David Hull

American philosopher

David Hull (15 June 193511 August 2010) was a philosopher with a particular interest in the Philosophy of biology.


  • What kind of God can one infer from the sort of phenomena epitomized by the species on Darwin's Galapagos Islands? The evolutionary process is rife with happenstance, contingency, incredible waste, death, pain and horror.… The God of the Galapagos is careless, wasteful, indifferent, almost diabolical. He is certainly not the sort of God to whom anyone would be inclined to pray.
    • Reviewing Phillip Johnson's Darwin on Trial for Nature in 1992, as quoted in Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith Vol. 45, p. 47 (1993) by American Scientific Affiliation
  • Hypocrisy is the lubricant of society.
    • As quoted in Collection of Quotable Quotes (2004) by Advanced Marketing Services

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