? You have no style.
  • I thought this would be interesting.
  • You will not get your way!

Super Saiyan

  • Ha! I'm not as naive as Kakarot!
  • So that was your best, huh?
  • Ha! Easy as usual.
  • Now you'll face me, the Prince of all Saiyans! (VS: Legend Broly)
  • Heh!
  • Let's settle this, Kakarot. (VS: Goku)
  • What I want to know is this, Can Androids experience fear? (VS: Android 19)

Second form

  • You know, I barely worked up a sweat.
  • No, I need more, you worm!
  • I could use a good battle these days.

Super Vegeta

  • This is the power of a true Super Saiyan! Begone, Frieza! (VS: Frieza)
  • Now do you see the power of a Super Saiyan?
  • Time to finish the warm up!
  • Hmph! So this is what came of your training. (VS: Super Trunks)
  • I'll tear you apart!
  • I am Super Vegeta!
  • So, you're Cell. (VS: Imperfect Cell)
  • So, how would you prefer to be destroyed this time!?
  • It seems you're ready to die.
  • Sorry, but I won't be holding back.

Super Saiyan 2

  • Alright! This is it!
  • Enjoy your trip to the next world!
  • I'm not going to let Kakarot show me up.
  • I'll show you who's number one!
  • It's been a while… Legendary Super Saiyan. (VS: Broly)
  • It's been a long time since I've been at full power, you freak! (VS: Super Janemba)
  • I will grow even stronger, and I'll be waiting for you...

Scouter Prince

  • Let me assure you, this is one fight that no amount of training could prepare you for! (VS: Goku)
  • If you think you can just toss me aside, Frieza, you're in for a rude awakening! (VS: Frieza [1st Form])
  • What does a low-class warrior like you want with me!? (VS: Bardock)
  • The Saiyans are a true warrior race! Don't underestimate us!
  • Ha! Simple tricks. (after breaking opponent with Dirty Fireworks)
  • I am a Saiyan, a warrior elite, and the last face you'll ever see! (VS: Zarbon [Post-Transformation])
  • Ha! You see!? You're nothing more than low-class scum. (Victory: Goku)
  • You should never have come here!
  • I'm going to finish you off. Goodbye, Frieza! (Victory: Frieza)
  • So, this is where you have chosen for your final resting place. Hm heh heh heh.
  • Hm ha ha ha ha ha hah! We Saiyans get stronger every time we fight.
  • It only stands to reason, a half-blood Saiyan is only… half as strong. (Victory: Kid Gohan)
  • What? (VS: Kid Gohan)
  • I will show you the power of a Saiyan elite.

Great Ape

  • Haaaaa! Sorry about that. I guess I didn't know my own strength! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! How 'bout it, Kakarot? YOU'RE MINE NOW! (VS: Goku)
  • Ha ha ha ha ha! What's wrong? Can't do anything?
  • I won't hold back! I'm going to kill you.
  • You'll meet the same fate as your father! (VS: Kid Gohan)
  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha! You're as good as dead.
  • Are you ready, human?! (VS: Krillin, Yajirobe)

Majin Vegeta

  • (Whilst doing Final Explosion) Farewell Bulma, Trunks and even you Kakarot...
  • Prepare… to die!
  • Aaaarh!
  • Shut up! Stay outta my way! (VS: Trunks)
  • You see now Kakarot? This is our fate! OUR battle! (VS: Goku)
  • I have no family or petty attachments! (Victory: Trunks, Kid Trunks)
  • I am Vegeta, Prince of all Saiyans!
  • Get out of here right now, unless you want to die! (VS: Kid Trunks)
  • I'm not going to hell alone...I'm taking you with me! (VS: Majin Buu)
  • How 'bout that!? Huh ha ha ha ha hah!
  • Do you see now, Kakarot?! I'M NUMBER ONE! (Victory: Goku)
  • Hmph. Like you're one to talk... (VS: Mecha Frieza)

