Dave Gorman

English author, comedian, and television presenter

David James Gorman (born 2 March 1971 in Stafford, Staffordshire) is an English author, humorist, filmmaker and radio presenter. He performs comedy shows on stage in which he tells stories of extreme adventures and presents the evidence to the audience in order to prove to them that, unlike in most other stage presentations, they are true stories. He was a stand-up comedian before he became famous for Are You Dave Gorman? and then took a break from normal stand-up. He returned to doing stand-up in 2008.

Gorman in 2005


  • If John Logie Baird had been born in 1971 would he have been a genius? The only thing we know with any certainty is that he wouldn't have invented the television. Some people believe he would have still established his genius; that he would have simply found another arena in which to work. I disagree. I think he would have been distracted from such brainy pursuits by all that television.
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