Dinosaur (film)

2000 American animated adventure film

Dinosaur is a 2000 computer animated feature film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and released by Walt Disney Pictures featuring anthropomorphic dinosaurs. It tells the story of Aladar, an iguanodon who must help a herd of dinosaurs journey to the Nesting Grounds while dealing with a Darwinist leader and Carnotaurs.

Directed by Eric Leighton and Ralph Zondag. Written by Ralph Zondag, John Harrison, and Robert Nelson Jacobs. Music by James Newton Howard.
Discover a world you've only imagined


  • Walkin' backwards, huh? Well, let me know if that gets you there any faster! Keep those little legs moving, Url, or you'll get left behind!
  • Well, you just consider yourself lucky that's all that's following us.
  • [about to cross the desert] If you smell something sizzling, it could be me.
  • Who booked this trip anyway?


  • [opening narration] Some things start out big, and some things start out small, very small. But sometimes the smallest thing can make the biggest changes of all.
  • It's okay. We'll teach him to hate meat.
  • You're never going to forget this day, so make it one to remember.
  • Oh, Aladar, if only there was someone on the island for you. Well, you know, who looks like you, but prettier.
  • [closing narration] None of us really know what changes, big or small, lie ahead. One thing is certain: our journey's not over. We can only hope that, in some small way, our time here will be remembered.


  • This monster's got no teeth! What's he gonna do? Gum us to death?
  • Hey, I'm lucky to be rid of them. With the ladies, before you know it, they all wanna move to a bigger tree.
  • What you need is a little help from the love monkey.
  • Hey, enough with the beauty sleep! You're ravishing already!


[A dinosaur egg falls on the island. A colony of lemurs scatter in a frenzy. 4 lemurs approach: Plio, Yar, Zini, and Suri.]
Young Zini: Yar, what is it?
Yar: I don't know. PLIO, GET BACK HERE! We don't know what it is!
Young Zini: Plio, be careful.
[Plio sneak over sensing, she got present when the egg cracks, then opens the shell and is happy to see a baby iguanodon.]
Plio: Dad, get over here.
Yar: Zini, it's not safe!
Young Zini: Oh, I always have to go when stuff's happening.
[Yar scoffs at Zini and gets closer to Plio]
Yar: Well, what is it?
Plio: It was an egg. [to baby Aladar] Look. [Yar gasps in shock] What?
Yar: It's a cold-blooded monster from across the sea: vicious, flesh-eating! [baby Aladar burps] Eurgh...
Plio: Looks like a baby to me.
Yar: Babies grow up! You keep that thing, one day, we'll turn our backs, it'll be picking us out of it's teeth! Things like THAT eat things lie US as snacks!
Plio: So, what do we do?
Yar: Get rid of it!
[Yar is trying to dissuade Plio from raising the baby Aladar]
Plio: [vexed] What has gotten into you?
Yar: [exasperated] Plio... That thing is DANGEROUS!
Plio: [to baby Aladar; regretfully sighs] I'm sorry, little one. [to Yar, handling baby Aladar over to him] Okay, get rid of it.
[Yar gasps]
Plio: [sarcastically] Hmph!
[Plio sits on a patch of moss to watch
Yar: All right, I will.
[Yar lifts baby Aladar over the edge of the branch, preparing to drop the dinosaur baby to his death. All the other lemurs are watching him. Yar heistates.]
Plio: [sarcastically] You'd better hurry up, Dad. It looks hungry.
Yar: Hmph!
[Yar looks at baby Aladar. Baby Aladar coes and looks at Yar with droopy eyelids. Yar closes his eyes and sighs, defeated. Yar hears a strange sound and opens his eyes to see that baby Aladar is peeing on him]
Yar: [disgusted, defeated; handling Aladar back to Plio] Rmmm... Here.
Plio: [smiling] It's okay. We'll teach him to hate meat.
Yar: Hmph. Watch his head! I-I mean, watch it! he could bite. [walks away]
Young Zini: This "monster's" got no teeth! What's he gonna do? Gum us to death?
Plio: Zini, come on: look at that sweet little face. Does that look like a monster to you?

