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David "Windy" Baboulene is a British academic and author of humorous books, illustrated children's books and academic works on on Story Theory. He has a Ph.D. in Story Theory from Brighton University in the UK.

Dr. David Baboulene in 2006


Jumping Ships (2009)Edit

Baboulene, David (2009). Jumping Ships (1st edition ed.). DreamEngine Media with Summersdale Publishers. pp. 320 pp.. ISBN 978-1-84024-591-2. 

  • There is a reason why you only see those adventurous types marching off into crocodile infested waters and uncharted jungles up the Congo. Marching into somewhere like Newcastle city centre on a Saturday night is too damn wild, that’s why. I became overwhelmed with a desire to go to Sunderland. And it’s not very often you hear someone say that.
  • The criminal clearly wasn't expecting to find me there. He looked back at me with an expression of sheer balaclava written all over his face.

The Story Book (2010)Edit

Baboulene, David (2010). The Principles That Lie Beneath All Good Stories (1st edition ed.). DreamEngine Media Ltd. pp. 540 pp.. ISBN 978-1-84024-591-2. 

  • A writer who denies the need for structure in his work is like a squash player who claims his brilliance removes the need for a wall.
  • Stories are the architects of the human mind.
  • In the distinctly human sense of our existence, people are made of language.
  • The writer doesn’t push story into us, he withholds information in order that we draw his story out of ourselves.


  • On summer evenings, before bathtime, my dad used to pick me up by the ankles and swing me round and round! Then one arm and one leg! Like an aeroplane - Wheeeee! We trashed that bathroom.
  • Failure in any given subject is the first qualification towards becoming a teacher.

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