Denise Chávez

American writer

Denise Elia Chávez (born August 15, 1948) is a Chicana author, playwright, and stage director.

Denise Chávez


  • Being a Chicana is a political, societal, economic and spiritual stance for me because I identify myself with the struggle of Chicanos in this marginal border world of identity—straddling different worlds, the world of the raices in Mexico, the roots, and also the contemporary world of the United States…
  • …If I say I ’m not a Chicana I might as well cut off my arm or my leg. And if I say I ’m not a feminist, well, I might as well cut off my foot. The whole package goes together.
  • Remember that the Latino, Chicano, Mexican American writers are following in the footsteps of the African American writers. This has to do with the antepasados, the people who have come before you, who allow you to take the steps you need to take. I always thank the Black writers because they gave me a sense of freedom…

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