Doogie Howser, M.D.

American medical drama

Doogie Howser, M.D. (1989–1993) was an ABC television series, created by Steven Bochco and David E. Kelley, about the coming of age of a teenage genius who was a board-certified surgeon by the time he was 16.

Season 1


Pilot [1.01]

Doogie: September 21, 1989... Today is my 16th birthday. A major milestone because my driver's license is at long last a reality. Wich means tomorrow, Sept. 22, I'll be behind the wheel on the way to the Harvest Dance with Wanda Plenn, the prettiest most beautiful girl in the whole world.

Doogie: September 22, 1989... Kissed my first girl. Lost my first patient. Life will never be the same again...

The Ice Queen Cometh [1.02]

Doogie: October 7, 1989... Today I made my first real adult decision. I decided to stay a kid a little longer.

Vinnie: I'm addicted to sex.
Doogie: Vinnie, how is that possible? You're a virgin.

A Stitch Called Wanda [1.03]

Doogie: October 17/18 1989... Went to see Batman. Parked at Mission Point. Removed Wanda's appendix. Broke up. Got back together. What can I say? Just your average weekend.

Frisky Business [1.04]

Doogie: October 24, 1989... Got arrested. Almost lost a patient. Doesn't take a lot of beer to cause a lot of trouble.

The Short Goodbye [1.05]

Doogie: November 1, 1989... Moved out. Moved back in. Met Charmagne. Ate her nodule. Life is full.

Simply Irresistible [1.06]

Doogie: November 13, 1989... $100,000, a six-week vacation, and my own air-conditioned office vs. Hector Gonzales... No contest.

Vinnie Video Vici [1.07]

Doogie: November 7, 1989... I know that I'm supposed to be the smart one, but when it comes to the art of friendship, Vinnie's a genius.

Blood and Remembrance [1.08]

Doogie: November 20, 1989... Love is not just flowers and poems. It's compromise and forgiveness. You don't need to be a genius to know that love is impossible to understand.

Vinnie: Women control everything, Doog, we are here for them! Caesar went to war for Cleopatra! Paris built the Trojan horse for Helen! Paul McCartney lets his wife play in the band! These are not choices we men make! We're libido slaves!

She Ain't Heavy, She's My Cousin [1.09]

Doogie: November 30, 1989... They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Maybe if we all spent a little less time beholding -- We'd be a lot happier.

My Old Man and the Sea [1.10]

Doogie: December 3, 1989... Went on annual fishing trip with Dad. He still talks to the fish. Sill does his bird calls. Still tells the same stories... I can't wait till next year.

Tonight's the Night [1.11]

Doogie: December 9, 1989... Tonight Wanda and I said those three little words "Let's not doit." I love you Wanda Plenn.

Every Dog Has His Doogie [1.12]

Doogie: December 15, 1989... Helping a little kid got me fired. Public opinion got me rehired. I realize medicine is a business... but the best part of all is listening to your heart.

Doogie the Red-Nosed Reindeer [1.13]

Doogie: December 25... Christmas. Getting is good. Giving is better. Once you understand that, it's always Christmas.

Dr. Canfield: We've got a lot of gifts to give out. We'll start at pediatrics, then go to geriatrics, and if we don't make it to the psychiatric ward, we'll just tell them it's Christmas on Tuesday.

Greed Is Good [1.14]

Doogie: January 12, 1990... I guess Joe E. Dunn was right -- The best prize of all is knowing that winning isn't always a victory and losing isn't always a defeat.

Vinnie: This is the sort of thing we'll look back on one day when we're old men, 30, and we'll laugh.

Attack of the Green-Eyed Monster [1.15]

Doogie: January 17, 1990... Jealousy. You never outgrow it. As Bogey might have said... The only thing worse than a jealous lover is a slug from a .44... Then again, there's nothing better.

It Ain't Over Till Mrs. Howser Sings [1.16]

Doogie: January 27, 1990... I met a really fascinating person this week ...My mother. Go figure.

Tough Guys Don't Teach [1.17]

Doogie: February 7, 1990... Tank Seranski vs. Kid Howser. Tank gave me a black eye, a bloody nose and broke my hand. It was no contest. I killed him.

