Django Wexler

Django Wexler is an American fantasy author.


The Forbidden Library seriesEdit

The Forbidden Library (2014)Edit

All page numbers are from the hardcover first edition published by Kathy Dawson Books, ISBN 978-0-8037-3975-8, 1st printing
Italics as in the book
  • At that age, Alice had grasped the idea that some things in books were real, and others were not.
    • Chapter 1, “The Fairy” (p. 6)
  • After the cousins came the accountants, who were more open in their appraisals and didn’t bother with Alice at all, and after the accountants, like a Biblical plague building up to a big finish, came the lawyers.
    • Chapter 2, “Mr. Pallworthy” (p. 16)
  • He was, of course, cheating her, that was what lawyers were for.
    • Chapter 2, “Mr. Pallworthy” (p. 19)
  • But—though she was not an expert on cats—she was fairly certain that they did not, as a rule, snicker.
    • Chapter 5, “The Library’s Library” (p. 60)
  • “Patience, my friend.”
    “I’m not your friend. And I’m not patient.”
    • Chapter 5, “The Library’s Library” (p. 66)
  • Some things are more important than following the rules.
    Aren’t they?
    • Chapter 6, “Sneaking Out” (p. 71)
  • In desperation, she slid her fingers in the cracks between blocks, looking for some kind of catch or hidden mechanism. Which was ridiculous, she thought, because how complicated could a secret door be if a cat figured it out?
    • Chapter 6, “Sneaking Out” (p. 75)
  • “You’re a cat,” she said automatically.
    “Your powers of perception are astounding,” the cat drawled. “Although I feel obliged to point out, in the interests of ontological exactitude, that I am in fact only half cat. Personally, though, I have always considered it the better half.”
    • Chapter 6, “Sneaking Out” (p. 77)
  • “What do you see here?”
    “Indeed, books. They are the ocean in which magic swims.”
    • Chapter 11, “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” (p. 139)
  • Magic, you’ll find, is nine parts dull to one part excitement, and the exciting bits usually hurt like the blazes.
    • Chapter 13, “The Eyes of a Wizard” (p. 159)
  • “I still say they’re creepy,” Ashes said.
    “I don’t think you get to decide what’s creepy,” Alice said. “You’re a talking cat. You’re creepy. This whole place is creepy.”
    • Chapter 14, “A Second Chance at a First Impression” (p. 169)
  • The sum total of Alice’s medical knowledge was that blood was supposed to stay on the inside.
    • Chapter 26, “Hunted” (p. 328)
  • “When you’re as old as I am,” Ending said, “one’s nature is largely a product of habit.”
    • Chapter 28, “A Bit of Blackmail” (p. 357)

The Mad Apprentice (2015)Edit

All page numbers are from the hardcover first edition published by Kathy Dawson Books, ISBN 978-0-8037-3976-5, 1st printing
Italics as in the book
  • But it’s not justice that they’re mostly concerned with, it’s division of the loot.
    • Chapter 4, “Unexpected News” (p. 61)
  • “But didn’t that hurt?”
    Dex shrugged. “Pain is an illusion. The body is only a clay vessel holding the immortal essence of the soul, so it is a mistake to attach any import to the difficulties it may encounter. In fact, the whole episode reinforced my fundamental understanding of—“ She caught Alice’s expression. “Yes. It hurt quite a lot.”
    • Chapter 6, “The Gang's All Here” (p. 76)

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