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Delta State

state in Nigeria

Delta State (2004–2005) is a Canadian cartoon about four young amnesiacs, who are searching for clues to their past by entering an alternate dimension called the Delta State.


Season OneEdit

First Contact (Part One)Edit

Philip: A lot of good he does us, it's like calling a suicide help line and being put on hold.

First Contact (Part Two)Edit

Philip: Brave knight save beautiful damsel, earns a well deserved… chicken wing!

A Case StudyEdit

The ReadingEdit

Claire: How dare you listen into my phone calls?!
Philip: 30 million people listened into your phone call. You were on T.V.
Chantal: To know the future is not to change it.


Philip: You know what they say about starting at the bottom and working your way up? Well, I'm about five stories below the bottom.
Philip: Rifters! Ah man, I thought you were just an ordinary nutcase.

The GirlfriendEdit

Philip: I had to go out. It was an emergency... Well, I went to go have a shower this morning but we were all out of soap. All we had left was that odorless stuff that Martin bought. So, that means the only smell I’d have would be my own and I’m not that comfortable about how I smell, so I had to go out and buy some cologne.
Luna: You bought cologne at a grocery store?
Philip: Well, it’s not actually cologne. It’s car freshener.
Claire: Oh, woah, woah, wait a minute, yesterday you were lying on the couch, in your sweat pants, all day, watching the monster truck rally on TV and today you’re smelling like a ’84 Chevy behind your ears for Ms. Right? That’s pretty fast work.
Philip: You are so busted. I can’t believe you guys would spy on me.
Claire: It’s not spying. It’s more like chaperoning.
Philip: It was like ... nothing, I dunno. Now that she's back to her old self I guess we just have nothing to talk about. I guess I was attracted to the rifter part.
Claire: It's always the bad girls.
Philip: I guess I'm just attracted to the 'dark side'!

Vote RifterEdit

Philip: I hate nametags.
Luna: You hate everything.
Philip: Hey, if I want a nametag, I’ll wear a bowling shirt.

Cabin FeverEdit

Philip: Don’t pizza guys have to take some kind of oath or something, like neither rain, nor sleet something something?
Claire: That’s the post office, Philip.
Philip: Well, that’s brain dead. I mean, who’s more important: the pizza delivery guy or the mail delivery guy?

Mind Over MatterEdit

Philip: Claire! That was my favourite mug! When it got hot, the girl's clothes came off.

Claire: (after having her rifter powers destroyed) : I felt like I wanted to destroy you all. Philip : Don't worry, we all have times like that. (everyone stares at him) Philip: What?

Blast From The PastEdit

Martin: Look, I didn't wanna scare you.
Claire: Well, finding pictures of men in your underwear drawer is scary.

Curse Of The UndeadEdit


Philip: I think they're trying to raise money for homeless...puppets...

Claire's Crack UpEdit

Sven: What a pitiful way to die. And then again, what a pitiful way to live. How does the wolf find the weakened elk? Time to cull the herd.

Philip: Hello? Right... Yes, no, I didn't forget... No, yes, yes... Yes, I'm on my way... Yes, thank you. I have to go... I'm late with Mrs. Nosek's delivery... When her blood sugar goes up she goes into this coma and her cats start licking her face, and then she gets this rash... and it's just... it's really not pretty... Sorry for boring you with my problems you must be sick of that!

Road Not TakenEdit

Philip: (Martin and Claire are arguing) I'm just going to go into my room and see if I can find some earplugs to... listen to...

Philip: (When Martin tries to take charge) Damn, I love when you talk like a mission commander.

Philip: Oh, great...reruns...

Couch TimeEdit

Martin: He's out of me sights matey!


Claire: Anyone who wears sunglasses indoors is a dink.
Luna: We need to get leather recliners. This table is so uncomfortable.

A Mix Up Of GenresEdit

Sven: Claire wore herself out transmitting her pathetic little message to you. Oh, don’t ask me if she’ll survive because, well, frankly, I don’t care.
Martin: Sven, I swear…
Sven: Oh, shut up!
Claire: The Delta State. I am through with it. I’m gonna go back to swimming.
Brodie: Your job is to go into the Delta State and come back from there alive. Please try to do that.

