Dark Shadows (1991 TV series)

1991 television series

Dark Shadows, often referred to as The New Dark Shadows, was a re-imagining of Dan Curtis's original Dark Shadows television series which aired in 1991 on NBC. The primetime remake aired as a weekly show during primetime. It was later shown in reruns on the Sci-Fi Channel.

Episode 1-1 (Pilot)

Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. My journey is just the beginning. A journey that I am hoping will somehow begin to reveal the mysteries of my past. It is a journey that will bring me to a strange and dark place...to a house high atop a stormy cliff at the edge of the sea...to a house called Collinwood. To a world I've never known, with people I've never met...people who tonight are only vague shadows in my mind, but who will soon fill all the days and nights of my tomorrows.

Elizabeth Collins Stoddard: Barnabas Collins from England, welcome to Collinwood.

Episode 1-2

Dr. Julia Hoffman: It will be a long time, perhaps never, for those of us who have experienced the events of the past few days will ever be able to forget. But as horrible as those events were they pale into the glare of what could be a new and important discovery. Today I shall attempt to find the truth of what my intellect refuses to accept. At sunset, I shall confront the monster in his lair.

Professor Michael Woodard: Julia, do you believe in the exsistence of vampires?
Julia: Tell me you're not serious.

Episode 1-3

Barnabas Collins: You've made a very serious mistake, Professor. Your foolish curiousity has now brought you into my bleak universe.

Episode 1-4

Maggie: David is being controlled by his mother.
Victoria: His mother is in an institution in England.
Maggie: It doesn't make any difference. She knows what's happening. She knows about my relationship with Roger. She's trying to punish me and kill him.
Victoria: Maggie?
Maggie: She's evil with powers she knows how to use.
Victoria: What are you trying to say?
Maggie: She's a witch. Whether you believe me or not watch David very very carefully.

Willie: Who is this Angelique?
Barnabas: She is a force so evil, so powerful in nature that even now she reaches across the centuries to destroy me.

Episode 1-5

Victoria: (talk to Josette's painting) I'm in your room, I'm in your nightgown and now I'm going to sleep in your bed. I almost feel like I'm you.

Episode 1-6

Roger: I will say this for the good folk of Collinsport, nothing keeps them from an evening of free food and drink.

Willie: Boy Barnabas, it's too bad you can't see youself in mirrors anymore. You look terrific!

Episode 1-7

Victoria: (writing in her diary) I, Victoria Winters, begin this journal in the hope that no matter what happens to me there will at least be a written record of these extraordinary events. Somehow, I have been thrust backward in time.

Angelique: Yours is the hand I will use when mine is too small. You arm when mine is too weak, your eyes when I cannot see. You and I are bound now, Ben Loomis. You will do everything which I command until I no longer need you, comprendez-vous?
Ben: Yes.
Angelique: And when I leave this place you will remember nothing and when my mistress returns I will summon you.

Victoria: Where is the Mad Hatter, he must be late for the tea party.
Natalie/Countess du Pré : You won't find any hatters here, mad or otherwise.
Victoria: What about the Queen of Hearts, Countess? Is she coming?

Episode 1-8

Victoria: (writing in her diary) I feel the walls shrink around me. Have I revealed too much? But how could I not, if only the family history were wrong, if Josette and Jeremiah could be stopped. Perhaps that is what I am meant to do, but if one moment of history is changed how much else changes with it and will I then be permenantly trapped in this time?

Episode 1-9

Angelique: (reciting an incantation to revive a dead Jeremiah) Spirits of darkness, spirits of pestilance and pain hear me now. Hear me, grant me a soul from the distant shores. My warm blood for the blood frozen foever in his veins. Bring him back to me from the darkness, hear me. Rise up and do my bidding.

Ben (as he and Barnabas bury Angelique) Angelique, daughter of the Devil. May the worms grow fat on your flesh and may you know as much suffering in Hell as you have caused here on earth. (spits on the grave) Amen.
Barnabas: May God have mercy on her soul.

Barnabas: How many times must you hear this? I want nothing to do with you.
Angelique: (about Josette) She hates you. Barnabas, she despises you. You saw it she will never change.
Barnabas: So be it! As long as she is on this earth I will never love another and that is the fact of it.

Angelique: (dying) I curse you Barnabas, for all eternity, I curse you.

Episode 1-10

Victoria: A terrifying curse has cast its shadow over Collinwood...while an innocent girl huddles in a prison cell awaiting judgement, death roams free, stalking the night...and a tormented family struggles to comprehend its fate. But that fate is already written...and the evil that controls it is relentless.

Episode 1-11


Episode 1-12