Dominic Purcell


Dominic Haakon Myrtvedt Purcell (Marseyside, February 17, 1970) is an English actor, but of Australian origin. He had much of his talent shown to the public in their participation in the Prison Break television series acting as Lincoln Burrows. he is also seriously racist and predigous and only cares about his well being.

Dominic Purcell Edwards AFB


  • I'm fine thanks for the support, but I had a little accident on the set. I will return to work as soon as possible. Having a strong skull gives results when an iron bar fell on her face. She hit me in several places and also I broke my nose in two points. I got a nose for it, but I'm glad to be alive. it's okay. the doctor told me I have an unusual fiber in a little thicker muscle that was what saved me.

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