Super Saiyan 4

  • At last, undeniable truth. I am truly number one! Ha ha ha ha! (Victory: Super Saiyan 4 Goku)
  • My thoughts exactly, Kakarot. Come on! (VS: Super Saiyan 4 Goku)
  • If you get too carried away, you'll regret it! (VS: Gotenks)
  • I'm more than enough to finish you by myself! (VS: Syn Shenron)
  • Sorry to keep you waiting.
  • Now do you understand? This is what comes of your foolish games! (Victory: Gotenks)
  • Stop trying to get to Kakarot!
  • I am the Prince of Saiyans!
  • I'm going to shut that disgusting mouth of yours. (VS: Super 17)
  • There can only be one… number one!
  • This should make a good warm-up.



  • Muwahahaha! I'll kill you!
  • Heh. You intend to fight me...?
  • Ha. I didn't even have to transform.
  • You're finished now!
  • How can you beat Frieza when you can't even beat me!?
  • Aheh heh heh heh...
  • Say you're through!
  • How could this happen!? (Defeat)
  • Well hello.
  • Die!
  • I'm pulling out!
  • There you are!
  • Your reign of terror has ended.
  • What the-?
  • Ha! Now the universe is mine!
  • Here goes!
  • Heh! So that's the best you've got, huh?


  • Maybe I didn't need to transform after all.
  • Death is the only thing in store for those who see this form!
  • You've done well just getting me to take this form.
  • Frieza, you're mine now! (VS: Frieza)
  • Please, you may have raised your power level, but you're still no match for my transformed state! (VS: Scouter Vegeta)
  • How can this happen...I'm transformed... (Defeat)


  • Time to put you in your place!
  • You've got some nerve!
  • Ha hah! I did it! I'm the strongest in the universe! (Victory: Frieza)
  • I'll teach YOU to look down on me! (VS: Nappa, Vegeta)
  • Hoo ho ha ha ha ha ha! Now you understand the power of Saiyans!
  • Hm hm hm! Nothing to write home about.
  • Tch! You're not Kakarot!
  • You're going to die, fool.
  • Wh-What? (VS Kid Gohan)
  • Tch! That brat gave me a scare. (Victory: Kid Gohan)
  • Tch! You don't deserve to be my brother! (Victory: Goku)
  • You'll regret acting so high and mighty. (VS: Bardock)
  • What's wrong, your majesty? Holding back?
  • What's wrong? Are you… begging for your life?
  • How dare you defy your brother! (VS: Goku)
  • Are you… Kakarot? (VS: Turles)
  • I hope you're ready. (VS: Frieza)



  • Hah, if it isn't the crybaby Raditz! What are you so happy about? (VS: Raditz)
  • Hmph! Let's see you act high and mighty now, Saiyan killer! (Victory: Frieza)
  • Really? Did you actually think you could beat me?
  • Heh hah hah! Looks like I'm the boss now… Prince! (Victory: Vegeta)
  • Vegeta! I won't always be your slave! (VS: Vegeta)
  • Hah, you're a disgrace to the Saiyan race! (Victory: Bardock, Turles)
  • Pesky Namekian! What do you think you can do by yourself? (VS: Piccolo)
  • Hah, there's no way you could stand up to me!
  • Hah, finished already! How dull.
  • Ha ha hah. Let's have ourselves a little fun.
  • What business could garbage like you possibly have with me? (VS: Bardock, Turles)
  • There's no way I'm gonna be beaten by these stupid Saibamen. (Victory: Saibamen)
  • Really, did you actually think you could beat me? (Victory: Raditz)

Great Ape

  • I won't have you running away now!
  • I'll end this quickly...