Doogie: What's your name?
Tank: You don't read the sports section? Terry Seranski. First team, all state.
Doogie: Oh, so you mean there's a whole team of people like you? [mock shiver] What a thought.
Tank: Hey, Bud, don't be getting smart with me.
Doogie: You're right. How would you ever understand me?

I Never Sold Shower Heads for My Father [1.18]

Doogie: February 15, 1990... Fathers and sons... When we're little we want to be just like them. When we're teenagers we want nothing to do with them. When we're adults we end up just like them.

Dr. Howser: The American dream is doing better than our fathers did, so our sons can do better than us.

Doogie's Awesome, Excellent Adventure [1.19]

Doogie: February 24, 1990... There's nothing better than being cool and having a lot of friends... except being uncool and having one real friend.

Doogie: Dad, can I take your 750 to the party tonight?
Dr. Howser: [pondering for a moment] No.
Doogie: Why? I have proven myself to be responsible and mature.
Dr. Howser: A mature person doesn't wear an earring, cut holes in a brand new pair of jeans and call his father 'Mungo dude.' Right, dear?
Mrs. Howser: I like the earring.

Use a Slurpy, Go to Jail [1.20]

Valerie Simpson: [from TV set] Again, the standoff here in a West Los Angeles convenience store heads into its third hour. At this time police are still withholding the names of both the gunman and his hostages.
Vinnie and Raymond: What?
Vinnie: Withholding our names?
Raymond: Man, I don't believe this! They're messing with my air time.

Doogie: March 3, 1990... I never thought of myself as prejudiced against black people... but after last night, I think I might have to rethink what I thought.

Whose Mid-Life Crisis Is It Anyway? [1.21]

Doogie: March 10, 1990... Tonight my dad heard people say things about him you usually don't hear until you're dead. He couldn't ask for a better reason to go on living.

Vinnie: What you doin'?
Doogie: Oh, I'm throwing all these old medical journals out.
Vinnie: Why?
Doogie: Well, I've memorized most of them.
Vinnie: I got my favorite educational journal memorized too.
Doogie: Which one?
Vinnie: Playboy. It's like weird. I've all kinds of trouble in history class but I can tell you that Miss July 1987's favorite pastimes are snow skiing, riding horses and baking. Is there some kind of medical term for what I got?
Doogie: I think you'd be diagnosed as a horndog.

Vinnie's Blind Date [1.22]

Doogie: March 24, 1990... Vinnie's been about 5'3 for over two years....but this week I actually watched him grow.

And the Winner Is... [1.23]

Doogie: April 14, 1990... It's a hollow victory that comes at someone else's experience... I wish I'd understood that a week ago.

Breaking Up Is Hard to Doogie [1.24]

Doogie: [in a dream] APRIL 28, 2025... Everything's the same. Nothing ever changes.

Doogie: April 28, 1990... Wanda and I broke up tonight. If I don't love her anymore, why do I feel so sad?

The Grass Ain't Always Greener [1.25]

Doogie: May 1, 1990... I could've made love tonight... but I didn't. Now I know why... I love someone else.

Frankly, My Dear, I Don't Give a Grand [1.26]

Doogie: June 11, 1990... Why am I busting my butt as a doctor while Wanda is strolling down the Champs Elysees? Maybe if I knew a little less, I'd have time to live a little more. Even when you're a genius, life's a mystery.

Season 2


Doogenstein [2.01]

Doogie: September 26, 1990... I had my dream again last night. Being a seventeen-year-old doctor is a monster. But the dream taught me that the monster can't hurt me as long as we keep dancing. Feets don't fail me now.

Guess Who's Coming to Doogie's [2.02]

Doogie: October 2, 1990... Raymond and I have a lot in common. We both have to face prejudice for what we are... The difference is I won't be 17 forever.

Ask Dr. Doogie [2.03]

Doogie: October 10, 1990... "Doctor Doogie" died. Candace is going to live. Good trade -- his death for her life.

C'est la Vinnie [2.04]

Doogie: October 16, 1990... A big day for Vinnie. He helped deliver a child... and the child helped deliver a man.

Car Wars [2.05]

Doogie: October 21, 1990... Two days ago I thought my father was a stubborn old dictator. Amazing how much he's learned in forty-eight hours.

