Death Note (manga)

I’m using the Death Note... to change the world.

Death Note (デスノート) (December 2003 – May 2006) is a Japanese manga series created by writer Tsugumi Ohba and manga artist Takeshi Obata.


Vol. 1: BoredomEdit

Chapter 1: BoredomEdit

Light: Somebody has to do this!! This world needs to be cleaned up. Jut suppose I gave the notebook to someone else, could they do it? Nobody would have the guts... But I do... I could do it... Not just that... I’m the only one who could do it. So I'll do it!! I’m using the Death Note... to change the world.

Light: I'll make this a world inhabited only by people I decide are good!
Ryuk: You do something like that, the only one left with a bad personality will be you...
Light: What are you talking about, Ryuk? I'm a serious, straight-A student... a model teenager. And I... will reign over a new world.
Ryuk: [to himself] I was right. Humans... are fun!!

Chapter 2: LEdit

Light: Me... evil...? I am righteous!! I'm the hero who's liberating people from fear. I'm the savior who's going to be like a God of this perfect new world! Those who try to fight me... They're the evil ones! You are too damn stupid, L... If you'd been smarter, this could've gotten interesting... [writes down the conman's name, thinking he was L, thus falling into L's trap]

L: Evidently, you aren't able to kill me. So there are people you can't kill. That's a valuable clue. Now I'll give you some information in return. Although it was announced that this was being televised globally... it was actually broadcast only in the Kanto region around Tokyo. The plan was to broadcast live to other areas in turn but that is no longer necessary. You are in the Kanto region of Japan, Kira.

L: Kira, it would interest me greatly to know how you carry out your murders... but that's something I can find out after I catch you!
Light: Send me... to die, he said... L...
L: Kira...
Both: [in unison] I'm going to find and dispose of you, if it's the last thing I do!!
Light: I'm...
L: I'm...
Both: [in unison] Righteous!!

Ryuk: So, you're both trying to find someone you know nothing about... Not their name, face or anything else. And whoever is found first, is out. Dead...
Light: I'll win.
Ryuk: Hyuk hyuk hyuk. I'm watching this contest to the bitter end.

Chapter 3: FamilyEdit

Ryuk: Watch out, Light... That Death Note in your drawer... if she touches it, well, anyone who touches it can see me.
Light: [to himself] Now he tells me something crucial like that... this damn Shinigami...
Sayu: Hey, you were reading this magazine? Isn't it kinda dirty? Oh, I know. Is this why you locked your door?
Light: Hey, you. I was looking at the articles about Kira and L.
Sayu: Oh, yeah. You're going to be a detective when you grow up. So you're studying for that, too. Wow.

L: This is clearly a challenge directed at me.

Light: I'm walking on a tightrope here... if I blow it... Kira... will have to kill his own family.

Chapter 4: CurrentEdit

Light: [to Ryuk] My sister would have a heart attack just from seeing your face.

Light: Behind the scenes, L will be spying on the police... and the police will be trying to track down L!! So L is not going to be found... by me. The police will take care of that for me. And then I'll eliminate him.

Light: [sarcastically] What's better, having a small fire in the house or getting the death penalty? Huh?

Chapter 5: EyeballsEdit

Light: [to Ryuk] I told you, don't talk to me outside my room... People can't hear you, Ryuk, but they can hear me.

Ryuk: [to Light] I'm neither on your side nor L's side in this.

Ryuk: These last couple of days... This guy's been following every step you take. He doesn't see me, of course, but I feel like I'm being watched...
Light: Yeah, that is a pain in the butt. I'll get rid of him for you really soon, Ryuk.

Ryuk: Give me half of your remaining lifetime, and you can have a shinigami's eyes.
Light: And with those, I can look at anyone and know what their name is... Hmm...

Chapter 6: ManipulationEdit

Ryuk: [referring to Light] Even though I'm a Shinigami, he's never been afraid of me or tried to kiss my butt.

Light: If I could have your wings instead of your eyes, I might have seriously considered a deal... To have wings and fly at will through the skies... It's godlike, isn't it? It's a dream human beings have had since antiquity.
Ryuk: If you sprouted wings and started flying around, people would notice you... The cops would catch you just for that.
Light: I was just joking, Ryuk. Still... if I kept cutting deals on eyes and wings and stuff, next thing I know I'd be a real Shinigami myself... That would be pretty interesting, too.
Ryuk: Don't worry, Light. Even without doing that... you're already a fine shinigami.

Light: It's a little early... But I'll try a few anyway. Take whoever answers.
Ryuk: Try a few...?
Light: Girls. This might surprise you, but I'm pretty popular with the ladies, Ryuk.

Chapter 7: TargetEdit

Light: Do you have anything that will prove to me that you aren't the hijacker's accomplice?
Girl: A-accomplice?
Light: It's pretty common practice. They make you think there's only one guy, but actually he has an accomplice in the back to keep watch and come to the rescue if something happens... Well, do you?
Raye Penber: You want proof? Here. [hands Light his FBI ID]
Light: [memorizes his name, and hands him back his ID] Okay, I trust you, and right now I won't ask why an FBI agent is on this bus.

Light: [after watching his plan play out perfectly] The Death Note's right on time.

Vol. 9: ContactEdit

Chapter 71: ContactEdit

Soichiro: No. I'll make the deal for the eyes.
Ide: Deputy director?!
Light: [to himself] What?!
Soichiro: After all, I was the one who handed them the notebook. I thought of killing myself for doing it. If a situation comes up where we have to use the notebook, then I'll be the one to use it, and die 13 days later.

Chapter 72: VerificationEdit

Ryuk: Shinigami trust other Shinigami before they trust humans.

Chapter 73: CorneredEdit

Mello: [to himself] I can't let them see my face.

