David Lin

Taiwanese politician

David Lin (林永樂; Lín Yǒnglè; born 1950) is a politician in Taiwan (Republic of China). He was the Minister of Foreign Affairs since 27 September 2012 until 20 May 2016.

David Lin


  • I can guarantee they (Gambia) had had no contacts with (People's Republic of) China. We have cross-checked with various sources and were sure that the case had nothing to do with (People's Republic of) China. (People's Republic of) China has had no role in the case (Gambia's termination of diplomatic relations with ROC) so far.
  • Different ethnic and religious groups are encouraged to engage in rational communication and friendly exchanges in Taiwan, giving rise to a respectful and stable society working for the benefit of the nation.
  • Maintaining stable cross-strait relations is a major factor (in maintaining the state of "green light" of ROC current state of diplomatic ties with other nations).

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