Death Rides a Horse

1967 film by Giulio Petroni

Death Rides a Horse (aka Da uomo a uomo, or As Man to Man) is a 1968 spaghetti western directed by Giulio Petroni, written by Luciano Vincenzoni, and starring Lee Van Cleef and John Philip Law. Bill Meceita, a boy whose family was murdered in front of him by a gang, sets out 15 years later to exact revenge. On his journey, he finds himself continually sparring and occasionally cooperating with Ryan, a gunfighter on his own quest for vengeance, who knows more than he says about Bill's tragedy.

This is revenge... And there's nothing sweet about it! taglines


Ryan: Somebody once wrote, "Revenge is a dish that has to be eaten cold." Hot as you are, you're liable to end up with indigestion.

[Once again following Ryan to recover his horse, Bill arrives at the Holly Spings train station.]
Station Master: This guy told me a pal of his'd be coming along. He said I should give you the horse and a kiss. The horse is there, waiting for you. Eh, n-now, where do you want that kiss?
Bill: [grimacing] No thanks. I'll settle for the horse.

Ryan: Well, actually I don't think i'm really in that close a relationship with our good Lord. And i don't recall receiving any messages from him. But I am here for personal reasons and they may just coincide with yours.


  • This is revenge... And there's nothing sweet about it!
  • When you've waited fifteen years to find a man... it's a shame you can only kill him once!


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