Devil May Cry: The Animated Series

Japanese anime television series

Devil May Cry, The Animated Series is an anime series based on the video game series by Capcom, its storyline set between the first game and Devil May Cry 2.


  • Dante: Someone like you who's let his soul rot, can't measure up to someone with a real soul just by getting some power.
  • Dante: There people out there who would say theres nothing more important than love. But is love really that great? There are women, who because of love, get chased around by men. And there are men, who because of love, get killed by women. To put it down, for love to be so great, there's gotta be something else behind it thats even greater. But Im not gonna say what that is, its not my style.
  • Dante: Everything with a beginning also has an end that's the rule. It may be sad, but looking all gloomy just because it's the end isn't my thing. Since it's the end all the more reason to paint the town red. If you can do that then you can smile no matter how things pan out.