Descendants 3

2019 film directed by Kenny Ortega

Descendants 3 is a Disney Channel Original Movie and the third and final instalment in the Descendants series, released in 2019.

Directed by Kenny Ortega. Written by Josann McGibbon and Sara Parriott.
  • Auradon. It's beautiful, isn't it? I'm Mal, daughter of Maleficent. And this is my home. It wasn't always. I was born on the Isle of the Lost, where all of the villains had been banished, locked away for good. That is until Prince Ben decided that their children should have a chance. And so, four villain kids, the V.K.'s, came to Auradon, including me. Long story short, Ben is the king now, I'm his girlfriend, and we are about to head back to the Isle to pick what will hopefully be a long line of new V.K.'s who get to come to Auradon and find their happily ever afters, too.
  • (to Ben) I do not want to take away your dream because it was so beautiful and it's why I fell in love with you.
  • (to Hades) You wanna make up for being a lousy dad?


  • I've already made like a thousand sketches of your wedding dress.
  • We could try to be friends. Put our history behind us, and celebrate our differences.
  • You are gonna rock that crown!
  • We can always go back to hating each other when this is over.
  • Get off my bike, Hook!
  • (to Mal) I feel like I’ve known you my whole life and did I mention I'm in love with you.
  • I love you Mal.
  • I'm engaged!

Omg hurray yippeeeee


  • I am a god! I don't belong here!
  • That's my girl.
  • (To the Aurodonians) When you guys try to destroy the world... it's an error in judgment. But when it's one of us... lock them up and throw away the key.
  • Am I invited to the wedding?
  • So the good guy's the bad guy?
  • (to Mal) If you think I trust you to save the world on your own, think again. This is a job for pirates!
  • There's this thing that looks like a furry rock called a 'coconut', and fish so big you can dance on their backs,and they've been keeping it all for themselves.
  • I don't know who's birthday it is, but I want this cake.
  • I found her diary and boy did you wreck Audrey's life,she hangs out at fairy cottage you know where the fairies hid her mum from your mum.
  • How could anyone with this bed ever be unhappy?!
  • (After realising Mal lied to her) Let's go find Gil and leave them all to rot.
  • My plan!


  • Looks like someone forgot to invite me. Well, don't be expecting Mal, she's uh... not feeling herself. Does that make you sad?Oh does it just ruin everything? You mindless little drones! How could you forget what she did to us?! How could you forget that I was supposed to be your Queen?!
  • I'm so tired of pretending, where's my happy ending?


Queen Leah: A lifetime of plans... gone. Our family status gone. Audrey, you were supposed to be his Queen, and you let him slip through your fingers. Your mother could hold onto a prince in her sleep.
Audrey: Don't you think I feel bad enough already, Grammy?
A.K. Kid: Ben and Mal are the best. I'm so excited for Mal to be our Queen.
Audrey: You'd really rather have a V.K. on the throne than me? What is wrong with you people? What is wrong with everybody?

Jay: All bow to Her Royal Majesty!
Carlos: Oh, yes, her Royal Purple-ness!
Mal: (Smirking) Silence, you annoying peasants.
Jay: As you wish, my lady.
Carlos: Your Royal Crankiness.

[After Mal has accepted Ben's marriage proposal.]
Audrey: Congratulations. You won him fair and square... Oh, wait, no, you didn't. You spelled Ben to destroy all of Auradon. Touching story for the grandkids.
Mal: Speaking of kids, we have some kids waiting on us. So... if you'll excuse me.

[Evil Audrey approaches Mal, wearing the Evil Queen's crown and carrying Maleficent's sceptre.]
Audrey: I was hoping you were home.
(Mal looks shocked, but tries to laugh it off.)
Mal: Is this a joke?... What are you doing with the crown and the sceptre?
Audrey: Well, I wanted them, so I took them. You of all people should understand that, Mal.
Mal: Wait, Audrey, stop! Don't use that!
Audrey: I thought you liked spells.
Mal: Ok, Audrey, you're better...
Audrey: QUIET!
Mal: It's not a toy! It's dangerous!
Audrey: I want to be dangerous! My life was perfect until you stole it... and then Auradon turned its back on me. Well, it's time for a little payback.

