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Disorganized Crime

1989 film by Jim Kouf


Carlos: Only $600.00, not enough.
Max: We need another $900.00
Carlos: Why don't we just take out a loan?
Max: We can hit one more.
Carlos: Are you out of your mind? We're going to get nailed.
Max: This isn't Miami, you know. Every cop they have'll be swarming over that market. If we hit another right now, they won't be ready.
Carlos: They won't be ready? I'm not ready! I haven't done this since I was 17!

Max: Any of you got toothpaste?
Nick: Yes. I got some fucking toothpaste!
Ray: What's his problem?
Carlos: I don't know. I think he wanted to kill me.

George: [George is crossing river when he loses his clothes] AH AH AH AH AH! My fucking clothes! In the fucking river!
Bill: [chases after clothes] Ah, shit.
George: Son of a BITCH!

Carlos: [about sleeping man in back seat] Who's he? You seem to know everybody here. Who's he then?
Ray: Don't know him.
Carlos: You don't know him?
Ray: Nope.
Carlos: I don't know him either.
Max: Me neither.
Carlos: [they stare at the man] Guess it's not fair not knowing who he is now that he knows who we are.
Nick: [man wakes up] Guess I'm not as famous as you guys. Nick Bartowski. Glad to meet you. Now we can be best friends. Well, wake me when we get there. Then I'll get your fucking autographs.

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