  • Well, onto the next piece o' trash!
  • I won't let anyone stand in my way!
  • Heh, it'll be a sad day when my own kid can beat me. (Victory: Goku, Raditz)
  • Your days of tyranny are over forever! (Victory: Frieza)
  • Heh! Fighting has nothing to do with my family tree!
  • Hmph! Business with you? Don't make me laugh. (VS: Saiyans)
  • Are you… Kakarot? (VS Goku)
  • I'm gonna save the future!
  • Ok, I'll take you down first, and then Frieza! (VS: Cooler)
  • Very well. I'll take you down first, and then Frieza. (VS: Zarbon)
  • I'll start with you, Dodoria! (VS: Dodoria)
  • Heh. I'm made of tougher stuff than you are.
  • Heh heh! Oh, man, what happened to you? (VS: Zarbon [Post-Transformation])
  • K… Kakarot! Is that you!? (VS: Kid Goku, Goten)
  • Heh! Monsters like this are never as tough as they look.
  • Frieza! I'm gonna make you PAY! (VS: Frieza)
  • It seems I've got quite a monster on my hands. (VS: Legendary Super Saiyan Broly)
  • Come and get me!
  • No...I can't stop until I've had my revenge... (Defeat)


1st form (Imperfect)

  • Don't you realize you are part of me? (VS: Piccolo)
  • In the end, it doesn't matter how strong you've become. It's still useless!
  • Time to absorb you as well!
  • Do you think I've become too strong?
  • You will be absorbed. Accept your fate... (VS: Android 17)
  • So, the reckless fool is back, huh? (VS: Android 16)
  • You've come here to die.
  • ...I'll absorb you next.
  • Silence! Little fool.

2nd form (Semi-Perfect)

  • You think you can stand in my way? It's hopeless!
  • Well, well. What happened to all of that confidence you had a minute ago? (Victory: Super Vegeta)
  • Vegeta, eh? What can you do now? (VS: Super Vegeta)
  • Whoops! Perhaps I used too much power.
  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! At last, my perfect form!
  • Hmph! Another fool, rushing to die.
  • Now it's your turn. Join me, and we will achieve perfection! (VS: Android 18)
  • Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh. At last, my perfect form is within my reach. (Victory: Android 18)

Perfect Form

  • Heh heh heh heh. As you wish.
  • That wasn't even a good warm-up, scum. (Victory: Hercule)
  • Well, that was a nice little diversion! Hm hm hm hm!
  • Now there's no one to stand in my way! I'm waiting for you, Goku! (Victory: Pikkon)
  • What's the matter? I thought you were going to defeat me!
  • Hm hm hm hm hm hm! This time there's no one to interfere! (VS: Pikkon)
  • Oh- hah! I only meant to warm up! Guess I overdid it a little.
  • Who is this idiot? (VS: Hercule)
  • Do you really think you can defeat me just because you've powered up a little!? (VS: Super 17)
  • Fine! I was getting bored anyway. (VS: Frieza [Final Form, 100%, Mecha])
  • At last, some quality entertainment.
  • Simple words from a simple man. (VS: Super Trunks)
  • A foolish boy in every way. (VS: Teen Gohan)
  • You… you've changed. (VS: Super Saiyan 2 Teen Gohan)
  • What's the matter? Don't tell me you're scared.
  • No, it can't be...not in my perfect form...(Defeat)

Super Perfect Cell / Ultimate Perfection

  • This is what happens to worthless insects! (Victory: Super 17)
  • Hm hm hm hm! That was a disappointment!
  • I can promise you, this time you will not survive. (VS: Super Saiyan 2 Teen Gohan)
  • Through already? I was hoping you'd put up more of a FIGHT!
  • I'm through playing games! Prepare yourself!
  • Hm hm hm hm! Allow me to show you the terror of perfection.
  • What's wrong? I thought you were going to defeat me! (Victory: Super Saiyan 2 Teen Gohan)