[Suri and other lemur children are chased by Aladar for fun]
Suri: Let me out! Let me out!!
[Suri is inside Aladar's mouth; he spits her into the thicket]
Aladar: [coughs] Hairball! [coughs]
Suri: That was great! Get him!
Aladar: [lemur children start tickling him] Oh, NO! Attacking lemurs! Suri, please! I can't take it! There are too many of you! COME ON! PICK on someone your own size! HELP! [Plio looks on, laughing] Augh! Augh! Augh! Ahhhh. [playing dead]
Suri: [as Aladar is playing dead] Aladar? you're not dead.
Aladar: [suddenly] No!
[Suri and company laugh]
Plio: All right, guys, break it up. Remember the courtship? You gonna miss seeing all that smooching.
Suri: Aw, Mom.
Aladar: That's okay, Plio. We can smooch right here. [blows kisses; Suri & her friends leap away]
Plio: [sarcastically] Heh. It's a shame you don't like kids.
Aladar: [sarcastically] Ugh. Nasty little vermin.
Plio: [sarcastically] Ha-ha. Go find Zini. He's rehearing pickup lines. Let's hope he's find found some new material.

Zini: "Hey, sweetie. If you'll be my bride, I'll groom ya." That is good. Oh, that's good. "Girls, I'm known as the 'professor of love' and school's in session." Yeah, I still got it.
Aladar: I hope it's not contagious.
Zini: I'm a raging epidemic of romance.
Aladar: [chuckles] Come on, hot stuff. Let's get goin': you don't wanna to miss Yar's annual pep talk.
Zini: Oh goody: I can't wait to hear the mating advice of an old monkey.
Aladar: Hey-hey-hey, I heard that in this day, that old monkey was quite a swinger.
Zini: You takin' about Yar?
Aladar: Yeah, to hear him tell it, he put the "prime" in "primate".
Zini: [sarcastically] Really?

Yar: [both are giving mating advice, Yar to the males, Plio to the females] Okay, boys, gather around: listen and learn from the Master.
Plio: Now girls, don't jump into the trees after the first boy with a cute back-flip: it's more fun if you keep them guessing.
Yar: And if a cute back-flip doesn't work, guess.
Plio: You're never going to forget this day, so make it one to remember.
Yar: But if you mess up, don't worry: they'll never remember.
Aladar: Come on, guys! We don't wanna let 'em down!
Yar: Go on, now. Chest up! Chin up!
Male Lemur: Whoo!
Yar: Make 'em look good, son.
Aladar: Come on, Yar. My charm, and your brains? No problem.
[Yar laughs. Aladar has male courting lemurs on his back and escorts them to the tree]
Aladar: Hey girls, look what just pulled into town.
Male Lemur: Hey, ladies!
Aladar: Your buffet table of love!
[The female lemurs laugh]
Male Lemurs: Right here! Right here! Hey, beautiful!
Zini: Hey, free samples! Get me while I'm hot! Whoa! [Zini grabs Aladar's tail and chuckles]
Suri: Zini. [laughs]
Zini: [the males in the tree courting] Whoo! Wah-hoo!
[Plio, Yar, Zini, Suri trill, and Aladar bellows. Zini falls on the bush. Suri laughing at him. The male Lemurs jump out of the tree, in the vines swinging around, Zini trying sticks the branches, Aladar take a little branch to help Zini and throws him over the vine]
Aladar: You're missin' all the action, pal. Come on!
Zini: Hey, haven't you heard? I am the action! WHOO! Whoo-ah!
[The female lemurs climb the vines. Every lemur ends up finding a mate except Zini].
Aladar: Well, you'll always have next year.
Zini: Hey, I'm lucky to be rid of them. With the ladies, before you know it, they all wanna move to a bigger tree.
Yar: Ah well! Poor Zini! The clan still has one bachelor.
Plio: No. We have two. [to Aladar] Well, it's never been his best event.
Aladar: He's got a tougher hide than mine.
Plio: O, Aladar! If only there were someone on the island for you. You know; who looks like you, but prettier.
Aladar: Come on, Plio. What more could I want?