Doogie Sings the Blues [2.06]

Doogie: October 30, 1990... I guess being a good doctor is like playing the blues... sometimes you just have to improvise.

Doogie: We get a lot of homeless people claiming to be other people. Last week a guy came in claiming to be Abraham Lincoln.
Vinnie: You're kiddin'.
Doogie: Seriously. He tried to emancipate Raymond three times.

Academia Nuts [2.07]

Doogie: November 6, 1990... Getting away with a lie may be a good magic trick... but honesty works wonders. Vinnie and I started out in opposite directions and ended up at the same place: the truth.

Revenge of the Teenage Dead [2.08]

Doogie: Uh, Vinnie is making a slasher movie.
Vinnie: It's not just a slasher movie. It's a statement about life, about angst-ridden teens, and their struggle to overcome parental oppression. Picture Rebel Without a Cause meets Texas Chain Saw Massacre.
Gregory: I'm sorry. I'm not familiar with your references. I've always considered going to the movies a waste of time.

Doogie: November 9, 1990... This week Gregory and his father learned something I've known for a long time. We all need a little Delpino in our lives. I guess I'm lucky... I'm best friends with the original.

Nautilus for Naught [2.09]

Doogie: November 17, 1990... Learned a lesson in anatomy today. Of the body's six hundred muscles, the hardest to keep in shape is the heart.

Don't Let the Turkeys Get You Down [2.10]

Doogie: November 22, 1990... Thanksgiving. Had turkey and pumpkin pie. Grandpa ate crow. Dad sampled the fruits of victory. Vinnie tasted sweet satisfaction. I hope the leftovers last all year.

Oh Very Young [2.11]

Vinnie: You know, Doog, the entire history of our great country could be deduced by studying women's underwear.
Doogie: This ought to be worth listening to. Go.
Vinnie: Take ancient times—the '50s. Our country was very uptight. Women wore utilitarian brassieres: plain white cotton, three hooks. We're talking monster bras.
Doogie: That's insightful.
Vinnie: But then came the '60s. Things loosened up. The youth movement kicked in. Burn the bra! Let it all hang out. The beauty of the natural woman fully visible under a diaphanous tie-dyed garment.
Doogie: Right on. Right on.
Vinnie: But then came the '70s. Nixon was President. Watergate. America was depressed. Women went back to covering their breasts.
Doogie: It was a black era, Vinnie.
Vinnie: But this is a great country, Doog. We were down but not out. The '80s came along, and as a nation, we rallied. American womanhood stood tall, took off their blouses and said, "I'm proud! I'm free! I'm gonna wear my underwear on the outside! [begins singing America the Beautiful]

Doogie: December 3, 1990... Dr. Reardon believes that good judgement comes with age. The minute he refused to work with me, he proved himself wrong.

TV or Not TV [2.12]

Doogie: December 12, 1990... Vinnie is not going to N.Y.U. I'm happy... and the streets of New York are a lot safer.

A Woman Too Far [2.13]

Doogie: December 21, 1990... The truth is our most valuable commodity. It would probably be a way better world if people didn't use it so economically.

Presumed Guilty [2.14]

Doogie: January 10, 1991... Vinnie and I learned a valuable lesson this week. The truth only hurts when you don't tell it.

To Live and Die in Brentwood [2.15]

Doogie: January 19, 1991... As a doctor I can accept death as a natural part of life... But when a 17 year old kid loses a parent there's nothing natural about it.

Air Doogie [2.16]

Doogie: January 26, 1991... The best success is usually the one you risk the most to achieve. But tonight I learned that sometimes just taking the risk is its own reward.

A Life in Progress [2.17]

Janine: Oh God! What am I gonna do with my life?
Vinnie: You know, Janine, acting is a noble profession.
Janine: If you think I'm going to appear sans clothes in something probably everyone in school will see—
Vinnie: Oh, you don't want anybody to know it was you? No problem! Why didn't you just say so? We can put a bag over your head
Wanda: What a pig!
Vinnie: No, no. It'll be tasteful. Your choice, my goddess, paper or plastic!?

Doogie: February 2, 1991... Mom and Dad are on a raft. Janine made a decision. A man reached out to his friends. Funny how a guy who's dealing with death showed us all how to live.

