Dolittle (film)

2020 film directed by Stephen Gaghan

Dolittle (also referred to as The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle) is a 2020 American fantasy adventure film about a physician who can talk to animals who embarks on an adventure to find a legendary island with a young apprentice and a crew of strange pets. The film stars Robert Downey Jr., Harry Collett, Michael Sheen, with the voices of Emma Thompson, Rami Malek, John Cena, Kumail Nanjiani, Craig Ferguson, Octavia Spencer, and Ralph Fiennes.

Directed by Stephen Gaghan. Written by Stephen Gaghan, Dan Gregor, and Doug Mand.
He's Just Not a People Person
  • We have no choice but to embark on this perilous journey to obtain the fruit of the Eden Tree.
  • Well, we may not look it, right? But somehow, we just belong together.
  • [to Chee-Chee] It's okay to be scared.


  • Stubbins: [referring to Dolittle and his animal friends] They're understanding him and he's understanding them in their own languages.
  • Rassouli: [places a sword on Dolittle] me wanting to kill you with every fiber of my being, but...loving my daughter more.
  • Poly: If the queen dies, the Treasury takes the deed and we lose this house.
  • Chee-Chee: [repeated] I am not a prisoner of fear?
  • Jip: Right, guard dog mode. Stand back, everyone, while I secure the perimeter. [drags his butt on the floor]
  • Dab-Dab: [tosses a leek] Knew it would come in handy. Told ya!
  • Kevin: [wakes up from anesthesia and has flashback of Stubbins] REVENGE!
  • Barry: Any final diagnosis, Doc? [Dolittle: Don't you want to be the best Barry you could be?] Oh, I'm about to.
  • Ginko-Who-Soars: You may be able to speak my language, but that does not make you worthy of the fruit.


Poly: Okay, okay, enough with the pampering. You need to go and help the queen.
Dolittle: There are things I no longer do: work with humans or leave the house.
Jip: Or bathe. [covers his nose]
Yoshi: Oh, exercise.
Cub: Express emotional vulnerability.
Poly: Wake up, John! If the queen dies, the Treasury takes the deed and we lose this house.
Dolittle: You're talking out of your tail feathers, Poly. The deed was for life. Last time I checked, I was very much alive. [about to drink his tea]
Poly: The queen's life, John, not yours. [Dolittle spits his tea]
Dab-Dab: Look at that. It just rolls off my back. [she shakes the tea out of her feathers]
Dolittle: I knew I shouldn't have let monkeys proofread the contract. Elliot, Elsie, you are FIRED! [the monkeys gasp]
Poly: It gets worse. We'll be thrown out of these gates right in the middle of HUNTING SEASON!
Chee-Chee: WHAT?!
Dolittle: No no no. Breathe, Chee-Chee.
Dab-Dab: We get kicked out if the queen dies?
Chee-Chee: We're gonna be hunted!
Dolittle: Everybody calm down! [gives Chee-Chee a paper bag and Chee-Chee breathes in it] Look at the state of him now. Hmm!
Poly: Fear not, I have an inn at, uh, Regent's Park Zoo. Everyone pack your bags! [Chee-Chee's paper bag explodes]
Dolittle: Uh-uh!
Poly: You help the queen or we are leaving.
Dolittle: You're bluffing.
Poly: Don't make me count.
Dolittle: Don't make me count.
Poly: 1...
Dolittle: 3!
Poly: 2...
Dolittle: [frustrated] D'OH! Alright! I'll do it. [the animals cheer]
Dab-Dab: Right, let's get you ready to go, honey.
Dolittle: I'll go as I am.
Poly: [flies by] Not looking like that.
Dolittle: Just grab my doctor's bag.
Poly: [whispers offscreen] Get him!
Jip: [trips Dolittle] Apologies, Doc.
Chee-Chee: [catches Dolittle in his arms] Hold still now.
Dolittle: [angrily] Take your paws off me!

