David Roochnik

American philosopher

David Roochnik (born 1951) is an American philosopher, and the Maria Stata professor of philosophy at Boston University.


  • The modern scientific worldview with all its hope for clarity and precision, has a "flipside," a complementary set of views which it generates as its train. And this is its misology, sophistry, its abandonment of rationality in the world of human significance. There is thus a quite literal type of schizophrenia in the world bequeathed to us by the Cartesians. It is, on the one hand, hyper-rational; it seeks to extend the purview of mathematical physics throughout the universe. On the other hand, it relegates the world in which the physicist himself dwells, the unique world of humanity and its communities, to the junkpile of the irrational. We who know so much are prohibited from knowing ourselves.
    • The Tragedy of Reason: Toward a Platonic Conception of Logos (Routledge: 1991), p. 74.

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