Decker (TV series)

American comedy television series

Decker is an American comedy television series created by Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkington. The series premiered on June 17, 2016, on Adult Swim.

Season 1Edit

All Good Things...[1.1]Edit

Kington: Do you know the name of the pilot?
Jack Decker: [to the passengers on the airplane] Does anybody here know the name of the pilot?
Stewardess: It's Michael Victor!
Jack Decker: Good. Kington, are you listening? I have access to the pilot's name. His name is Michael Victor. 'M' as in 'Michael', 'I' as in 'Indigo', 'C' as in 'Charlie', 'H' as in 'Hotel', 'A' as in 'Alpha', 'E' as in 'Echo', 'L' as in 'Lima', Last name is Victor. 'V' as in 'Victor', 'I' as in 'India', 'C' as in 'Charlie', 'T' as in 'Tango', 'O' as in 'Oscar', 'R' as in 'Romeo'. That's "Michael Victor".

The New Recruits [1.2]Edit

Jack Decker: I knew I was right! If we don't defuse that bomb 300 of our bravest Americans will perish. If we let terrorism spread, it'll be like the domino theory, it'll be like a virus. We won't be able to get that Genie back in the bottle.

The Butterfly Effect [1.3]Edit

Lanoi Arnold: Do you want a picture with the fallen beast?
Jack Decker: No, I don't need that kind of glory, Lanoi. Hunting is its own reward. It's in our DNA. It's who we are.

The Global Hoax [1.4]Edit

Jack Decker: Don't you understand? A weak energy policy based on hippie-dippie tutty-frutty quak green science will only lead to the terrorists getting the upper hand!

Richards: We can either have blood or ink on this executive order. It's your choice.

Band Together [1.5]Edit

President Jason Davidson: Decker, are you familiar with EMP technology?
Jack Decker: Electromagnetic pulse technology, of course I am, Mr. President. If a terrorist would launch an EMP attack on this country and take out our power grid we would send us back... they would send us back to horse-and-buggy-times!

Jack Decker: No! That rocket was meant for me, not D... not Axiom and Dekkar!

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