Light: [referring to Mello] He's unbelievable... Who knows what he'll do next...? I have to kill him here...

Soichiro: [looking at Mello with the Shinigami eyes] Mello... Mihael Keehl. Your real name is Mihael Keehl.

Chapter 74: A Fine PerformanceEdit

Mello: [to himself] Damn it... I've got no choice... It's all or nothing... [presses the switch, making the whole building explode.]

Light: [to himself] Mello's very existence is a danger to me. I've got to kill him any way I can. Once my father regains consciousness, I'll force him to write Mello's name in the notebook if I have to...

Light: [on his father's deathbed] Come on, Dad! Please don't die!!
Soichiro: Light...
Light: Dad! [to himself] Good!
Soichiro: Light... I-I'm so glad...
Light: I'm glad too, Dad. Can you move?!
Soichiro: I still have the eyes. And according to that Shinigami... Ryuk, I can't see the lifespan of someone who owns a notebook. Light, you're not Kira... I'm so glad...
Matsuda: O-of course he isn't! You were still worried about that?
Light: [to Soichiro] Don't talk so much. [to himself] That's important too, but there's something much more important right now. Write Mello's name down in the notebook...
Soichiro: I... I'm sorry... I couldn't kill him after all...
Light: [to himself] Asking him to write Mello's name down right now is... No, I can get around it... At a time like this, it probably won't be strange if I seem to panic.
Soichiro: I... I'm sorry... I couldn't kill him after all... Light... I'm counting on you to...
Light: [to himself] It would be natural if I started to panic right now. There's no time to lose. [out loud] Dad, write his name! Use all the strength you've got left and write his name! Don't let him keep getting the better of you like this!
Ide: [pus his hand on Light's shoulder] L-Light...
Light: Come on Dad, do you want to die in vain? Write it, Dad! Hurry up and remember his face! [with begging eyes, places a pen in Soichiro's hand] Dad! [Soichiro drops the pen; his heart monitor indicates that he's died.]
Doctor: I'm sorry...
Light: [shouting] Dad! Dad! Don't you die, damn it!

Ryuk: Those who use the notebook are cursed with misfortune... Well, Soichiro never actually used the notebook himself, and he died believing that his son wasn't Kira, so I guess he was happy...

Chapter 75: AcknowledgementEdit

Light: Near's already bombarding me with questions like it's an interrogation... There's a possibility that he's beginning to suspect me... L.

Near: The new L is too foolish and Kira is too active.

Near: I've had my suspicions but judging from the unbelievably convenient deal between Kira and the Japanese taskforce on this case... At the very least... Kira and the Japanese taskforce are connected.
Halle: Connected...?
Near: No... If Kira is actually within the task force, then... the new L is Kira.

Near: Investigations are based upon assumptions. If you're wrong, you just have to say "Sorry."

Light: Kira will sacrifice even himself to change the world for the better... That is the true justice Kira has chosen ... If Kira is caught, then the world will be in chaos again, but don't think about that. Good... or evil... Everything depends on the results. If we catch Kira, then Kira is evil. If Kira rules the world, then Kira is good ... [to himself] But the world is rapidly coming to Kira's side. Soon Kira will be Justice!

Chapter 76: GreetingsEdit

Near: [playing with a toy train] I'm scared, so I'm not going to go outside.

Chapter 77: UseEdit

Mello: [irritated] Near. [points his gun at him] I'm not a tool for you to use to solve the puzzle. [Gevanni and Rester instantly point their guns at Mello again]
Near: Commander Rester, don't make me repeat myself. Please lower your gun. Mello, if you want to shoot me, shoot.

Mello: The murder notebook. It's a Shinigami's notebook, and people who touch it are able to see the Shinigami.
Rester: I-impossible.
Gevanni: Who's going to believe that? A Shinigami...?
Near: [pauses] I believe him. What advantage is there for Mello in coming up with such a stupid story about a Shinigami really existing? If he were telling a lie, he would tell me a normal — more meaningful — lie. Therefore, the Shinigami exists.

Mello: Near.
Near: Mello.
Mello: [holding a chocolate bar] Which of us is going to get Kira first...?
Near: [twirling his own hair] The race is on...
Mello: Our destination is the same. I'll be waiting for you when you get there... [takes a bite of chocolate.]

Chapter 78: PredictionEdit

Near: I think I'm figuring it out... The new L... and members of the Japanese task force... did you see the original L's face?

Near: I believe Mello over a Shinigami. It's a Shinigami, for God's sake... How could I believe such a thing...? And if my assumption [that the "thirteen day rule" is fake] stands... then Kira is among you, and is making the Shinigami lie.
Ryuk: [to himself] Wow, this guy's hit the bull's eye...
Light: [to himself] L's heir, huh...? He's worse than L...

Near: Then how about this? I'll write Mello's name in the book. ... If Mello dies... and I die thirteen days after writing his name down... Kira wins, and I have no problem with that.
Light: ... Near, we can't test the notebook whatever the reason. We promise you that we'll take full responsibility for protecting it.
Near: Very well, as expected. [hangs up and smiles]
Light: [to himself] Expecting us to say that...? So he said it even though he knew that we were going to reject it...? Then Near's real objective was to get the others to have doubts about me...?

Chapter 79: LiesEdit

Near: [to himself] I have no reason to doubt that this man is truly from the Japanese taskforce ... but it's not impossible. [calls L]
Matsuda: Hey, it's Near again, and at a time like this.
Light: Yes, Near?
Near: Sorry, I called the wrong number. [hangs up]
Matsuda: Huh?! What? Near just dialed the wrong number?
Light: What are you doing, Near...?
Near: [to himself] So, it's not L...

Near: [referring to Light] Damn it, he's lying through his teeth... [crushes the head of a toy robot.]

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