Dictionary of All Scriptures and Myths

Dictionary of All Sacred Scriptures and Myths ISBN 051734663X is an extensive compilation by G. A. (George Arthur) Gaskell first published in the 1920s. It contains interpretations of religious and mythological symbols from diverse cultural traditions from around the world.


  • Verbal Inspiration was necessary in order to make possible the revelation of truths which are beyond the scope of human observation; a symbolism of correspondences was also requisite I which to express the recondite knowledge offered to mankind.
    • (p. xv)
  • Myths are extraordinary historical survivals; and it is surely reasonable to expect that they have originated in a manner also extraordinary.
    • (p. xix)
  • It is impossible to draw a line between sacred Myths and sacred Scriptures; they flow into each other, and they obviously have the same kind of origin.
    • (p. xx)
  • In regard to the scheme of the symbolism, it will be found that in the sacred writings the activities which apparently are of the outer world of sense stand really for the activities of the inner world of thought.
    • (p. xxii)

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