Dragon's Lair (TV series)

American TV series

Dragon's Lair (1984–1985) is a television animated series.


The Tale of the Enchanted GiftEdit

Singe: The key to the kingdom is mine to hold, unlock the door bird of gold, come to life, spring into flight, deliver the princess to me tonight.

Sir Timothy's QuestEdit

Timothy: Now where am I to find a horrible monster?
Narrator: Where to find a monster? The Hall of the Lizard King may do very well.

The Tournament of the Phantom KnightEdit

The Smithee's Haunted ArmorEdit

Ethelred: The suit of armor always always fit before!
Daphne: It is a puzzle father.
Dirk: Maybe it shrank.

The Pool of YouthEdit

The Story of Old AlfEdit

Singe: What is done can be undone.
Daphne: Says you Singe!
Dirk: He does have a point there.

The Song of the Wind ChimesEdit

The Girl from Crow's WoodEdit

Mirror, MirrorEdit

Dirk: Look into the mirror, think of dragons, look Singe, think of what a handsome dragon you are.

The Snow WitchEdit

Dirk Dirk the daring never runs from a fight!
Timothy: But squire Timothy might!

The Tale of Dirk's New SwordEdit

The Legend of the Giant's NameEdit

Daphne: Dirk you look terrible!
Dirk: You really know how to make a knight feel good.

The Mist of WishesEdit

Puck: With this ring you may be spared all the folly that Blunt shall have dared.
Dirk: What a funny guy.


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