Disc jockey

person who plays recorded music for an audience

A disc jockey (abbreviated D.J., DJ or deejay) is a person who mixes recorded music for an audience; in a club event or rave, this is an audience of dancers. Originally, "disc" (uncommonly spelled "disque" or commonly "disk" in American English) referred to phonograph records, not the later compact discs. Today, the term includes all forms of music playback, no matter which medium is used.

A DJ performing at an event using record turntables and a DJ mixer, a small mixer used to transition between songs.

The title "DJ" is also commonly used by DJs in front of their real names or adopted pseudonyms as a title to denote their profession and the music they play.

Quotes edit

  • Burn down the disco
    Hang the blessed DJ
    Because the music that they constantly play
    It says nothing to me about my life
    Hang the blessed DJ
    Because the music they constantly play
    On the Leeds side-streets that you slip down
    Provincial towns you jog 'round
    Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ
  • It was a DJ style which helped to create the lifestyle which came to be known as hip hop. At the beginning of the disco era in the first half of the 1970s, regular disco jocks in clubs were most concerned with the blend between one record and the next - matching tempos to make a smooth transition which, at its best, could continually alter the mood on the dancefloor without breaking the flow. At its worst the technique could turn the night into one endless and inevitably boring song.
  • I'm getting a dj" where dj is a broad service focused "chotchkie" or junket
    • term in common usage around Philadelphia CBD
  • Last night a DJ saved my life, yeah
    'Cause I was sittin' there bored to death
    And in just one breath he said
    You gotta get up
    You gotta get on
    You gotta get down girl
    Last night a DJ saved my life
    Last night a DJ saved my life from a broken heart
    Last night a DJ saved my life
    Last night a DJ saved my life with a song

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