Descent (series)

1995 first-person shooter game
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Descent is a series of 3D first-person shooter games developed released by Interplay Entertainment.

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Descent (1995) edit

Material Defender: Worthless bureaucrats. They'd replace us all with robots given half the chance. Briefings are awful. Air is too sterile for human lungs, endless electric blue schematics sting the eyes, and a suit from Post-Terran whose droning voice would make Armageddon sound boring. They needed me, they had the equipment I needed. Why does this fool keep babbling?

Material Defender: Fine. Let me go. Some fighter jocks worship their hardware, but I'm not the religious type. The idiot giving the lecture was practically drooling. The hardware was pretty impressive, though.

Samuel Dravis: That is all, Material Defender. "Prepare for Descent"

Descent II (1996) edit

Samuel Dravis: If you've studied your standard mercenary agreement, you would notice that PTMC reserves the right to keep you on retainer for up to 72 hours, post-mission.
Material Defender: Dravis, you son of a …
Samuel Dravis: If you choose to decline further service, we may consider you in default of your contract, and your fee may be suspended, pending litigation. Good luck, Material Defender. Dravis out.

Material Defender: [in demo] I hope I left the cat enough food.

Descent 3 (1999) edit

Samuel Dravis: You came so close, eh? Poor Material Defender!

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