Mal: You abandoned me when I was a baby.
Hades: No. No, I left your mother. She's... she's not the easiest person to get a long with.
Mal: (Sarcastically) You think?
Hades: Well, you see? We have something in common already; we both hate your mother.
Mal: No. I don't hate my mother. She may be an evil lunatic, but at least she stuck around.
Hades: Oh! Boo-hoo. Wake up and smell the stink. You think you've had it rough? I used to be a god! I had an entire world which bore my name! And now I have nothing! And you have no idea what that feels like!
Mal: REALLY?! Because for 16 years I had nothing! And now... I have a whole world. But unless I get that ember it's game over!

[After Audrey has cursed Mal with an aging spell.]
Mal: How bad is it?
Evie: You age beautifully.

Ben: (To a worker) Find out if anyone has seen Audrey... And find out if she has a list of demands.
(Audrey is seen standing behind Ben.)
Audrey: Just one... I demand my life back. I have a proposition. I'll wake everybody up right now... under one... itty-bitty condition, Benny-boo. Make me your Queen... and we'll rule side by side.
(Ben looks at her in concern.)
Ben: Did someone put a spell on you?
(Audrey looks surprised.)
Ben: Just tell me who and...
Audrey: You'll what? Marry them? Most people get dumped because they aren't good enough. I wasn't bad enough. How do you like me now, Benny-boo? (Laughs and twirls around.)
Ben: I like the old Audrey better. She wouldn't wanna hurt Auradon.... just give me the scepter.. and I'll forgive you.
Audrey: (Outraged) You'll forgive me?! I don't think so. Sleeping is too good for you! (Curses Ben.) Sleeping is too good for Auradon!

Uma: Look, since we're here, let's check the school.
Mal: No. Audrey went straight for the crown, so I think it's safe to assume that she's gonna go for Ben and his castle next. That's where we'll go.
Uma: Says who?
Mal: Says me.
Uma: Says you? And that's supposed to mean something to me?

Uma: I bet you lost some sleep thinking about me on the loose?
Mal: No. Dragons don't really lose sleep. I wonder what fried octopus tastes like.

(Singing during the Night Falls.)
Mal: This is my crew!
Uma: This is my squad!
Mal: This is my turf!
Evie: Oh, my gosh! Look guys, we got bigger fish to fry, put your differences aside, coz now we're on the same side. Till the night falls, everyone!
All V.Ks: We'll stay together till the battle is done.

[The V.Ks have beaten Audrey's enchanted knights and are celebrating. Mal and Uma almost high-five, but then move over and celebrate with their respective friends. Evie looks disappointed.]
Evie: Guys, come on. This was so great. We were a team. We worked together. Come on. Come on.
(She tries to encourage Mal and Uma to high-five, but they only look at her in annoyance.)
Evie: You know what we should try? An ice breaker. You say something you really like about the other person. I'll start... Harry... love the accent. Now you go.
Uma: (To Mal) Is she always this perky?
Evie: It wasn't really your turn yet, but thank you!

Uma: Alright, where does this cheerleader bunk down? Even if she's not there, we might find some sort of clue.
Evie: Actually, she's still in the dorms.
Mal: You're right. Because of summer school.
Harry: What?! (Laughing) Summer school? Summer school? No wonder she wants revenge!

[Audrey enchants the cottage the V.Ks are in, trapping them.]
Celia: We're trapped!
Evie: Are you guys ok? What's going on?
Mal: You've caused my friends pain and fear. We've had enough, now disappear!
(The windows remain boarded shut.)
Mal: You guys, I'm sorry. My spells aren't working! Audrey's magic is getting stronger!
(Uma's shell necklace glows, and she grabs Mal's hand and they chant the spell together.)
Mal & Uma: You've caused our friends pain and fear we've had enough, now disappear!
(After a few seconds the boards fall down, and the spell is broken.)
Evie: You did it! Together. This is what I've been talking about.

