Detective Conan

Japanese media franchise

Detective Conan (名探偵 コナン, Meitantei Konan), also known as Case Closed, is an ongoing Japanese detective manga series created by Gosho Aoyama. It is currently serialized in Weekly Shōnen Sunday. The story follows the adventures of Jimmy Kudo, a prodigious young detective who was inadvertently transformed into a child due to a poison. It has spawned an anime series, a live drama, eleven original video animations, thirteen animated feature films and numerous video games.



File 1: A Modern-Day Sherlock Holmes

Rachel Moore: Why do I have this feeling...? This feeling like I would never see Jimmy again... A very bad feeling...

File 2: The Great Detective Turned Small

Rachel Moore: Oh, Conan?
Conan Edogawa: [Momentarily confused] Eh? Ah? Yeah... What is it, Rachel? [To himself] I'm not used to this name...
Rachel: Are there any girls you like?
Conan: Eh?
Rachel: You know! Anyone you're interested in, like at school...?
Conan: Um, no, nope... [To himself] Hey, hey... What is this girl asking all of a sudden?
Rachel: I do!! There's a guy I really like...
Conan: Oh... [Cheekily] Could it be... that Jimmy guy you were looking for earlier?
Rachel: (pause) That's right!
Conan: [Surprised] Eh?
Rachel: Ever since he was little, he was a jerk, always full of himself, always a mystery geek... But whenever you need him, he's dependable, and brave, and cool... I really... I really like Jimmy!
Rachel: But don't tell him that, okay?
Conan: [Blushing] O-Okay...

File 16: A Devil-like Woman

Akemi Miyano: [Last words] Will you listen... to the last thing I have to say...? I left the cases with the money at the desk of the hotel... and... I want you to find it before they do... I don't want them to use it... I-I'm sorry... I beg of you... little detec... tive...

File 19: The Underground Room's Nightmare

Conan Edogawa: If you stay hidden like this, you'll be able to get away from the police, however, you will never escape your crime... Madam, are you trying... Are you trying to force your son to carry this burden for the rest of his life?

File 51: The Truth Under The Mask

Conan Edogawa: This is my case! I'm going to solve it!! Don't get involved!

File 95: The Great Detective Of The East Appears!

Jimmy Kudo: Idiot... There's no win or lose in this, no higher or lower... There is always... only one truth...

File 153: Bonds of Flame

Conan Edogawa: A detective who corners someone with logic, but lets them commit suicide... is no different from a murderer.
Harley Hartwell: To hear the perfect one say such a line... is a pain to my ears...
Conan: There's no such thing as a perfect person. Even I am just one person...

File 181: Why

Ai Haibara: If... If you have such good deductive skills... you should have been able to see through my sister's disguise easily... But... but... WHY...!!!

File 191: Creator enlightened

Ai Haibara: Creation reflects the inner state of the creator.

File 208: The Sakurada Gate

Miwako Sato: 'Justice' isn't a word you can use on any occasion... It's something we must keep secretly in our hearts.

File 242: The White World

Gin: Isn't it pretty... White snow floating in the dark night... Letting blood colour it all a crimson red...

File 260: The Memorable Place

Conan Edogawa: Ra... Rachel. Jimmy said...
Rachel Moore: Don't. I don't want to hear it! I don't want to hear... any excuses.
Conan: He'll come back one day. Even if he's going to die, he's going to come back. He wanted me to tell you to wait for him, no matter what. So... so...

File 295: Red Card

Conan Edogawa: [In English] Stop... Stop it, Ray. Even if you are facing a bitter aspect of life. Drugs and murder are foul without any excuse. You deserve a red card, for a loser
Ray Curtis: [In English] True. I was a cheater, bad player, and I lost the game... I must be ejected. For both my late wife, and for a fan like you.

File 313: A Courageous Decision

Rachel Moore: Courage is a word of justice. It means a quality of mind that enables one to face apprehension... with confidence and resolution. To use it as an excuse to kill is not right...

File 343: Who Are You?

Harley Hartwell: [In English] I wasn't pretending not to be able to speak English... Did silence work better than your funnily disguised Japanese?

File 350: Golden Apple 1

Sharon Vineyard: That's right... No angel has smiled upon me... Not even once...

File 354: Golden Apple 5

Jimmy Kudo: Is a reason necessary? I wouldn't know the motives for a person killing a person but... as far as helping a person is concerned, why should there be a rational mind?

File 373: Bye-bye...

Wataru Takagi: You must not forget if that's an important memory to you... especially since when a person dies, he can only live in the memories of others...

File 433: The Truth Behind the Mask

Jodie Starling: Who are you?
Vermouth: It's a big secret... I can't tell you... A secret makes a woman woman...

File 437: Ai Haibara's Resolution

Ai Haibara: Although I understand your desire to recognise the criminal, you still have to be patient... Being patient is also a performance of bravery...
Amy Yoshida: B... But I... don't want to run!! If I keep running, I won't win!! I definitely won't!!

Episode 35

Conan: Betraying a friend led to her death. It was a tragedy where another friend turned into a monster. The villa was finally released from its cold, tragic night. But be careful! If we get careless, then he might appear in our hearts again. That monster called...Revenge.

Episode 101

Manabu Sawai: I was planning to keep the fire small, but it got out of hand-
Conan (in Kogoro's voice): YOU IDIOT! "Planning to keep the fire small"? "It got out of hand"? What makes you think those are valid excuses?! Shut the hell up! Did you even consider the fact that she may have been killed? What if the car broke down? A flat tire? A traffic jam? She easily could have died if those things were to happen! If you wanted her to notice you, why didn't you become someone worth being noticed? Why didn't you try getting her to notice you by doing something honorable?

Episode 526

Conan Edogawa (in Kogoro's voice): What value does your will have? I asked what price it carries. If money is enough, is your will for sale? A will that can be bought with money... What's the meaning of that? If your will can be bought with money, then it will vanish along with that money.
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