Müdfly: [glares at Leona] Mmm. Hello there, little squid. You don't understand me, do you? That would be preposterous.
Badgley: [enters the room] Müdfly...
Müdfly: [quickly] I wasn't talking to the squid!
Badgley: I'm dispatching a frigate, the Britannia, to follow Dolittle.
Müdfly: [referring to Dolittle] But you must not support him in his foolishness, my lord. [Leona crosses her tentacles]
Badgley: [he and Müdfly walk away from the tank] England has enemies everywhere looking for the slightest sign of weakness. [gestures to Victoria] Entrusting beloved Britain to a child queen, that is lunacy. So while I remain here ensuring no-one prevents me from taking the throne, you will be on the Britannia making certain Dolittle never returns.

Plimpton: What kind of polar bear works on their tan?
Yoshi: Well, what kind of bird... [gets up] Wait, are you even a bird?
Plimpton: Of course I am.
Yoshi: Well, can you fly?
Plimpton: No.
Yoshi: Can you swim?
Plimpton: No.
Yoshi: Well, what can you do?
Plimpton: I can run.
Yoshi: I can run. What bird stuff can you do?
Plimpton: Well, what bear stuff can you do? [Yoshi roars at him] You win this round.

Don Carpenterino: [some soldier ants carry sugar cubes] The opening bid will suffice. You have my attention.
James: Don Carpenterino, I'm here on behalf of these humans. They will pay you handsomely for your family's lock-picking skills.
Don Carpenterino: You come to me for this, on the day of my daughter's wedding?
James: Wait a minute, which daughter? It's not... Sheila? My Sheila?! She getting MARRIED?!
Ant #1: To a scorpion named Dylan!
Ant #2: Sorry, Boy Scout. I guess Sheila's into bad boys now. [the ants laugh]
James: [gasps] We were gonna spend the rest of our lifespans together. [cries]
Don Carpenterino: Move on, James. What's your humans' best offer.
Dolittle: [as he hands out more sugar cubes] 2 more now...and 2 later. Huh?
Don Carpenterino: Okay, you have yourself a deal. [turns to James] See you around, Boy Scout.
James: Guys, I'm no Boy Scout. Also, what's a scorpion got that I don't got, besides a massive stinger?
Ant #3: Get over her, James. You dated for 2 weeks. [the lock opens, sending the ants flying]

Rassouli: Hmm. [about Lily] All I wanted was my daughter to marry wisely, and instead I got a ring leader of a circus. I never understood what Lily saw in you. A common complaint the world over for fathers of beloved daughters. But in this instance, I think we can all agree it is particularly accurate. [gets up and laughs] Come here. Come here!
Dolittle: [suspects a handshake] I'm certain you didn't mean any of that.
Rassouli: [holds Dolittle in a chokehold] It was her journal. The only thing of hers my men found in the wreckage. It belongs here. [releases him] All you had to do was never show your face again...and leave it at that. You failed. [bangs at the bars] Now you'll PAY for taking Lily away from me. You knew what would happen if you returned. Yes.
[Barry's roar can be heard from behind a wall, and as prisoners cheer for Barry, Rassouli opens the cell door, beckoning for Stubbins]
Dolittle: [turns to Stubbins] You should go. It's my past that's caught up with me, not yours. Yeah?
Stubbins: But you're my friend.
Dolittle: [hugs Stubbins] Go. Don't look back. [Stubbins walks out]
Rassouli: [closes the cell door] You're better off without him, kid. [they walk out]

Yoshi: Hey, big bird, you doin' okay?
Plimpton: No, nothing about me is okay. My father was right about me. I should've been an omelet.
Yoshi: Pff! I know how you feel. My dad said he was going out for a pack of seals one night...and never came back. Guess we got something in common after all, Plimpton.
Plimpton: What is this feeling? I'm all warm and fuzzy inside.
Yoshi: That's friendship, bro.
Plimpton: Huh. Not bad, bro.
Kevin: [sniffling] I'm not crying, you're crying. [bawls]

Dab-Dab: [offscreen, confused] Uh, what just happened?
James: [flies in] Oh, broken hearts.
Poly: What the heck are you doing here?
James: Don't worry, guys, I got this. [cracks knuckles] We're both dragons. [flies to Ginko-Who-Soars] Hey, just wondering, y'know, dragon-to-dragon, if you wouldn't mind telling me where... [Ginko-Who-Soars sets him ablaze] OW! OW! OW! She's really mad! I'll wait for whoever survives outside. [flies out]


  • He's just not a people person.



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