A Training DayEdit

Philip: Prepare for boot camp in the Delta!
Philip: The Delta State didn’t control us. We controlled it. Neat, huh? Maybe we can learn to use this power to manipulate reality. You know, like control other people and how they feel about you…

Sweet DreamsEdit

Claire: I am so sorry I didn’t reach the required fun quotient. I’ll really try harder to be more fun!
Luna: Hmm, Claire’s world. So she calls all the shots. And she holds it all together.
Philip: There are probably bears in those woods.
Luna: We all want our lives back, Claire, but our real lives not… not some life we made up and control. That’s not living. Real life is… is whatever comes your way and things you can’t control.

Brain ScanEdit

Martin: What have you hacked into? And will knowing the answer to that make me an accomplice?
Dan: Probably.
Martin: And where do you fit in?
Dan: I don’t. I just figured I break into their system and win a bet with my buddy.
Martin: Ya! And maybe if I turn you in, I can strike a plea bargain.
Claire: (to Luna, regarding Luna and Dan) You guys are so cute. It’s sickening.
Philip: Rifters are a nice distraction from all the kissing going on over there.

False IdentitiesEdit

Luna: Pagers. Cell phone. We’re a generation that demands instant gratification.
Philip: Well, you know what, we’re busy. We’ve got a world to save.
Luna: You won’t be saving anything if you don’t give me back my burger.
Martin: What do we do about Brodie?
Philip: We should find him.
Martin: Wow. Wow, Phil. It’s a shame to let a strategic genius to go to waste.
Martin: Every great man need a clueless sidekick.
Jerzy: Luna you’re late.
Luna: I know. And I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.
Jerzy: You said that last week and the week before that. You can be replaced, you know.
Luna: Well, you said that last week and the week before that.
Philip: Brodie, what was that all about? I’m not proud of this but I was so scared I almost wet my pants.
Luna: What ya doin’?
Philip: I’m centering myself by practicing the ancient art of Yo-ga...
Luna: You’re not doing anything except lying there.
Philip: The tape got stuck in the VCR. This is as far as I got.
Philip: Looks like this Thomas guy is interested in Claire in a totally serial killer stalker kinda way.
Philip: (regarding Martin and Claire fighting) Oh, this is better than a soap.

The OrbEdit

Brodie: Energy begets matter, begets time, begets that which is.
Philip: Just thinking about recoging where these towels have been is making me want to hurl.

Restraing OrderEdit

Martin: You know what I miss? I miss water that doesn’t taste like corroded metal.

Déjà VuEdit

Philip: Vote him off. He had no right to treat her like that.
Claire: How can you watch this drivel?
Philip: Easy, Claire. I open my eyes, I fix them on the little box and the rest just happens.
Philip: We should do something.
Martin: Banks aren’t our jurisdiction. They’ve got other super-crazy-super heroes for that.
Claire: What other crazy-super-crazy heroes?
Martin: I’m sure the mayor’s already activated his bat signal or something.
Philip: How come we don’t have a bat signal?

Full CircleEdit

Philip: Shh, shh, don’t cry. It’s okay. Everything is going to be fine. Look, we turned out great. See?
Philip: Minoan. Discovered by a British Archeologist in year 1657. And the museum attendant just threw his gum in it.

Sven: I am very disappointed in you Maria.

The Final BattleEdit

Luna: I usually have flashes of the future but this is a vision of the past. And we were younger. And Martin even had dorky hair.
Claire: I hate to be the voice of reason but how are we going to time travel?
Martin: I guess we’ve just discovered a new group power.
Philip: Does that mean we need like matching costumes and a secret handshake?
Philip: What? I’m nervous. I crack jokes when I’m nervous.
Philip: It’s been a horrible day for all of us. But look at it this way; we get to start our new lives. Rifter free! Can you believe it?
Luna: No, I can’t.
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