Dhul-Nun al-Misri

Sufi saint

Dhu'l-Nun al-Misri (796859) was an Egyptian Sufi saint. He was considered the Patron Saint of the Physicians in the early Islamic era of Egypt, and is credited with having specialized the concept of Gnosis in Islam


  • Never think of anyone as inferior to you. Open the inner Eye and you will see the One Glory shining in all creatures.
    • Quoted in Ellen Kei Hua, ed., Meditations of the Masters, cited in Andrea Wiebers and David Wiebers, Souls Like Ourselves (Rochester, MN: Sojourn Press, 2000), p. 42.

The Sayings and Teachings of the Great Mystics of Islam (2004)Edit

  • The Sufi's love to God goes with God's love towards him. Sufis are folk who have preferred God to everything, so that God has preferred them to everything.
    • p. 39
  • God gives his servant no source of strength more powerful for him than when He leads him to humiliate himself.
    • p. 40
  • Knowledge of God comprises three kind: Theological, philosophical and mystical. Theological knowledge concerns with tawhid or unification. Philosophical knowledge deals with the concept of Ultimate Truth, reached through reason. Mystical knowledge is the knowledge of the Essence of God. It is attained by the saints after mushahada or the contemplation on God in their illuminated hearts.
    • p. 40
  • Knowledge of the Divine Attributes or Godhead is the most perfect knowledge since it is realized through the soul's communion with God.
    • p. 40
  • The gnostic is the knower without knowledge, without sight, without information without apprehension, without description, without manifestation and without veil. If they are in themselves at all, they exist but in God, Their actions are held by God and their words are the words of God uttered by their tongues and their sight is the sight of God penetrated into their eyes.
    • p. 40

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