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Don Cherry

ice hockey coach, television commentator
Don Cherry

Donald Stewart "Grapes" Cherry (born February 5, 1934, in Kingston, Ontario, Canada) is a former NHL and AHL hockey player and a former NHL coach. He is known for his opinionated commentating style, flamboyant wardrobe and candid patriotism. For more than 25 years, he has been the featured commentator on Coach's Corner, the hockey analyis and discussion segment broadcast during the first intermission of CBC's Hockey Night in Canada.


  • The thing that makes me laugh about this whole thing, is our Fair Play Commission and our Penalty Feed Commission, they never...that’s violence, everybody asks me [about] getting violent. That’s violence, that’s career-ending. That should be put out of...but listen, don’t worry about it. His [Samuelsson’s] day is coming. But the guys I feel sorry about with Ulf Samuelsson are the referees. Last week, we’re not going to show it, [Mike] Gartner gives him a little tap, he falls down, he lets on he’s hurt, he gets a five-minute major and he plays the power play. I know for a fact, not then, but I know for a fact when he suckers in the referees, when he suckers them in, he goes to the bench – he goes to the bench and he winks and he laughs. Big deal! Listen, I’m so happy that he signed a three-year contract in the National Hockey League. His day is coming folks! Don't worry about it; it’s just a matter of time, and I want to know who’s going to be the hero.
    • On the February 8, 1992 edition of Coach’s Corner talking about the controversial hits that Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Ulf Samuelsson delivered to Ron Sutter (February 1, 1992), Cam Neely (May 5, 1991), Brian Bellows (May 17, 1991) and Brian Skrudland (October 26, 1991).
  • Cherry: You know, I’ve been home now for 24 hours. I must’ve been asked 9,000 times about that incident, we don’t have it [the footage], but I want to talk about it. Figure it out: Here’s a guy who gets eight stitches, eight stitches in his chin. What happened? Who did it? Nobody knows, ok? Nobody knows, ok, so here’s what happens. The referee calls the guy over and he says ‘Did you see what happened?’, ‘Whoaa, not my side’ ‘Did you see what happened?’ ‘Well wait a minute if I tell you, that means five-minute major.’ If the linesman says five-minute major...
  • Ron MacLean: No, no, it could be a four-minute penalty...
  • Cherry: …Yeah he’s gone anyhow, going into overtime. Gretzky, verge of elimination. So, what do we do? They say ‘What do we do? How about he [Doug Gilmour] gets hit with the puck? He gets hit with the puck, he’s laying on the [sic]'. The only way he’d get hit with the puck is if his chin was on the ice. Anyway, that’s all I’ve got to say about that. [Gretzky] gets the overtime winner and that’s wrong as far as I’m concerned. Andreychuk got a five-minute major, he [Gretzky] should’ve got something! At least a slap on the wrist or a dirty look!
    • On the May 29, 1993 edition of Coach's Corner discussing the alleged non-call by referee Kerry Fraser of a high-stick by Los Angeles Kings captain Wayne Gretzky on Toronto Maple Leafs forward Doug Gilmour in overtime of Game 6 of the 1993 Campbell Conference Final.
  • You can call it a cheap shot, blind shot, a late hit; you can call it what you want and it should’ve been a suspension as far as I’m concerned. It’s unbelievable that it’s not a suspension. What it did, it gave meat to everybody that’s against the National Hockey League—this’ll be the poster boy…[while showing clips of controversial hits by Cooke over the years] You think he’d do this stuff against [Wayne] Gretzky, if [Dave] Semenko was there? Do you think he’d do this against [Steve] Yzerman if [Bob] Probert was there? No, that’s what I’m trying to tell you, he wouldn’t do that stuff.
    • On the March 13, 2010 edition of Coach's Corner discussing Pittsburgh Penguins left winger Matt Cooke's blindside hit on Boston Bruins forward Marc Savard on March 7, 2010.

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