David Coburn (politician)

British politician (born 1959)

David Adam Coburn (born 11 February 1959) is a Scottish politician and businessman. He was the leader of the Scottish UK Independence Party until he resigned in December 2018 and was a Member of the European Parliament for the Scotland constituency for the UK Independence Party between 2014 and 2018, as an Independent between December 2018 and February 2019 and then for the Brexit Party until the 2019 EU elections.

David Coburn in 2014

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  • It’s all right for the middle classes, the MSPs; it’s great for them to have cheap nannies and gardeners and cleaners. But it’s not very lovely for the ordinary working class man trying to get on in the world who finds his job has gone and his wage being compressed because so many people are coming in. That’s why you’ll find most Ukip support comes from working class and lower middle class people – not that we believe in class in Ukip. Those people are feeling the pressure and have been let down by the traditional parties
  • UKIP’s main cause is taking on the establishment, and we’ve done it very well. We’ve turned the Conservative party more human than they used to be. They’re the party of big business and they don’t care very much about the people, but they’ve had to show they care about the people now. Similarly the Labour party are the party of the town hall bureaucrat, and their large pensions and large salaries. Now they’ve had to listen to the people.

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