Deadly Friend

1986 film by Wes Craven

Deadly Friend is a 1986 film about the new kid in town who, after his friend is killed by her abusive father, attempts to save her by implanting robotic microchips into her brain.

Directed by Wes Craven. Written by Bruce Joel Rubin, based on the 1985 novel Friend by Diana Henstell.
She can't live without you.taglines

Tom Toomey edit

  • Hey, she's dead? Hey, what the hell are you doing, you didn't say anything about a dead body, we were supposed to save her life!

Dialogue edit

Paul Conway: [Elvira rolls the basketball inside her house] Hey, you can't do that.
Elvira Parker: Oh yes, I can. My property. My house. My ball.
Tom: What a witch!

Samantha Pringle: [Samantha has a nosebleed] Do you have some ice?
Jeannie Conway: Oh my God. Come on in. Sit down. Paul, get some ice. [to Samantha] Hold your head back, back. [to Paul] Hurry. [to Samantha] What happened?
Samantha Pringle: Nothing. I just get them sometimes.
Paul Conway: Here you go.
Jeannie Conway: Listen, sweetheart, this may be butting in where I don't belong, but don't you think someone should say something?
Samantha Pringle: For what, a nosebleed? Come on, I've had them since I was a kid. Ice will take care of it. I just forgot to fill the tray.
Jeannie Conway: Oh, Sam, I don't like this.
Samantha Pringle: I hate them.
Jeannie Conway: C'mon you know what I mean. It's criminal. He could go to jail.
Samantha Pringle: He's my father. Sometimes I want to roll a truck over his face but he's still my father.

Neighbor: Old man Pringle and Mrs. Parker, both dead. His face was burned off.
Paul Conway: Elvira Parker?
Neighbor: Yeah, I heard somebody say she called the police. Said she saw Sam in her bedroom window. From what I hear, Elvira's head's all over the walls in there.

[Sam emerges into an evil version of BB and chokes Paul to his death, talking in a evil, whispering voice]
Samantha Pringle: Paul. Come with me, Paul.
Paul Conway: [screaming] NOOOOOOOO!
[Sam snaps Paul's neck]
Samantha Pringle: BB.

Taglines edit

  • She can't live without you.
  • Some people are just better off dead.
  • If you're not afraid of the unknown...
  • There's no one alive who'll play with the girl next door!
  • Grab A Friend before someone in the audience grabs you!
  • Not all nightmares happen on Elm Street.

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