Master Roshi


  • Shame on you! Picking on a sweet old man like me!
  • You know, there is such a thing as being too gung ho.
  • So if I win. How about a little kiss! Heheheh... smuchy, smuchy *kiss* *kiss* *kiss* (VS: Android 18)
  • Heh! Come and get me!
  • Well, er, since I won, I don't suppose you could ahh ... hehehehehehe! (Victory: Android 18)
  • Hey there baby! Heeh... (VS: Videl)
  • What do you say us old timers have a match? (VS: Grandpa Gohan)
  • I'm not holding back on you! (VS: Kid Goku)
  • Feh. Did that Crane geezer put you up to this? (VS: General Tao)
  • Whohoho! Fancy meeting you here! (VS: Zangya)
  • You're clever, I'll give you that, but you're still young. (VS: Pan)
  • Eheheheh! I still got it, baby!
  • Why don't you come play sometime when you've gotten bigger, okay? (Victory: Pan)
  • *sigh* It's not easy for a teacher to maintain his dignity... (Victory: Kid Goku, Krillin)
  • If I win, will you ask your wife to um... you know err... go on a date with me? (VS: Krillin)
  • They don't call me MASTER Roshi for nothin', ya know!

MAX Power

  • Come on! Come and get some of this!
  • ... That took a lot out of me.
  • Come on, let's get this over with!
  • Can't you take it easy on an old man?! (Defeat)



  • Huh? What's a Kakarot? Is that something you eat? (VS: Broly/Bardock)
  • Truuunks! Give me a toy like you promised! (Victory: Kid Trunks)
  • Uh-uh, Me either! (VS Kid Trunks)
  • Yamcha, it's ok if I Don't hold back, right? (VS: Yamcha)
  • Hey, let's fight some more!
  • Aw, brother, you're the greatest! (VS: Great Saiyaman)
  • All right, here goes!
  • Yeah, you look awesome! (VS: Great Saiyawoman)
  • Haha, right. (VS: Yajirobe)
  • Nice to meet you!
  • Yeah, let's fight, let's fight! (VS: Gohan)
  • HEY! Who're you callin' weird?! (VS: Kid Goku)

Super Saiyan

  • I wonder if Mom will be mad about this...
  • All this fighting is making me hungry...
  • Tada! Super Saiyan!



  • Dun dun dun duuuunnnn! It's Gotenks!
  • Hahah! We're way stronger than you! (VS: Gogeta)
  • With the two of us combined, there's no way we'll lose! (VS: Goku, Vegeta)
  • Haha! I'm still not scared of you! (VS: Vegito)
  • Heh, finally showed our dads who's boss! (Victory: Gogeta, Vegito)
  • We're not scared of you, Mr. Piccolo! (VS: Piccolo)
  • All right! Are you ready for this?

Super Saiyan

  • Here comes Super Gotenks! Hahah!
  • Wow! I can't believe I actually had to try!

Super Saiyan 3

  • Taatararaaaa! It's the hero of justice, Gotenks!
  • Heheeeh!
  • Wooooooow! Hahahah! I'm so strong, I don't know what to do with myself!
  • Oh yeah! Who's the strongest in the Universe!?
  • NOW I'M REALLY MAD!!! (VS: Super Buu)


Super Gogeta/general

  • This is the ultimate fusion!
  • I am neither Goku nor Vegeta, I am the one who will defeat you! (VS: Super Janemba, Omega Shenron)
  • I am neither Goku nor Vegeta, I am the one who will destroy you!
  • Just try to keep up with me!
  • There's no way you can win.
  • Sure you can fuse, but it's not quite the same. (VS: Gotenks)
  • You shouldn't mess with the grownups, boys. (Victory: Gotenks)

Super Saiyan 4

  • I was sure you could do better than that!
  • Okay then, I'll play with you a little bit.
  • Time is wasting. Let's hurry up and end this.
  • That's the end of you. Goodbye, Shenron. (Victory: Omega Shenron)



  • All right!
  • I think you need to be punished more often! (VS: Gotenks)
  • You shouldn't mess with the grownups, boys. (Victory: Gotenks)

Super Vegito

  • Come on if you think you can take me!



  • Kakarot...KAKAROT! (VS: Kid Goku, Goku, Gohan, Goten)
  • Oh, it's you...
  • Your energy...is growing.
  • *pant pant* Kakarot!

(Controlled) Super Saiyan

  • Hehehehaha! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!
  • You're too weak to do anything!

