Deadfall (1993 film)

1993 film by Christopher Coppola

Deadfall is a 1993 crime-drama film starring Michael Biehn, Sarah Trigger, Nicolas Cage, and James Coburn.

Joe DolanEdit

  • Tell me this is a dream I'm gonna wake up from.


  • Tell you what, if it's a high card, I'll tell you who I am. But if it's a low card, I'll tell you who you are. Is that a deal?
  • Ok baby girl, who sent ya? Who sent ya?
  • SHUT UP!! Shut the fuck up, man!
  • Am I a fucking retard, man? Am I a fucking retard, huh? I know what this is. Lou tried to snuff me out because of his crazy little nephew being around. Well VIVE LA FUCKING FRANCE MAN!


Eddie: Pick a card.
Joe Dolan: Nah, I don't think so.

Eddie: [while breathing through a drug] Not getting off, not getting off...
Diane: Jesus Christ, you're disgusting with that shit!
Eddie: Not getting off!

Eddie: It's a crazy fucking world we live in, Captain Jack!
Lou Dolan: Eddie, what is this?
Eddie: Why, you fucking double-crossing. You filthy fucking goddamn little rat!


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