1991 film directed by Damian Harris

Deceived is a 1991 American thriller film about a man who is murdered when checking the authenticity of ancient Egyptian jewelry at a museum and a woman who finds out after the death of her husband that he was using a fake name. Are the two deaths linked?

Directed by Damian Harris. Written by Mary Agnes Donoghue and Bruce Joel Rubin.
Her life seemed perfect but that thought was life threatening!

Jack Saunders

  • Hi. There's no place to go now, Adrienne. Now there's nowhere to hide. I don't want to hurt you, Adrienne. I never wanted to hurt anybody! But when I have to do something, I do it. I always do whatever comes next, no matter how difficult it is. If I have to do something, then I do-- I always do whatever comes next! No matter how difficult it is!


Adrienne: I-- I really do apologize, I wouldn't bother you normally, but I just have to have that necklace tonight.
Carol: No! She said I could have this!
Mrs. Gingold: I know, honey. But the necklace isn't a toy, and...
Carol: Daddy!
[runs from the room]
Carol: She said I could have it, and now she wants it back!
Mr. Gingold: This is very confusing for Carol, Mrs. Saunders.
Adrienne: I'm sure it is, Mr. Gingold. But this happens to be a very valuable piece of jewelry.
Mr. Gingold: I know how you feel, Carol. It's very confusing when grown-ups do things that aren't fair.
[gives Adrienne a dirty look]
Mr. Gingold: But you have to accept that these things happen in life...
Adrienne: [grabs the necklace] Oh, for Christ's sake! Isn't anybody in charge around here?

[last lines]
Jack: Now. Give me the necklace, Adrienne.
Adrienne: Here... take it.


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