Legendary Super Saiyan

  • Hmph...Finished already?
  • So, the little worm has come to die!
  • Kakarot... I start the carnage with you! (VS: Goku)
  • Come on! Now it's your time to die! (VS: SSJ Goku)
  • Me? A monster? No...I am a DEVIL! HAHAHAHAH! (VS: Bardock, Piccolo, and Kid Trunks)
  • DIE!
  • It doesn't matter how many of you there are! You're all weak!! (VS: Gotenks)
  • Aaarh! Aaaaarh! My power is rising! I'm invincible!
  • (While doing Omega Blaster) Struggle all you want but in the end you're still DEAD!
  • Kakarot...I'll put you out of your misery right now... (Victory: Goku)
  • Stay out of this, weakling! (VS: Vegeta)
  • Hmph. Then I will enjoy watching you die.
  • Scum is scum, after all. (Victory: Vegeta)



  • Ah! A little exercise!
  • Time we found out who's the strongest in the universe. (VS: Frieza)
  • All Saiyans must die! (Vs. Goku and Saiyans)
  • Hmph, Frieza...you should know better than to challenge your big brother. (Victory: Frieza)
  • You're an eyesore!
  • Time to take out the trash! I AM THE STRONGEST!

Final Form

  • Okay! Let's get started!
  • I'm not as soft as my brother!
  • What? What's going on!? You're not supposed to transform like that! (VS: Super Saiyan Goku)
  • As I thought, Super Saiyan is only a legend! (Victory: Super Saiyan Goku)
  • Come at me, any way you like!
  • [when doing Supernova] THE END HAS COME! DIE!!!


  • I have been reborn! Witness my true power!
  • Heh! I've gotten quite used to this!
  • This is the power of the universe's strongest warrior
  • If that's all you've got, you'll NEVER defeat me!
  • This time I will kill you, foolish monkey! (VS: Goku)

Baby Vegeta


  • Shut up! All Saiyans MUST DIE! (VS Saiyans)
  • Today will be your new birthday...as my slave! (VS: Trunks)
  • So! What will you do now?

Great Ape

  • What's the matter? You're not looking so well!
  • Yes! I did it! This time I WIN! Mwhahahaha!
  • Too bad! You didn't even scratch me!
  • I'll crush you!
  • It's time for this monkey to spank YOU!

Kid Trunks


  • Whoa! W-Who are you?? (VS: Future Trunks)
  • Y'know, I'm not really a big fan of this monster… (VS: Legendary Super Saiyan Broly)
  • Ahahah! Easy, schmeazy!
  • Heheh! Hey bro! Let's have a match! (VS: Tapion)
  • D...Dad? What happened to you?? (VS: Majin Vegeta)
  • I'm warning you! I'm not holding back, Goten! (VS: Goten)
  • Hey, lose-I mean, Gohan! How about a match? (VS: Gohan)
  • Hey, Dad, let's go to the amusement park like you promised! (Victory: Vegeta)
  • Do you think Dad will be proud of me?
  • Nice outfit, loser! Get it at a gas station? (Victory: Great Saiyaman, Great Saiyawoman)
  • Agh, Gohan, you're always busy with Videl! (Victory: Gohan)
  • Ha ha ha, I'm not holding back!
  • You've still got a ways to go, Goten! (Victory: Goten)
  • Huh? You're...Goten?? (VS: Kid Goku)
  • Don't I know you from somewhere?? (Victory: Future Trunks)
  • No comment (loser)... (VS: Great Saiyaman, Great Saiyawoman)

Super Saiyan

  • Suppaa Trunks is heea!

Future Trunks

With Sword/General

  • For Gohan!
  • Long time to see. (VS: Tapion)
  • Come on!
  • You think it'll be that simple...? (VS: Android 13)
  • It's you and me!
  • What? Father, is that you? (VS: Majin Vegeta, Baby Vegeta)
  • You're Goku? No, wait... (VS: Turles)
  • Get ready, Father, I won't hold back! (VS: Vegeta)
  • I learned a lot, thank you. (Victory: Tapion)
  • Hm...you really wanna try and fight me, kid? (VS: Kid Trunks)
  • Hey, kid...take good care of your parents, ok? (Victory: Kid Trunks)
  • *phew*
  • Father! Please, turn back to normal! (Victory: Majin Vegeta, Baby Vegeta)
  • It's up to me to protect the peace.

