1975 Hindi film directed by Yash Chopra
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leo kar deti is a 1975 Indian film.

Directed by kari im.


  • Aaj khush to bahut hoge tum...
You must be very happy today...[Vijay asking God, when he enters the temple for the first time]
  • Peter tum log mujhe doondh rahe ho aur main tumhara yahaan intezaar kar raha huun.
Peter, you all are looking for me outside and I am waiting for you here.
  • Jao jaake pehle us aadmi ka sign lekar aao, jisne mere haath par yeh likh diya.. [Mera baap chor hai.]
Get lost and get the signature of that person who tattooed this on my hand [My father is a thief.]
  • Main aaj bhi pheke hue paise nahi uthaataa Dabar Saab.
Still I dont pick up cash thrown on me Mr. Dabar.

Vijay's Mother

  • Vijay, tu kuch aisa kaam to nahi kar raha hai naa, jo tujhe nahi karna chahiye.
Vijay, are you doing something, which you are not supposed to do..[After Vijay earns a lot of money after his first smuggling assignment]

Vijay & Ravi

  • Vijay: Aaj mere paas building-e hai, property hai, bank balance hai, bangla hai, gaadi hai. Kay hai tumhare paas?
  • Ravi: Mere paas maa hai!
Vijay: Today I have lots of money, a bungalow, a car, a servant, bank balance .. what do you have?
Ravi: I have my mother!(and even after having everything you have lost her)
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