Donald Justice

Poet, teacher

Donald Justice (12 August 19256 August 2004) was an American poet.


The Summer Anniversaries (1960)Edit

  • Merry the green, the green hill shall be merry.
    Hungry, the owlet shall seek out the mouse
    And Jack his Joan, but they shall never marry

    And snow shall fly, the big flakes fat and furry.
    Lonely, the traveler shall seek out the house,
    And Jack his Joan, but they shall never marry.

    Weary the soldiers go, and come back weary,
    Up a green hill and down the withered hill,
    And Jack from Joan, but they shall never marry.

    • Another Song

Night Light (1967)Edit

  • Between the lines it must have hurt
    To see the neighborhood go down,
    Your neighbor in his undershirt
    At dusk come out to mow his lawn.
    • To the Unknown Lady Who Wrote the Letters Found In the Hatbox

Departures (1973)Edit

  • This poem is not addressed to you.
    You may come into it briefly,
    But no one will find you here, no one.
    You will have changed before the poem will.
    • Poem
  • You neither can nor should understand what it means.
    Listen, it comes without guitar,
    Neither in rags nor in any purple fashion.
    And there is nothing in it to comfort you.
    • Poem

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