DeBarra Mayo

American martial artist

DeBarra Mayo (born 1953, Omaha, Nebraska) is an American health and fitness advocate, writer and media personality. She has epilepsy, which has led her to a career involved with maintaining and enhancing health. She has written regularly on the subject of health and wellness in books, magazines and newspapers, as well as on radio and television broadcasts. Mayo has been an award-winning women's bodybuilder and trainer for the West Virginia University football team.


  • Inside each of us dwells a more-perfect self waiting to unfold. It cries loudly for release, yet it is sometimes ignored. To answer its call, you must take time to listen.
  • To maintain good health requires good nutrition and a healthy dose of exercise.
    • Erie Times, SportsWeek, March 3, 1986
  • ...when the test results came back, everything went silent. I don't know if it was from pure astonishment or the overwhelming gratitude of finally having an answer, but a lifetime of words all disappeared except for one. Epilepsy.
    • Living with Epilepsy,, Nov. 9, 1999
  • The shape and texture of fruit is sensuous and fascinating, but the true delight blossoms when you experience the flavor of these colorful gifts of nature.
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