Days of Wine and Roses (film)

1962 film by Blake Edwards

Days of Wine and Roses is a 1962 film about the downward spiral of two average Americans who succumb to alcoholism and attempt to deal with their problem.

Directed by Blake Edwards. Written by JP Miller.
From the days of wine and roses finally comes a night like this.

Joe ClayEdit

  • My name is Joe Clay. I'm an alcoholic.
  • [to Kirsten Arnesen Clay] I walked by Union Square Bar. I was going to go in. Then I saw myself, my reflection in the window, and I thought, 'I wonder who that bum is.' And then I saw it was me. Now look at me. I'm a bum. Look at me! Look at you. You're a bum. Look at you. And look at us. Look at us. C'mon, look at us! See? A couple of bums.
  • [to Kirsten Arnesen Clay] You remember how it really was? You and me and booze — a threesome. You and I were a couple of drunks on the sea of booze, and the boat sank. I got hold of something that kept me from going under, and I'm not going to let go of it. Not for you. Not for anyone. If you want to grab on, grab on. But there's just room for you and me — no threesome.

Kirsten Arnesen ClayEdit

  • Thanks for the compliment, but I know how I look. This is the way I look when I'm sober. It's enough to make a person drink, wouldn't you say? You see, the world looks so dirty to me when I'm not drinking. Joe, remember Fisherman's Wharf? The water when you looked too close? That's the way the world looks to me when I'm not drinking.


Joe sees his wife, only to be roped into a night of drinking. Joe stumbles by the shoreline looking dazedly at a carnival in the distance. He comes across a liquor store, which is a home business as the owner lives on the second floor
Joe: Anyone there?
Owner yells from window on second floor
Liquor Store Propietor: Sorry, we are closed. We will be open tommorow.
Joe: Come on!
Liquor Store Propietor: Store is closed, beat it!
Joe breaks into liquor store and steals a bottle. He does not get far as he stumbles. Owner comes out of his business/residence and recaptures stolen liquor bottle
Liquor Store Propietor: I did not know you needed it that badly. In that case all you had to do was ask.
Owner force feeds Joe liquor
Liquor Store Propietor: You want booze, buddy? I will give you all the booze you want!
Scene blurs as owner laughs maniacally


Debbie Clay: Daddy, will Mommy ever get well?
Joe Clay: I did, didn't I?


  • From the days of wine and roses finally comes a night like this.
  • This, in its own terrifying way, is a love story.
  • It's different. It's daring. Most of all, in its own terrifying way, is a love story...


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