Doina (film)

2010 short film

Doina is a 2010 Romanian, Romanian language short film about a countryside girl who loves music, but is peer pressured by her family and close ones to participate in a piano competition, a musical instrument that she dislikes.

Directed by Nikolas Grasso. Assistant directors: Leonard von Luttichau and Paolo de Matteis. Written by Nikolas Grasso. Screenplay by Alessandra Cabassi and Carolina Taddei.



Taken from the English subtitles from the Vimeo upload by Nikolas Grasso

Boy: When do you leave?
Doina: In a few days.
Boy: Oh, if I were in your shoes. You play wonderfully, you will be rich and you won't have to work. I heard that in the West you can earn a lot.


  • Mariana Preda as Doina
  • Maria Dinulescu as Ana
  • Carmen Ungureanu as Mother (Dana)
  • Mircea Galis as Father (Mircea)
  • Robert Valeanu as Vlad
  • Mihai Popa as Priest
  • Anissa Boitor as Girl presenter
  • Lyana Calis as Jury woman
  • Ovidiu Dumitrescu as Jury man #1
  • Mihai Manea as Jury man #2
  • Lucian Valentin Grigoras as Piano kid
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