[Aladar sees a dinosaur herd walking past him, then he sees baby iguanodons walking under him; Neera bumps into him]
Neera: Watch it!
[As Aladar looks at Neera, he sees a Pachyrhinosaurus that walks into him with its nasal horn, knocking him to the ground, then a pack of Microceratops jump over him and the lemurs]
Yar: Zini, get your head down!
[He sees Baylene, a brachiosaur; she strides over him. Eema the styracosaur enters]
Eema: Walkin' backwards, huh? Well, let me know if that gets you there any faster! Keep those little legs moving, Url, or you'll get left behind!

Baylene: [sniffs the lemurs and sneezes] What an unfortunate blemish.
Eema: Good mud bath would clear those right up.
Yar: Excuse me?
[Eema growls in surprise]
Aladar: Um, he's my grandfather. [chuckles] Couple of times removed.
Zini: Or a couple of species removed.
Aladar: My name's Aladar. This is my family. We're all that's left.
Baylene: O, dear. I'm so sorry.
Eema: Baylene's the last of her kind. Finding stragglers like her all along the way!
Plio: I heard you say something about "Nesting Grounds".
Eema: It is the most beautiful place there is, child. It's where the herd goes to have their babies.
Suri: Will we find anybody that looks... like us there?
Eema: Oh, the last few days, I've seen 'em all shapes and sizes. Who knows what we'll find? The hard job now is just getting there.
Baylene: And we're being driven unmercifully.
Aladar: By who?
Eema: Kron, the herd's head honcho.
Baylene: We can hardly keep up. An older woman like myself, it's... well, it's positively indecent.
Aladar: Then tell him! What's the worst he can do?
[Neera, Kron, and Bruton approach; Url nervously walks out of the way; Bruton growls at him; Kron rudely pushes past Aladar]
Aladar: Hey! What's his problem?
Eema: That's him, honey, Kron.
Aladar: Huh. Excuse me! Kron! Got a second?
Bruton: Get lost, kid!
Kron: [chuckles] Relax, Bruton. [comes up to Aladar] Who are you?
Aladar: Uh... Aladar.
Kron: Why aren't you up here with the... [notices the lemurs on Aladar's back] ...uh, young bloods? [snorts at them]
Aladar: Well, I was back here talking to these guys. I guess they're having a hard time keeping up. So, you know, maybe you could slow down a bit?
[Neera chuckles and smiles]
Kron: Hmm! let the weak set the pace. Now, there's an idea. Better let me do the thinking from now on, Aladar.
Aladar: Hey! They need help back here!
Kron: Watch yourself, boy. [leaves with a dismissive snort]
Neera: Don't worry. That's how my brother treats newcomers... no matter how charming they are. [follows Kron away]
Zini: [to Aladar] You sure know how to catch a girl's eye there, stud!
Eema: I wouldn't be catching nobody's eye if I was you. Especially Neera's. You just keep your head down, and you mind what Kron tells you.
Yar: Since when do we take orders from the likes of him?
Eema: [chuckles] Kron has swatted flies bigger than you, pops.
Yar: I could hold that monster's brain in the palm of my-!
Aladar: No, Yar, she's right. Better to keep our heads down with this bunch than get 'em bitten off by those things. [looks towards Velociraptors nearby]
Eema: Well, you just consider yourself lucky that's all that's following us.

Kron: We've got a lot of first-timers here. Make sure they get it. We stop for nothing, and no one.
Bruton: [to the herd] If this is your first crossing, listen up. There is no water till we reach the other side. And you'd better keep up, 'cause if a predator catches you, you're on your own. Move out!
Baylene: Oh my goodness. It looks like a very long walk.
Eema: And hot. If you smell somethin' sizzlin', it could be me.
[The herd begins the long journey across the hot desert. Aladar, the lemurs, Baylene, Url, and Eema struggle to keep up.]
Kron: We're moving too slow.
Bruton: I'll pick up the pace.
[Kron roars at the hard to move faster. At night, Eema wanders from the path.]
Yar: Hey, old girl, you're wandering off a bit.
Eema: [panting] That's all I need: a monkey on my back.
[Eema walks back to the herd. Aladar sees the corpse of a Struthiomimid, then he notices the Velociraptors in the distance nearby. When Aladar and the others move on, the Velociraptors walk up to the corpse and eat it. The next morning, Eema collapses to the ground, exhausted.]
Aladar: [helps Eema get back up] On your feet, Eema. We can't let those things eat you. They're out there waiting.

