Darshan Singh (spiritual master)

Indian spiritual advisor

Darshan Singh (1921–1989), was the founder and head of Sawan Kirpal Ruhani Mission / Science of Spirituality from 1974 until his passing in 1989. The spiritual successor of Kirpal Singh, Singh was also widely recognized as one of India’s leading poet-saints, writing in the Urdu language.

Darshan Singh



A Tear and a Star (1986)


A Tear and a Star

  1. “Love has only a beginning, It has no end.”
  2. “I have no friend except my Beloved, I have no work except his love.”
  3. “When the flowers of the church, mosque and temple gather together, Spring will blossom forth in your garden, O Lord.”
  4. “All places of worship are symbols of the One Beloved. Bow your head when you see a temple, and salute when you see a mosque.”
  5. “We are communing with the moon and the stars, But alas, we have not reached the heart of our neighbor.”
  6. “O Cupbearer, let those long divided embrace one another, And through the intoxication of your love, make all mankind truly human.”
  7. “Embrace every man as your very own, And shower your love freely wherever you go.”
  8. “What does is matter if I am called a man? In truth I am the very soul of love, The entire earth is my home And the universe my country.”