My Two Dads [2.18]

Dr. Howser: I've always held to the belief that life is a daring escapade, or nothing at all!

Doogie: February 11, 1991... This year, our annual father-son vacation included an extra "son". Vinnie climbed a long way with my father -- to take a small step with his.

Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition [2.19]

Don O'Brien: [to Doogie] Well. You may have all the degrees in the world, but there are a lot of things you don't understand.

Doogie: February 24, 1991… Grandpa came to visit. Same old stories about the family. I've heard them for years. But this was the first time I had the sense to really listen.

Fatal Distraction [2.20]

Doogie: February 19, 1991… It's amazing how everyone's life changes from tragedy. Wanda's changes affect me, our changes affect Michele... And life goes on. Without Wanda.

The Doctor, the Wife, Her Son and the Job [2.21]

Doogie: March 5, 1991... I have two degrees, a genius I.Q. and six years of medical training. But today I was aced out by a colleague with better qualifications -- seventeen years of being a mother.

Planet of the Dateless [2.22]

Doogie: March 23, 1991... Today, McGuire jumped off the fast track and took the road less traveled. He may envy my genius but I envy his courage. Vaya con Dios, Jack.

Doogie's Wager [2.23]

Doogie: April 13, 1991... This week I helped bring a tiny baby boy into the world. He may not make it. But when the tools of science meet the mysteries of faith, the most powerful of all human miracles is born. It's called hope.

A Kiss Ain't Just a Kiss [2.24]

Doogie: April 30, 1991... Vinnie and I gave each other the gift of forgiveness. I wish Raymond could have given his father the same thing. His father may not deserve it, but Raymond does.

Dances with Wanda [2.25]

Vinnie: What was the theme to your prom? "Geeks on Parade?"
Mrs. Howser: We went with a statement for the times, "Peace, love and power to the people!"
Vinnie: Hmm. Very political. Yet groovy.

Doogie: May 5, 1991... It takes courage to live life fully. Vinnie and Janine have it. Wanda found it. And Kelly's got more than all of us. I just pray she gets a hew heart as courageous as her old one.

Season 3


The Summer of '91 [3.01]

Wanda: It's just so sad. I've loved you like nothing else for the past two years. Since my mom died, you're the most important person in my life. And if I didn't know anything else, I knew the first time should've been with you.

Doogie: September 24, 1991... There's a difference between having sex and making love. Wanda and I made love. And even though she's 2000 miles away, I've never felt closer to her.

Doogie Has Left the Building (1) [3.02]

Doogie: September 28, 1991… Everyone has a sacred dream. Will's dream is the most sacred of all -- life. I guess some sacred dreams are just more sacred than others.

Doogie Has Left the Building (2) [3.03]

Doogie: October 6, 1991… Because we pushed medicine's limits, Will Stevens is getting a chance to grow up. Because I recognized my own limits, I get to be a kid a little longer.

It's a Damn Shaman [3.04]

Doogie: October 11, 1991… This week I butted heads with a very stubborn, closed-minded person. I'm just glad I had the sense to realize it was me.

The Cheese Stands Alone [3.05]

Doogie: October 21, 1991… Who would've thought it? Vinnie Delpino, pioneer of the new celibacy. Just when he thought he couldn't wait any longer he found something worth waiting for... Janine.

Lonesome Doog [3.06]

Doogie: October 24, 1991… Maybe Wanda's right. You can't hold on to the past and still ride off into the future… I'm back in the saddle again.

When Doogie Comes Marching Home [3.07]

Doogie: November 8, 1991… Civil strife broke out at home. I boasted that one machine could do the work of fifty men… until I learned that no machine can take the place of a sympathetic ear.

Doogstruck [3.08]

Shannon: Isn't it amazing? There didn't have to be a universe at all. And even if there did have to be a universe, it didn't have to be so beautiful. But it is. So beautiful. And here. In all of outer space, with all the places that the Sun and the Earth and the Moon could be. They're right here. In perfect alignment. Isn't it a miracle? [Shannon turns her head towards Doogie returning his gaze. Doogie and Shannon lean forward and kiss.]
Doogie: But it can't last. Just tonight.
Shannon: Yeah. But maybe it's enough that it happens at all. One bright shining moment.
Doogie: And the really miraculous thing is... it'll happen again and again and again. [Doogie and Shannon kiss again]

Doogie: November 8, 1991… Civil strife broke out at home. I boasted that one machine could do the work of fifty men… until I learned that no machine can take the place of a sympathetic ear.

