Dr. Phibes Rises Again

1972 film by Robert Fuest

Dr. Phibes Rises Again is a 1972 film about a vengeful doctor who seeks the Scrolls of Life in an attempt to resurrect his deceased wife.

Directed by Robert Fuest. Written by Robert Blees and Robert Fuest.
Flesh crawls! Blood curdles! Phibes lives!  (taglines)

Inspector Trout

  • I think we should give his head a decent burial.


Dr. Phibes: It is a pity in a way. We have so much in common.
Biederbeck: You flatter yourself.
Dr. Phibes: I think not. For years I have had one terrible obsession - to find the river of life once used by the pharaohs of Egypt. It lies beyond those gates, a river that gives new life, again and again and again.
Biederbeck: Why do you think I came here?
Dr. Phibes: You have all the life you need.
Biederbeck: No more, Phibes. The elixir that gave my life for a hundred years is gone. It has suspended time and age, but no more.
Dr. Phibes: How long? How many years?
Biederbeck: Too long to remember. Too long to throw it all away now!

Biederbeck: What kind of fiend are you?
Dr. Phibes: The kind that wins, my friend!


  • Flesh crawls! Blood curdles! Phibes lives!
  • They Haven't Built The COFFIN That Can Hold HIM!
  • The Sting's in the tale! Another horrendous story from the merchant of menace


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