Deadly Premonition

2010 open world survival horror video game

Deadly Premonition, known as Red Seeds Profile (レッドシーズプロファイル?) in Japan, is an open world, survival horror video game developed by Access Games for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


York:George, which do you prefer, mustard or hot sauce?
George Woodman: Shut your trap, York.
Generic zombie: Donn'tt waanttt to dieeee.....
York: Did you see that, Zach?! Clear as a crisp spring morning! F.K... In the coffee!
York: Do you feel it, Zach? My coffee warned me about it.
York: The balance of milk and butter you've achieved here... oh my...
York: Now that is a good biscuit. I've never tasted a biscuit this delicious.
York: She'll think you're a psycho. Don't want that, do we Zach?"
Emily Watt: Didn't think you'd keep me waiting in the rain so long.
York: Zach, there goes the civilized world.
York: Zach, she's quite the philosopher, isn't she? Then again, death makes everyone a philosopher.

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