Super Saiyan w/Sword

  • *phew* It's over.
  • I will protect the future!
  • The fate of the world is at stake!

Without Sword

  • Father, are you alright?
  • If it's a fight you want, then come and get me.
  • You're fighting with me now!

Super Saiyan

  • You're not going back to the past! (VS: Cell)

Super Trunks

  • YOU'RE DEAD, CELL! (VS: Perfect Cell)
  • I've exceeded even you, Father! (VS: Super Vegeta)
  • You're history!
  • I won't be holding back.

Android 18

  • I have to whip you into shape every now and then, honey. (VS: Krillin)
  • You must be in a hurry to die, old man. (VS: Master Roshi)
  • Tch! Now my clothes are ruined!
  • Never! You'll never take me! (VS: Imperfect Cell)
  • Well, did you come here just so I could have my revenge? (VS: Dr. Gero)
  • I'm gonna make you PAY! (VS: Super 17)
  • Skank. (VS: Zangya)
  • This is what happens when you don't pay up! (Victory: Hercule)
  • This ain't my first rodeo, buddy. (VS: Android 13)
  • I'll fight you. Anything to break the boredom.
  • Enough talk! Let's see what you've got.
  • That's the best you can do? Talk about pitiful.
  • If you wanna win, pay me 20 million zeni! I need the cash. (VS: Hercule)
  • Hm hm. What do you want from me? (VS: Pan)
  • Is that the best you could do? Talk about pitiful. (Victory: Pan)
  • Try to hang in there, dear. (Victory: Krillin)

Android 17


  • Okay, come get me if you can!
  • You're bringing me down. I'll shut you up.
  • Hmph! What's wrong? Nothing left to say, freak? (Victory: Cell)
  • If you don't speak up, I will kill you! Understand? (VS: Piccolo)
  • What's the matter? Finished already? Hmph.
  • Hmph! You're gonna be sorry you ever made me, old man. (VS: Dr. Gero)
  • You're a bit outdated. You're starting to collect dust! (VS: Android 13)
  • Too bad. And you were so close, too.
  • You think you're going to absorb me!? I think I'll shut that annoying mouth of yours instead! (VS: Imperfect Cell)

Super 17

  • Hmph. (VS: Super Saiyan 4 Goku)
  • Catch ya later, Eighteen. Heh heh heh heh. (Victory: Android 18)
  • Worthless ... insect. (VS: Perfect Cell)
  • Hmph. Thanks to you, my clothes are ruined.
  • You again? Are you really in such a hurry to die!? (VS: Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta)
  • Hmph. Come at me now!
  • Junk like you belongs in the dump! (VS: Android 13)
  • Hmph! Done already?
  • Like I thought, you're all show.
  • Please! I won't even have to try.
  • Why would anyone listen to you!? (VS: Dr. Gero)
  • Nothing you do will change anything. Your time is up!
  • Hmph! You're still alive? Well, aren't you tough! (VS: Android 18)
  • There's no way..! I should have been able to absorb that! (Defeat)


  • W-Would it help if I begged for mercy? (VS: Android 18)
  • Heh heh heh, ok, you can practice on me!
  • If you want to go out with my daughter, you have to go through me first. (VS: Gohan)
  • Ehheheh...you're gonna let your old man teach you a thing or two, huh? (VS: Videl)
  • All right, come on!
  • What makes a wimp like you think he's worthy of my daughter? (Victory: Gohan)
  • Videl! That's a sweet outfit!! (VS: Great Saiyawoman)
  • You've still got a lot to learn! (Victory: Videl, Pan)
  • Ehheheh. Cell, get ready to TASTE. MY. FIST! (VS: Perfect Cell)
  • C-C-Come on! L-Let's see what ya got! (VS: Pan)



