Den Brother

2010 television film directed by Mark L. Taylor

Den Brother is a 2010 Disney Channel Original Movie starring Hutch Dano and G. Hannelius. The film premiered on August 13, 2010 on Disney Channel.


Danny: What're you so happy about? We lost.
Alex: Goose, hockey is not all about winning and losing. It's about challenging yourself to be the best you can be - and... and I played great. I... Uh, you're comin' along, too.

Alex: [after the regular den mother resigns] Don't freak out. One of your mothers is gonna volunteer eventually.
Abigail: My mom's a long-haul trucker. She's away a lot.
Ursula: I have four brothers with self-control problems.
Alex: I-I didn't say it was gonna be easy. I just said it can be done, but... Well, you're probably gonna have to guilt them into it, so... let's see your sad-faces.
[the girls look sad and simper]
Alex Pearson: Those seem a little forced. Oh, no, no wait, wait... Everyone copy Rachel.
Rachel: I wasn't doing it.

Dina: And one last thing, Mrs. Zamboni - watch Alex Pearson closely. I don't trust him.
Alex: [as Mrs. Zamboni] D-don't trust Alex? Why, that's absurd. The sweet lad is as honest as the day is long, or my name isn't Edna Mae Zamboni.

[Preparing Alex for his date, Emily approaches him with handfuls of creamy white hair product]
Alex: Wha-what are you doing?
Emily: We have to vamp your hair.
Alex: You have to WHAT my hair?
Abigail: [holding up a teen magazine] Look at this, Alex. See these cute boys? They are superstars, and they either play vampires on the screen or rock the vampire hair.

Dina: [standing outside the dressing room door] Don't you feel that you should be out there with your Bees, making sure they're in uniform, things like that?
Alex: [inside, as Mrs. Zamboni] Don't you think you should be out there with YOUR girls, dear? Maybe if you spent more time encouraging them and less time obsessing about us, uh, we won't be handing you your bottoms on a silver platter in this little cookie race, now would we?
Dina: You will be sorry you said that, Mrs. Zamboni.
Alex: Just keepin' it real, dog, as the kids say.

Alex: All right. I've-I've-I've done wrong and... and I deserve punishment. It's good to admit that. Let 'er rip, Dad. Any time now. Don't hold back. Fine. I'll start. "Alex, you are grounded for... for two weeks." No, that's too little. Four weeks. Six weeks. More?
Professor: I'm not grounding you, Alex.
Alex: Hard labor it is. Uh, I'll-I'll put up a new fence. I'll paint the house. I'll re-sod the lawn.
Professor: I'm not going to punish you at all.
Alex: What?
Professor: If I punish you, when it was over you'd feel like you made up for it. Instead, I want you to feel the consequences of ruining things for Emily and her friends.


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