Room and Broad [3.09]

Doogie: November 25, 1991… Found a one-bedroom on the Westside. The rent is high and the landlords are difficult… but it does have all the comforts of home.

Doogiesomething [3.10]

Doogie: December 1, 1991… Spent Saturday night proving the art of conversation is not dead… maybe just a little more expensive. A small price to pay for finding a new best friend.

Truth and Consequences [3.11]

Doogie: December 10, 1991… Bert showed me the beauty of telling the truth. But I learned the truth about beauty from a woman who taught me to see… not with my eyes, but with my heart.

It's a Wonderful Laugh [3.12]

Doogie: December 15, 1991... This week Vinnie introduced me to three really brilliant healers, Moe, Larry and Curly. They taught me that medicine may heal the body, but laughter heals the soul.

Dangerous Reunions [3.13]

Doogie: January 3, 1992... Most men would rush in and fight for the woman they love. My father stood back and did nothing. I really admire his courage.

Mummy Dearest [3.14]

Vinnie: [To Doogie] No, that's okay. I want to stay. I want to be enlightened. I want to be rational. I want to be you, but good-looking.

Doogie: January 17, 1992... Vinnie believed in curses. Phil believed he was pregnant. And I believed in being rational. I guess everyone has a few delusions.

Double Doogie with Cheese [3.15]

Doogie: February 1, 1992... Freud said the two most important things in life are work and love. If you're lucky enough to love your work, the rewards are great. If not - a little respect goes a long way.

The Show Musn't Go On [3.16]

Doogie: February 10, 1992... While Rachel fought for her life, I foolishly fought for the spotlight. It took Vinnie to show me that only by losing my battle, could I help Rachel win her war.

If This Is Adulthood, I'd Rather Be in Philadelphia [3.17]

Doogie: February 16, 1992... The down side of growing up is that sometimes doing what's best for you means breaking someone's heart. Including your own.

Vinnie: That's right -- a bachelor party. The one night when men get to-- no, are expected to act like disgusting pigs. Drinkin' and smokin' 'til they puke, all the while ogling scantily-clad women who prance merrily before them.
Doogie: What a lovely tradition.

What You See Ain't Necessarily What You Get [3.18]

Doogie: May 8, 1992... Because I really like Curly, I only heard what I wanted to hear. Because I don't like Elena, I only heard what I wanted to hear. Nothing can screw up the hearing like the male ego.

My Father, My Self [3.19]

Doogie: March 12, 1992... A doctor's hands must be strong, but I learned that a father's must be stronger...after all, it takes a tremendous amount of strength to let go.

Educating Janine [3.20]

Doogie: February 28, 1992... Everyone thinks of the Howser family as two parents with an exceptional son. But the older I get, the more I realize I'm a son with two exceptional parents.

Sons of the Desert [3.21]

Doogie: April 17, 1992... I've decided to become a trauma surgeon. Maybe all my patients won't show Karen's spirit, but I want to give them the chance to try. It'll be my gift to them, and their gift to me.

That's What Friends Are For [3.22]

Doogie: March 26, 1992... If you have to let go of a dream, it helps to have something else to hold on to... a friend.

Thanks for the Memories [3.23]


Club Medicine [3.24]

Doogie: May 18, 1992... Honduras - This year's father-son vacation was almost more than I could handle. Good thing my father was here to show me that sometimes the heaviest moments require the lightest touch.

Season 4


There's a Riot Going On [4.01]

Doogie: May 4, 1992... A riot is at bottom the language of the unheard. -- Martin Luther King. I've been taught that the best way to learn a language is to try and speak it. This time I'd better just shut up and listen.

Look Ma, No Pants [4.02]

Doogie: September 28, 1992... No matter how old you get, you're always a child in the eyes of your parents. And in your own eyes, you're never an adult until you can tell your parents goodbye. It's time I move out.

Doogie Got a Gun [4.03]

Doogie: October 1, 1992... Life teaches you that you have to be ready for anything. But being ready for anything is more than being ready for the worst. It's also being ready for the best.

