Donaldo Macedo

American academic

Donaldo Pereira Macedo (born 1950) is a Cape Verdean-American critical theorist, linguist, and expert on literacy, critical pedagogy and multicultural education studies.


  • Specialization ... hides behind an ideology that creates and sustains false dichotomies rigidly delineated by disciplinary boundaries. This ideology informs the view that "hard science," "objectivity," and "scientific rigor" must be divorced from the messy data of "soft science" and from the social and political practices that generate these categories in the first place.
    • "Literacy for Stupidification," in Literacies of Power: What Americans are Not Allowed to Know (1994), p. 20
  • The intellectual incoherence of many critical educators ultimately defines and confines their political project into mere neoliberal crass careerism.
  • I am amazed to witness academics engage in euphemisms as they aggressively object to any discourse that both fractures the dominant language and bares the veiled reality in order to name it.
  • By engaging in a form of honest reflection and self-interrogation, the white American researcher would possibly have realized that his political project is, first and foremost, the advancement of his career.
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