Aladar: Look, Neera, if we all watch out for each other, we all have a chance of getting to your Nesting Grounds.
Neera: You sound so sure.
Aladar: I'm not! But it's all I know. So, water! I'll get you some water. [digs]
Neera: Can I try?
Aladar: Sure! Just;–– press!
[She does. As she bends to drink, their heads knock together]
Neera: O, sorry!
Aladar: No, you first.
Yar: One down.

[After Bruton nearly escaped an attack by two Carnotaurs]
Bruton: Kron! Carnotaurs!
Kron: [confused and disturbed] What? They never come this far north!
Bruton: The fireball must have driven them out.
Kron: [overhears the Carnotaurs roaring] You've led them right to us! MAYBE YOU CAN FEED THEM WITH YOUR HIDE! Move the herd out, double time!
[Bruton roars for the herd to leave. Aladar and Neera notice this.]
Aladar: What's happening?
Neera: My brother's moving the herd. Kron! What's going on?
Kron: Carnotaurs. If we don't keep moving, they'll catch up to us.
Aladar: But the others in the back, they'll never make it.
Kron: They'll slow down the predators.
Aladar: You can't sacrifice them like this! [calls out to the herd] HOLD IT! THAT COULD BE YOU BACK THERE, OR YOU!
Kron: [smacks Aladar down to the ground] If you ever interfere again, I'll kill you. [begins to walk away, but notices Neera approaching Aladar] STAY AWAY FROM HIM!
[Kron pushes Neera away from Aladar, who growls in anger]
Neera: Aladar, no! You just-- Just go. I'll be okay.
[Aladar runs back to warn Baylene, Eema, and the lemurs.]
Aladar: Let's go! Let's go! Carnotaurs!
Yar: Carno-what?
Eema: Carnotaur! A mouth full of teeth with a bad attitude! Let's go!
Aladar: Come on, you guys, get on, get on! We're gonna get left behind! [starts running for the herd] Let's go! Hurry up! We're losing them!
Plio: Aladar, slow down!
[Aladar stops and looks behind to see Baylene and Eema struggling to follow. Then he turns to see Neera, Kron and the rest of the herd leaving without them. Aladar chooses to stay with Baylene and Eema to ensure their survival.]

Baylene: Oh, joy. Blisters!
Eema: I got blisters ON my blisters.
Yar: You don't wanna know where I got blisters... [hearing a bellow up ahead]
Eema: What was that?
Baylene: It came from up ahead.
Zini: Okay, what's the worst thing it could be?
Suri: [fearfully] A Carnotaur.
Zini: [increasingly nervous] Okay, what's the second worst thing it could be?
Baylene: TWO Carnotaurs! [shudders] Oh my goodness! O my goodness!
Eema: That's it! I'm gone!
Aladar: Everybody! We don't know for sure! It could be the herd. Let's check it out.
[they turn the corner to find Bruton, exhausted]
Eema: Oh, it's Bruton!
Baylene: It appears we weren't the only ones left behind.
[the dinosaurs move closer to see Bruton's wound]
Aladar: What happened?
Eema: Carnotaurs. We should keep moving.
Plio: We can't just leave him here!
Eema: We can if we move fast enough!
Aladar: [to Bruton] Hey, you don't look so good. Let me help me you.
Bruton: Save your pity. I just need some rest. Now, get away from me!
Aladar: Suit yourself. [he hears thunder and sees Url with a stalactite in his mouth, moving towards a cave] If you change your mind, we'll be in those caves.
[they enter the cave]
Aladar: It's dark, but at least it's dry.
Eema: I like dry. It's the dark part I'm having trouble with. [accidentally steps on Url's spikes] OWW! Sorry, Url. Sturdy li'l thing, ain't he?
[Aladar chuckles]
Baylene: Ahem. We appear to have a visitor.
[they see Bruton limping outside the cave until he falls; Aladar approaches him]
Aladar: You coming in or what?
Bruton: What is it with you?
Aladar: At least I know enough to get in out of the rain. Now, come on. On your feet. [helps Bruton up and guides him into the cave] Uh, you can lie down with us. It's warmer.
[Bruton lies down in a corner of the cave by himself]
Baylene: May I remind you that he's one of them?
Aladar: Well, looks like he's one of us now. [goes to lie down with the others]
Eema: Who booked this trip anyway?
Aladar: Ah, you'll be at the Nesting Grounds soon enough.
Eema: Well, when I get there, I'm gonna give Kron a piece of my mind.
Aladar: You tell him, Eema.

