Diane Rwigara

Rwandan businesswoman and women's rights activist

Diane Rwigara (born in 1982) is a Rwandan businesswoman and accountant, and entrepreneur who stood as an independent candidate in 2017 Rwandan presidential election, Rwigara was charged on 23 September 2017, alongside her mother and four other defendants, with "inciting insurrection" among other counts,[1] but was acquitted along with her mother on 6 December 2018.


  • Our Excellence, the international community has rightly congratulated Rwanda for abolishing the death penalty. But I am forced to ask: why are our fellow citizens continually the object of extrajudicial executions? And, as our head of state, why would you condone such executions in your May 10, 2019, Rubavu speech? Your subordinates emulate you. At Mwiseneza's funeral, Chief Superintendent Innocent Iyaburunga blamed Mwiseneza for his own death...
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