David King (chemist)

British academic and scientific adviser

Sir David Anthony King (born 12 August 1939) is a South African-born British chemist, academic, and head of the Climate Crisis Advisory Group. He is an Emeritus Professor in physical chemistry at the University of Cambridge.

David King (2009)


  • Integrity is a scientist's most precious possession, and I have guarded mine carefully through 40 years of research. If any government tried to persuade me to change my scientific views for political purposes I would certainly resign. Happily, my experiences to date suggest that this is never likely to happen. Thus it is my scientific, not political, opinion that nuclear energy should be part of a wide portfolio of approaches.
  • ... the biggest risk to the British Isles from climate change would be from flooding this side of the end of the century.
  • Climate change is not the biggest challenge of our time, it's the biggest challenge of all time.

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