Uma: Alright! Let's get this Audrey chick taken care of already. What do you say, girl? Time to wrap things up? (Fist-bumps Mal.)
Ben: You know, someday you're gonna have to tell me how you guys all got teamed up.
Evie: Actually, Mal promised to let all the kids off the Isle once this is over.
(Mal awkwardly comes to a halt, making the other V.Ks stop too.)
Mal: I have to tell you guys something. Um... I lied to you. The kids won't be coming off the Isle.
(All the V.Ks look surprised.)
Jay: What d'you mean?
Mal: The program is shut down.... and the barrier... will be closed for good.
Ben: For Auradon's safety.
(Uma walks up Mal, trying to be casual and hide her disappointment.)
Uma: Hold up. So we're saving your precious people and your behinds for a lie?
(Mal looks ashamed, and Uma can no longer hide the fact she's upset.)
Uma: I knew it was a mistake to trust you. You're always out for yourself.
Harry: And you! King Ben... you're probably just gonna throw us all back inside.
Celia: (Angrily to Mal) You know what? I actually thought you were brave. But you're nothing but a chicken! Too scared to tell me I was never gonna see my dad again.

Mal: Evie... I'm so sorry. I'm sorry, I just... I thought that... I was afraid to tell you. I thought I was gonna lose my best friend. But I had to do something! I had to protect Auradon!
Evie: Closing the barrier was your idea?
Mal: I did it for us! I did it for our life that we have here now!
Evie: For our life?! What about the kids that we left behind on that island? The kids that we promised... (Tearfully) we were their only hope. I thought you were gonna stand up for the V.Ks... but instead, you lied to them. And you lied to Jay... and you lied to Carlos... and you lied to me. We're your family.
(Mal looks close to tears as Evie, Carols and Jay turn away from her, angry and disappointed. Mal becomes more upset and tries to appeal to them.)
Mal: Evie. Evie, come on! I had no choice!

[Audrey has Celia hostage on top of Ben's castle. Mal has turned into a dragon to save her.]
Celia: Help me, Mal!
Audrey: Yeah, save your little friend, Mal!
Celia: Help me, Mal!
Audrey: Careful not to fry your little V.K. buddy.
(From a distance Harry and Uma see Mal in dragon form fighting against Audrey who is using Maleficent's sceptre.)
Harry & Uma: Whoa!
Uma: She doesn't stand a chance without the ember.
Celia: Help me, Mal!
Uma: (To Harry) Come on!
Audrey: (Restraining her) Hold still, you little brat!
Uma: (To Mal) We're stronger together! We're stronger together!
(Mal flies down closer to Uma and Harry.)
Uma: I'm right here, Mal! (At the ember.) Regain your might and ignite! I'm right here, girl! I'm right here.
(Mal smiles in her dragon form.)
Uma: Regain your might and ignite! (The ember glows again.) Yes!

[Hades has used the ember to wake Audrey from a death like sleep.]
Audrey: (Shocked) Tell me it was all a bad dream.
Ben: I wish I could. But, it's over now.
Audrey: I'm sorry... I wanted to hurt you both... I wanted to hurt all of you.
Mal: I have owed you an apology for... a very long time.
Queen Leah: (To Mal) And perhaps, I have owed you one, too.

[Everyone cheers Mal as the new Queen of Auradon, but her expression changes to shame.]
Mal: I can't be Queen of Auradon.
Ben: Mal...
Mal: I can't turn my back on the Isle. (To the Aurodonians) We made a decision... to close the barrier forever. And it was my idea. But it's wrong. I've learned that you can't live in fear... because it doesn't actually protect you from anything. You never know where the bad is gonna come from... and you never know where the heroes are gonna come from either. Without Uma and her pirates... Auradon would be gone. And without Hades... my father... (Small gasp from the Aurodonians.) Audrey would be gone... We are all capable of good and bad, no matter which side of the barrier we come from. And that's why I can't be Queen of just Auradon. I have to be Queen of the Isle, too. And it's time that we take the barrier down forever.
Beast: We can't do that.
Ben: It's up to us, Dad. I choose to be a King who moves forward. It's time for forgiveness. It's time for new beginnings.

[Mal, Evie, Carlos & Jay are thoughtfully looking over the bridge to Isle of the Lost.]
Evie: Do you ever miss them?
Jay: Yeah.
Mal: Do you think that they miss us?
Carlos: Yeah. Of course.
Mal: 'Cause we're rotten...
(Holding out her fist to begin a group fist-bump. The others soon join her.)
Mal, Evie, Carlos & Jay: To the core.
Carlos: Hey, last one over the bridge...
Mal, Evie, Carlos & Jay: Is a rotten apple!