  • I'll show you a thing or two!
  • I'm not holding back, Dad! (VS: Hercule)
  • Ok, come and get me!
  • I'm gonna be mad if you don't take this seriously! (VS: Gohan)
  • Don't try any funny business with me! (VS: Master Roshi)
  • Geez, dad, you really need to get back to training. (Victory: Hercule)
  • This is all thanks to Gohan!
  • Looking good, Gohan! (VS: Great Saiyaman)
  • Fight me or you're grounded! (VS: Pan)
  • Did you really go all out? (Victory: Gohan, Great Saiyaman)
  • I've got all kinds of secrets. (Victory: Pan)
  • I did it! *giggle*

Great Saiyawoman

  • Great Saiyawoman has arrived!!
  • Let's have a match, Dad! (VS: Hercule)
  • You've met your match, Saiyaman! (VS: Great Saiyaman)
  • While Great Saiyawoman is here, evil will never prevail!
  • What do you think! Cool, huh? (VS: Kid Trunks, Goten)
  • What's the matter? How do you expect to protect the peace at this rate? (Victory: Great Saiyaman)



  • How uninteresting... (VS: Bardock, Goku)
  • It seems you've forgotten how terrifying I can be...well, let me REMIND you! (VS: Scouter Vegeta)
  • Now you will know the terror of the most powerful being in the universe!
  • It's been a long time, brother. (VS: Cooler, Meta-Cooler)
  • You of all people should know better than to defy me! (VS Dodoria, Cui, Zarbon)
  • Oh my...begging for your life? ...that's really pathetic, brother... (Victory: Cooler, Meta-Cooler)
  • Ooh, you've got some nerve. (VS: Ginyu Force)
  • My my, are you foolish enough to challenge me?
  • Such a worthless effort. And, of course, it never works!
  • While you're here, polish my boots. (Victory: Ginyu Force)

Second form

  • Be careful. At this level, I won't be as gentle as before...
  • So there's still a Namekian left, is there? (VS: Piccolo)
  • I did warn you, didn't I?
  • I didn't even get a chance to warm up...

Third form

  • Thank you for waiting. Now then, shall we start the second round? (VS: Piccolo)
  • Hmph. You were starting to bore me anyway. Good riddance!

Final form

  • Now then, how would you like me to kill you?
  • "The sins of the father shall be visited upon his son." I will make you pay tenfold! (VS: Gohan)
  • Heh heh heh, your sense of humor is as warped as ever, Vegeta. (VS: Scouter Vegeta)
  • Such a rude little monkey. I think it's time I taught you some manners! (VS: Kid Goku)
  • Heh, that was fun. It's been a while since I've had to try.
  • What? Vegeta, too?! (VS: Super Saiyan Vegeta)
  • Heh heh, shiny hair doesn't mean a thing. A MONKEY IS STILL A MONKEY! (Victory: Super Saiyans)
  • I've never been a fan of the color green. (VS: Pikkon)
  • So, Cell, how about a little practice? (VS: Perfect Cell)
  • All of your worst nightmares are about to come true...
  • How can you have that much power?! Don't tell me you're a...! (VS: Super Saiyan Goku)
  • Didn't I tell you? It was worse than you've ever dreamed.

Full Power

  • Thanks for waiting. Now you will see my FULL power! (VS: Super Saiyan Goku)
  • Enough of your talk! Prepare yourself!
  • I'll show you my Full Power!

Mecha Frieza

  • Is there something I can do for you, Earthling? (VS: Future Trunks)
  • This time I'm going to blow you to pieces! (VS: Goku)
  • So, what would you like me to destroy?
  • Heh, you're all talk..
  • Now then, how would you like to die?
  • My, I must say, you've looked better, Vegeta. (VS: Majin Vegeta)
  • No! I can't be defeated like this! (Defeat)
  • You'll never beat me, with a power level like that. And don't you forget it!