Yar': If I could sleep that deep, I'd be in paradise.
Eema: If you could sleep that deep, honey, you'd be dead.
[Plio leaps towards Bruton with a special plant in her hands]
Plio: This plant grew on our island. It will make you feel better. [takes some of the plant's juice and sprinkles it on Bruton's wounds, Bruton winces in pain]
Bruton: Why is he (Aladar) doing this? Pushing them on with false hope?
Plio: It's hope that's gotten us this far.
Bruton: But why doesn't he let them accept their fate? I've accepted mine.
Plio: And what is your fate?
Bruton: To die here. It's the way things are.
Plio: Only if you give up, Bruton. It's your choice, not your fate. Well, the plant will help. [leaps away; Bruton takes the plant]

[the footsteps of the Carnotaurs awaken Aladar; he looks out and gazes in surprise at them as Bruton quietly comes up to him]
Bruton: [whispering] Shh. Carnotaurs. [they look out at the two predators surveying the area]
Aladar: [whispering] What do we do?
Bruton: Wake the others. [turns to go and tell the others to wake up and get moving; the Carnotaurs move closer to the cave. Bruton, Eema, Baylene, and the lemurs begin to proceed deeper into the cave. Aladar nudges Url to wake him up; he bellows in fright, and Aladar immediately silences him so he doesn't give them away; the Carnotaurs look up briefly and then continue looking around]
Baylene: Oh! [her neck touches the ceiling, causing a rock to fall and hit Eema; Aladar attempts to catch it, without success; one of the Carnotaurs examines the rock and sticks its snout through the water and sniffs Aladar before a thunderclap illuminates him; the Carnotaur charges at him]
Aladar: Go! Go! Hurry! Move it, Eema!
Plio: [after the Carnotaur grabs Aladar by the tail and drags him back] Aladar! Aladar! [the Carnotaurs fight over Aladar; Bruton leaps into the fray]
Bruton: I'll hold them off! You help the others! [crashes purposely into the stone columns supporting the roof; he and one of the Carnotaurs are buried.]
Aladar: Bruton! No!
Plio: [to Aladar] You did what you could.

Zini: I spy, with my little eye…
Yar: A rock.
Zini: You got it again! O, you are good.
Eema: Well, I'll tell you what I spy: a dead end.
Yar: What have we done now?
Aladar: I guess we just go back.
Zini: [smells something] Hang on a moment.
Suri: Zini, what is this?
Zini: You smell that?
Suri: [sniff sniff] Yes.
Aladar: [sniffing]
[Then as Zini pulls out the rocks, we see daylight]
Eema: [gasps] Get a load of that.
Baylene: Nice show.
Aladar: Everybody, stand back. We're outta here!
[As Aladar tries to break the rocks, the cave collapses]
Zini: RUN!!
Suri: Unh!
[The falling boulders block the daylight]
Aladar: NoooooOOOO!!!! [echoes]
[Aladar tries to break the rocks, but fails]
Plio: Aladar, we'll go back.
Aladar: Back to what? It's gone. We're not meant to survive.
Baylene: Oh yes we were! We're here, aren't we? And how dare you waste that good fortune, by simply giving up? Hah, shame on you! Shame on you! Shame on you! The worst of it is, you allowed an old fool like me to believe I was needed, that I still had a purpose. And you know what? You were right. And I'm going to keep on believing it. I for one am not willing to die here!
[Baylene rears up and strikes the cave-in again and again. The others join in; at length, the wall falls, to reveal a pristine valley beyond.]
Baylene: Oh my goodness.
Eema: The Nesting Grounds… It's untouched.
Plio: Our new home...

