Dr. Dobb's Journal

journal aimed at computer programmers

Dr. Dobb's Journal (DDJ) is a monthly journal published in the United States by United Business Media. It covers topics aimed at computer programmers.

Quotes edit

  • Reverse engineering cannot turn a binary product back into the original source code for the same reason that you can't turn a McDonald's hamburger back into a cow.
    • (Andrew Schulman, Dr. Dobb's Journal, May 01, 1994 [1])
  • "Computers are mostly used against people instead of for people; used to control people instead of to free them; Time to change all that — we need a… Peoples Computer Company."
    • From PCC's first newsletter (October 1972; attribution verified at one of the DDJ editors' web page). These words served as a declaration of both purpose and spirit for People's Computer Company and its subsequent publications and activities.

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