Majin Buu

Fat Buu

  • You look scary! But Buu not scared! (VS: Super Saiyan 3 Goku)
  • *growl* (VS: Dabura)
  • You make Buu mad! BUU MAKE YOU DEAD! (VS: Majin Vegeta)
  • Hm hm hm...we'll see! (VS: Hercule)
  • Sorry, Hercule! Buu play too rough! (Victory: Hercule)
  • Hey! Do you like candy? (VS: Kid Goku)

Super Buu

  • Heh heh, what do you want...you're going to fight me? (VS: Ultimate Gohan)
  • *Growl*
  • I'll kill you!

Super Buu w/ Gotenks

  • Hmmhmm...Weakling, are you really in such a hurry to die?
  • You see I'm more powerful than ever!
  • Whats the matter, nothing left to say?
  • There's nothing you can do, to stand up to me!
  • Hahaha...Like swatting a fly.

Super Buu w/ Gohan

  • Is this really the place where you want to die?
  • THIS time I won't go easy on you.


  • Grandpa! You forgot all about me, didn't you!? (VS: Kid Goku)
  • I won't hold back, even for you, Grandpa! (VS: Goku and Super Saiyan 4 Goku)
  • This is kind of annoying!
  • Grandpa Hercule, here I come! (VS: Hercule)
  • Oh, it was no big deal, really!
  • Hmm, something's different about you, Mom... (VS: Videl)
  • Stop it! It's so embarrassing! (VS: Great Saiyaman, Great Saiyawoman)
  • I'm in a bad mood right now!
  • Hey, Dad! Let's have a match! (VS: Gohan)
  • Haa haa! Youngers better! (Victory: Android 18)
  • So you want to fight?


  • What are you doing Vegeta!? (VS: Scouter Vegeta)
  • Bardock! You mean you're actually still alive?!? (VS: Bardock)
  • Who do you think you are? (VS: Zarbon [Post-Transformation])
  • I won't obey you! (VS: Frieza)

Grandpa Gohan

  • We're supposed to bow before a match.
  • Goku! Come show me what you can do! (VS: Kid Goku)
  • Now this could be a problem! (VS: Great Ape)
  • Well, then, maybe I'll surprise you a little.
  • Oh my...what's happened to the youth of today...
  • Heh heh, now this should be interesting... (VS: Goku)
  • Oh, Master, it's been some time! (VS: Master Roshi)
  • Whoahoho! Now that's really something! (VS: Super Saiyan Goku)
  • Master, you need to spend less time with the ladies and more time training. (Victory: Master Roshi)
  • Oh, Goku, you've gotten much stronger...but you still have a way to go. (Victory: Kid Goku, Goku)
  • Whew! I thought I was gonna die again. (Victory: Great Ape)


  • It's Kakarot, the joke of all Saiyans. (VS: Goku)
  • Why don't you come with me, boy? (VS: Kid Gohan)
  • Kneel before my full might!
  • Well, this brings back memories. (VS: Vegeta)
  • So you're Bardock. What do you want with me? (VS: Bardock)
  • In the end, you'll amount to nothing!
  • What, you think you can stand up to me?
  • Heh, the Princess of all Saiyans... (Victory: Vegeta)
  • Oh, I know now... (VS: Nappa, Dodoria, Zarbon)
  • Sorry, you've mistaken me for someone else. (VS: Raditz, Trunks)
  • All the clusminess I'd expected of a little class fighter. (Victory: Goku, Bardock)
  • I think it's time to do away with this eyesore. (VS: Frieza, Cooler)
  • W...What? No, this isn't possible! (VS: Super Saiyan Goku)

Captain Ginyu

  • I've never had a hard work like this in a long time this will be fun!
  • Feel the power of the Ginyu Force, YEAH! Captain Ginyu!
  • Frieza, your carelessness has cost you. (Victory: Frieza)
  • Hahahahahaha That's why I'm in charge boys! (Victory: Ginyu Force)
  • Hahahahaha and that's why they call me Captain Ginyu!
  • Impossible...That's Impossible!!!! (Lose)


  • You talk big for someone whos about to die! (Vs:Goku)

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