Doogie Doesn't Live Here Anymore [4.04]

Doogie: October 18, 1992... Finally, my own place. From this moment on, I live my own life, I answer to no one. I'm totally free! Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

Doogie: I'm not exactly the Venice type.
Vinnie: How do you know what type you are?
Doogie: I just know this is not me.
Winnie: Howser, you don't know who you are. The only "you" you know is the you your father's been telling you is you since the day you were born.

The Patient in Spite of Himself [4.05]

Doogie: October 10, 1992... A physician searches others for signs of illness and disease. A human being searches others for signs of himself. Humanity is a profession we all share.

To Err is Human, to Give up Isn't a Bad Idea [4.06]

Doogie: November 3, 1992... Before my first solo surgery, thinking I wasn't perfect was my greatest fear. But knowing I'm not perfect has become my greatest asset.

Doogie, Can You Hear Me? [4.07]

Doogie: November 5, 1992... Even though I could speak Julia's language, I didn't understand what she was saying. Vinnie listened to her silence and found himself a voice.

Nothing Compares 2 U [4.08]

Doogie: November 27, 1992... Ray and I got caught up in comparing ourselves to others. It doesn't matter whether you think too much of yourself or too little, either way you lose.

Do the Right Thing ... If You Can Figure out What It Is [4.09]

Doogie: November 12, 1992... This week Vinnie and I both made decisions that hurt someone we cared about. But in the end, we realized that one thing must always be protected...the heart.

The Big Sleep ... Not! [4.10]

Doogie: November 26, 1992... The Pilgrims ventured into a new land bonded by a common past. On this Thanksgiving, Vinnie and I have chosen to make an equally bold journey together -- into adulthood.

Will the Real Dr. Howser Please Stand Up [4.11]

Doogie: December 12, 1992... Each time I took a second look, someone was given a second chance. Being wrong has never felt so right.

The Mother of All Fishing Trips [4.12]

Doogie: December 13, 1992... A mother-son relationship has many stages: unconditional love, animosity, rejection, friendship... It's a lot to go through all in one weekend.

Roommate with a View [4.13]

Doogie: January 1, 1993... New Year's Resolutions -- Worry less. Party harder. Live large. And ALWAYS be kind to strangers.

Spell It 'M-A-N' [4.14]

Doogie: January 26, 1993... This week Vinnie and I discovered there's something infinitely more satisfying than being thought of as a man -- acting like one.

It's a Tough Job ... But Why Does My Father Have to Do It? [4.15]

Doogie: December 4, 1992... Shakespeare said, It is a wise father that knows his own child. But maybe it's a very wise child who takes the time to know his own father.

The Adventures of Sherlock Howser [4.16]

Doogie: January 20, 1993... Only pain can come to a jealous heart. I couldn't live with Michele seeing other guys. Now I'll have to learn to live without her.

Love Means Constantly Having to Say You're Sorry [4.17]

Doogie: January 12, 1993... Vinnie was sure he was a loser and ended up failing at love. I was sure I was a genius and almost failed at medicine. Sometimes the person who can make the biggest fool out of you is yourself.

You've Come a Long Way, Baby-Sitter [4.18]

Doogie: February 5, 1993... Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the perfect babysitter -- mythical figures from childhood. I know there's no jolly fat man, I know Dad put the dollar under my pillow, but thank God I'll always have my Rachel Wilson.

Love Makes the World Go 'Round ... or Is It Money? [4.19]

Doogie: March 1, 1993... I gave up a beautiful co-ed and Vinnie gave up sixteen thousand cash. All things being equal, integrity is hell.

Dorky Housecall, M.D. [4.20]

Doogie: February 26, 1993... Tonight I did the unthinkable. I acted like an impulsive, crazy, adolescent, hormonal genius.

Eleven Angry People ... and Vinnie [4.21]

Doogie: February 5, 1993... I examined the facts to find the truth. But Vinnie showed me I had to look beyond the truth to find justice.

What Makes Doogie Run [4.22]

Doogie: March 21, 1993... Somewhere over the Atlantic. I've spent the last nineteen years learning how to be Doogie Howser, M.D. Now it's time to learn how to be just Doogie.


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