Dick Bond (Kansas politician)

American politician (1936-2020)

Richard Lee Bond (September 18, 1935–July 23, 2020) was an American politician who served as President of the Senate, and Majority Whip in the Kansas Senate.


  • You urge us today to vote no, and I would hope you would exercise your constitutional duty to cast your vote yes or no in accordance with your conscience.
  • I think most of the Democrats tried to portray themselves as conservative. They were not believed.
    • As quoted in The Salina Journal (November 11, 1996)
      • Stated as an analyse for why the Republican Party's victory in Kansas elections in 1996
  • I thought he could do a good job. I did not expect him to have the strength and the ability ... that he has displayed.
  • Even as we celebrate, we cannot forget that some Kansas children will go to bed hungry tonight, some will fear for their safety, some will have no heat to warm their rooms, some will not have homes. Their voices must echo in the halls of government.