Aladar: Not bad! But I don't get it. Where's the herd?
Plio: [sotto voce] Not to mention Neera!
Eema: O, they'll get here… soon enough. Oh, no!
Aladar: Eema? What is it?
Eema: That, is the way we used to get in here. [indicates a towering pile of stones, blocking an entrance to the valley].
Aladar: They'll never make it over that!
Eema: Aladar, wait! Wait! Kron'll eat you alive!
Aladar: Let 'im try. [Exit Aladar].
Eema: I just hope Kron's in a listening mood.

Kron: [to the herd] We have to keep trying. For our survival, our future is over these rocks. NOW, LET'S GO HOME!
[the herd starts going over the rocks]
Kron: [to the two iguanodon children] You're going to make it, won't you, boys? [starts shoving them with his head]
Neera: [to Kron] No.
Kron: Watch them! They're tough! [to the herd] If they can do it, SO CAN YOU!
[the herd hesitates, then continue toward the rocks]
Aladar: KRON!
[They look back as Aladar approaches the herd]
Aladar: Get the herd out of here! A Carnotaur's coming!
Kron: [to the herd] Keep moving!
Aladar: Stop! I've been to the valley! There's a safer way!
Kron: [angrily, to the two iguanodon children] Go on! Show them!
Neera: Kron, listen to him!
[Kron hits the two iguanodon children with his head, making them cry]
Aladar: Look, we've got to go now!
Kron: Go where?! Straight to the Carnotaurs?!
Aladar: If we hurry, we can get around them! You can't get over those rocks! There's a sheer drop on the other side! [Kron hits the two iguanodon children with his head, making them cry again] YOU'RE GONNA KILL THE HERD! I know a way to the valley, and everybody can make it! [to the herd] Now, follow me!
[Kron approaches the herd]
Neera: Kron!
Kron: They’re staying with me!
Aladar: [to the herd] All right, let's go!
[Kron loses his temper and attacks Aladar, who fights back. Kron nearly kills Aladar, but Neera knocks Kron to the ground, and they continue towards the valley along with the herd]
Kron: NEERA!
[Kron starts climbing over the rocks all by himself, but the carnotaur approaches the herd]
Kron: [to the herd] He's led that monster straight toward us! This way! [continues climbing over the rocks]
Aladar: No! Don't move! If we scatter, he'll pick us off! [to the herd] Stand together!
[The carnotaur roars at Aladar, who roars back. Neera joins Aladar, along with the herd, forcing the carnotaur to ignore the herd and head towards Kron; Aladar and Neera give chase]
Neera: Kron!
[Kron realizes that he is cornered]
Kron: [last words] No, no!
[Kron attacks the carnotaur, who wounds him. Aladar, and Neera start fighting with the carnotaur, and Aladar knocks it to its death below. Aladar and Neera rush toward Kron]
Neera: Kron.
[Neera nudges Kron's head, but he is already dead. Aladar and Neera embrace each other. Later, Aladar, Neera, and the herd head through the cave entrance and finally make it into the valley]
Aladar: Welcome home.

Eema: Make room! Bringin' in babies is what I do best!
Yar: I'd say it's been a few years since you hatched anything!
[Both laugh].
Eema: You're right. So, let me practice on your head!
Plio: Look! Somebody wants to meet you! [to the newborn iguanodon:] O, aren't you the cutest little small-fry I ever did see!
Aladar: Hey, little guy! (He looks just like me!).
Neera: Meet your dad. (He's not as crazy as he looks).
Baylene: Well done, little one!
Yar: Come 'ere, you little rascal; lemme take a good look at you… yep. You're your father's son all right.
Zini: Hey, look what I found! New neighbors! [indicates five female lemurs]. Any of you ladies up for a game of "Monkey in the Middle"?

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