Dick Figures: The Movie

2013 film directed by Ed Skudder and Zack Keller

Dick Figures: The Movie is a 2013 American independent adult animated science fantasy action comedy film about two best friends, Red and Blue, who risk everything to find the greatest treasure of all time. It is based on Skudder and Keller's animated web series Dick Figures.

Directed by Ed Skudder and Zack Keller. Produced by Andy Fiedler and Nick Butera. Written by Ed Skudder and Zack Keller.
Red and Blue and Awesome All Over!(taglines)


Both: You're such an asshole! I can't believe you let me think we were actually friends!
Red: Well, maybe I would be your friend, if you weren't such a god damn loser all the time!
Blue: I'm a loser? I caught you masturbating to Animal Planet!
Red: That was one time! You're just racist against elephants!

Red: Hey, toots.
Pink: Go to hell, Red.
Red: Okay, I'll see you there!

Stacy: [drunk] Hey, Pink! Have you ever met my sister?
Fat Ugly Girl: Happy birthday.
Pink: Thanks. I just wish Blue was here.
Stacy: Whatever, bitch! Boys are overrated!


  • Red and Blue and Awesome All Over!

Voice cast

  • Ed Skudder as Red, Raccoon, Cpt. Crookygrin, Mr. Dingleberry, Jacques Bond, Nep-Dawg, Japanese School Girl, 8-bit Gelato Bene, Additional Voices
  • Zack Keller as Blue, Narrator, Shaw, Japanese Guy, Trollz0r
  • Eric Bauza as Lord Takagami
  • Ben Tuller as Lord Tourettes
  • Shea Logsdon as Pink
  • Lauren Kay Sokolov as Stacy
  • Chad Quandt as Chad-Gendarmerie
  • Mike Nassar as Broseph
  • Nick Ainsworth as Umbrella salesman
  • Nick Keller as Party-goers
  • John Dusenberry as Ghetto Cutter
  • Brock Gallagher as Bully and Dock Worker
  • Ashley Shelhon as Global Rescue Services operator
  • Rob DenBleyker and Dave McElfatrick as the dock guards
  • David Haley as Dock Worker, French Father, Cumulonimbus Ninja
  • Brendan Haines as Steve, TNT Boat Foreman, Dead Ninja
  • Tom "TomSka" Ridgewell as French Cop
  • Lynn Wang as French mother (uncredited)
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