Darksiders II

2012 hack and slash action adventure video game

Darksiders II is a 2012 video game and the sequel to 2010's "Darksiders".


  • I have to go alone.
  • This is no place for a horse.
  • Oh, damn it.


  • There can be no life without Order, Good, evil... darkness, light - there must be Balance in the Universe. Such is the decree of the Charred Council, an ancient body charged by the Creator to preserve the very fabric of existence. But the Balance has been broken.


  • Karn: I don't know, I'm just a pup.
  • Vulgrim: I have new items, if you have the coin.


  • Crowfather: Voices... always voices... torment without end.
Death: Keeper of Secrets, I need your help.
Crowfather: I helped you once before, Horseman. Look at me now. How I curse that day. How I curse you.
Death: Careful, Crowfather. I'm not here to put you out of your misery. Not yet.
Crowfather: I know why you've come. Your brother, the one called War. He's been imprisoned by the Charred Council and awaits their judgment. For dooming the Earth. For mankind's extinction. Why should I care about your brother's fate?
Death: Because you know the truth. Your secrets can save him.
Crowfather: The Council will condemn War. Strip him of power, let him rot in oblivion... to hide the truth! My secrets cannot prove his innocence, Horseman.
Death: No... but they can help me to erase the crime.
Crowfather: Bring mankind back from extinction? Madness!
Death: If it's madness, then who better to show me the way?
Crowfather: Should a way exist... [Opens a portal to a large tree] you will find it here.
Death: The Tree of Life...
[The Crowfather closes the portal]
Death: Let me pass.
Crowfather: Not yet! That which you gave me... [Holds up a glowing green amulet] you will take it back.
Death: In exchange for its secrets, you agreed to keep the Amulet.
Crowfather: No... the voices, they curse and threaten without end. They cry to return! You must destroy it!
Death: I... cannot.
Crowfather: You annihilated their flesh, why do you guard their souls?
Death: [Draws his scythes] Open the portal.
Crowfather: You will not pass while I live.
Death: So be it.
[The Crowfather blasts death across the arena]
Crowfather: Here your brethren are trapped in eternal torment. Do you wish to join them? And what of War? Would you kill your brother to save your precious balance?
Death: He is innocent.
Crowfather: Are you so certain? [Turns into a copy of War]
  • Eideard: Be still, Horseman. You are wounded.
Death: Don't touch me!
Eideard: Your arrival here is a bad omen. Yes... troubles me greatly.
Death: Old one-there's more trouble ahead if you don't start making sense. Where is the Tree of Life?
Eideard: Life? [Chuckles] This world is dying, lad. Choking on chaos and Corruption. We can do little to stop it. Soon the great tree too shall perish and, with it, the last of my people. Is that not what brought you here, pale rider?
Death: I seek the tree. Your "chaos and corruption" don't concern me.
  • Death: You look different than the others. Less pleasant on the eyes for one.
Karn: Heh, I could say no less for you. Folks around town call me "Pup" or "Lad". But I prefer my own name: Karn.
Death: "Pup" it is, then.
Karn: As you will, matters not to me.
  • Blackroot: Oh? Hello, fleshling. Didn't see you there.
Death: I was going to ask who you are. Or rather what.
Blackroot: My name is Blackroot. And I... am hungry.
Death: For what exactly?
Blackroot: Only the finest stones. I have ways of attracting such morsels. But it has been centuries since any were in reach. I must wait here for my master. I will starve if someone doesn't help me.
Death: Your people stand on the brink of destruction. And you ask me to feed you?
Blackroot: If it isn't too much trouble.
  • Absalom: And so you have come, bearing your sin like a badge of honor. What do you seek, Pale Rider?
Death: The return of mankind.
Abaslom: [Laughs] To a barren planet, shorn of life? Humans are weak and simple, they would not survive this resurrection - nor do they deserve it!
Death: That is not ours to judge. I do this to spare War from the Council's punishment.
Abaslom: And what of the Nephilim? Would you save but one, and not the rest?
Death: The Nephilim are a threat to the Balance.
Absalom: If we had taken Eden, none of this would have happened. Yet you rode against us - slaughtered our flesh, then bound our souls in your amulet!
Death: Who are you?
Absalom: I think you know. Once, you called me Brother.
Death: Absalom.
Absalom: I have forsaken that name. Now, I am Corruption. The day you raised your scythe against us, I was born. And soon, I will be all. The Tree of Life has fallen to my darkness, from withered rose to fruitless limb - and even Death himself will not escape it!
  • Ostegoth: Ahh, the Pale Rider. Isn't it odd that so many have come here by your hand? [Sighs] And yet you so rarely visit the Dead Kingdom.
Death: I had no plan to visit this wretched place. I sought the Tree of Life. I found it. Now I'm here.
Ostegoth: [Laughs] The tree is no destination, my friend - only a portal to other worlds. If the tree is what you seek, then you have arrived.
Death: Then I have been betrayed.
Ostegoth: Not so hasty. The tree is wise beyond imagining. If it brought you here, then here is where you belong. Perhaps I can help.
Death: I doubt it.
Ostegoth: You would be wise to heed me, I have a merchant's skill to grant your deepest desire. Tell me, rider, what do you seek?
Death: I would redeem my brother. Restore the balance.
Ostegoth: Mmm, yes! I have heard the tale. Your brother rode, though no call was given - and mankind paid the price.
Death: Guard your tongue merchant.
Ostegoth: I give no judgment, friend; only pass on that which I have been told. You were right to seek the tree - but it is only the gateway. What you seek is the Well of Souls.
  • Uriel: I should kill you for what your brother did here. But you saved my life. Consider us even.
Death: What do you know about the Rod of Arafel?
Uriel: A weapon of immense power, brought to Earth by the Archon Hestus to battle the demons in the End War. But hestus fell and the Rod was shattered. Now the Destroyer uses its pieces to fuel his army of darkness.
Death: What was broken can be reformed. Where are the pieces of the Rod?
Uriel: In the hands of the Destroyer. He has summoned creatures from the abyss, and drawn forth his Chosen - things of blasphemy who even now divide this world into their own hellish domain. The Suffering are one such beast. They feed upon the dead of this world, and twist them into a swarm of flesh and bone that fight as one mind. It was they who attacked us moments ago.
Death: One mind - easily sundered.
Uriel: I will not risk more Hellguard to recapture the Rod of Arafel. But should you wish to undertake this fool's errand - then follow the trail of corpses left by my brethren.
Death: A fool's errand... well, it would not be my first.
  • Ostegoth: Welcome to the Dark Kingdom, Horseman.
Death: If you're following me...
Ostegoth: Nothing of the sort. I've come to part demons from their coins - and you, from their souls. Are we so different?
Death: I'm looking for a key.
Ostegoth: But of course. Samael keeps many wonders, in the vaults beneath the Black Stone. I have come to trade, for what few he would part with. But I fear not all is well in the Red Court. Samael would never let his realm slide so far into nothingness. Beware of what you find on Samael's throne. And whom... Rumors are all that escape the vortex. Of a Mad Queen, Lilith, who still clings to rule...
Death: Lilith! Why am I not surprised?
  • Absalom: Have you ever, wondered, Death, why you are untouched by Corruption while those around you wither and rot in the grip of corruption? Could it be that you are already blackened by the sin of betrayal? How can you defeat that which seethes in your own heart? You cannot stop me, without forever damning your soul! [Descends in front of Death]
Death: [Draws his scythes] Then so be it.

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